10 Fabulous Japanese Restaurants in Europe


When you want to enjoy an elegant meal inspired by the cuisine of Japan, these celebrated restaurants of Europe are the perfect places to visit. With fresh ingredients and varied menus, these restaurants are bringing a taste of Asia to the rest of the world.

1. Kiku, London

Located in London’s Mayfair District, this elegant restaurant has been serving delectable Japanese cuisine since 1978. Kiku boasts rave reviews so it’s easy to see why this Asian restaurant is so revered.

People truly come here for the food. Diners can order sushi, ala carte, and multiple-course meals. Delicious shabu-shabu, sashimi, and sukiyaki can also be tasted here. Many customers of this place often order good beer or good wine. Delicious tea and good coffee are also cooked here.

Their comfortable decor is inspired by Japan. The cozy atmosphere of this state allows you to relax after a hard day. Visitors claim that the staff at this restaurant knows their stuff. Fast service is also one of the advantages of this restaurant.

2. Isami, Paris

Situated on the banks of the Seine, this sushi restaurant is a celebrated Paris haunt filled with the tastes of Japan. The chef’s precision is a show in itself.

You should definitely taste Japanese cuisine at Isami. If you are a sushi connoisseur, this is a must-visit venue that is regarded by many as one of the best of its kind that Paris can offer. You will enjoy delicious nigiri, miso soup, and sashimi. Customers of this restaurant are delighted with an excellent parfait. In addition, guests consider that this establishment has good wine.

While waiting for your order to be served, watch the chefs at work: how they deftly cut the fish, cut it into the thinnest even slices, and then wrap rice and all kinds of additives. You can admire the graceful movements endlessly. But the appetite that has been played out will distract you.

As a rule, all visitors are pleasantly amazed by the friendly staff and the top-level service. In addition, you will definitely appreciate the superb atmosphere and impressive interior.

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3. Shiki, Budapest, Hungary

This renowned Japanese establishment has been garnering rave reviews and making “best of” lists for years. While there are so many delicious restaurants in this city, Shiki is the one you think of when you are hungry for Japanese.  It’s a lovely place to enjoy an Asian-inspired meal that never disappoints!

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4. Kinugawa, Paris

Sumptuous in the Japanese style, this airy restaurant is a memorable experience for lovers of Japanese cuisine. Located on rue du Mont Thabor, this celebrated restaurant was recently taken over by the Black Code Group which is famed for running other world-class restaurants like Orient Extrême Montaigne.

Various classic Japanese dishes are prepared here, as well as their modern fusion variations. You can enjoy grilled shrimp and green asparagus with a spicy lemon-garlic sauce, a variety of salads, noodles, and seaweed dishes. And, of course, there is a wide range of sushi and rolls. You can order what your soul desires!

Moreover, the atmosphere here is unique. Stepping into the Kinugawa Sushi Bar, you will be immersed in the enchanting world of Japan. Subdued light, soft, quiet music, candles, warm hand towels, delicious cuisine – everything helps to relax and have a good time. In addition, the staff is friendly and attentive here.

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5. Alex Sushi, Oslo, Norway

Regarded as one of Europe’s best sushi restaurants, Alex Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that is popular with tourists and locals alike. Ingredients are featured in many creative ways that have been delighting sushi lovers in this city for more than a decade. The setting is enchanting and it’s a lovely venue to enjoy a meal.

The restaurant has four different menus. The first is based on common ingredients such as salmon, halibut, and shrimp in a combination of sashimi, nigiri sushi, and maki. The second contains ingredients such as scallops, crab, and tempura maki. Third, in addition to soft shell crab, quail, and lobster. The fourth menu is a menu for two. Dishes on the menu change periodically, depending on the availability of fresh ingredients and the season.

If you want to enjoy a pleasant interior and excellent quality of food served in the company of close people, you should definitely visit Alex Sushi.

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6. Yamazato, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This award-winning restaurant serves everything up from sushi to ten-course meals. Located in the Okura Hotel, Yamazato is one of the city’s most renowned Japanese restaurants. Serving elegant delicacies like shiizikana and favorites like sushi and tempura, this restaurant boasts a full menu that is sure to delight fans of Japanese cuisine.

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7. Kyoto, Athens, Greece

With its view of the Acropolis, it’s no wonder that this Japanese favorite is popular with visitors to Athens as well as locals. The authentic delicacies are revered for their freshness. Though small in comparison with other European favorites, this restaurant makes admirable use of the space by feeding throngs of loyal fans.

Kyoto offers a culinary itinerary that includes both Japanese and Greek specialties, with an interesting and original menu.

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8. Sasaya, Berlin, Germany

Noted for its amazing Japanese cuisine, this is as close to Tokyo cuisine as you’ll find in Berlin. In a city that is not especially known for its great Asian restaurants, Sasaya actually shines as one of the best places to order sushi on the continent.

Real connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine should visit this restaurant and taste good nigiri, soft shell crabs, and sashimi. In addition, you can order a fantastic Berlin donut, creme brulee, and ice cream or delicious good matcha.

Here is a cozy atmosphere, which, in combination with incredible dishes, creates a unique atmosphere. So, if you love Japanese food and happen to be in Berlin, this venue is well-worth checking out for a meal or two and enjoying the rest!

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9. Musashi, Dublin, Ireland

When you get a craving for spicy tuna rolls, this is the place to head to in Dublin. Known for its sushi and noodles, Musashi is nearly always crowded with sushi lovers. With remarkably elegant presentations, the chefs prepare delectable cuisine that continues to garner rave reviews.

The food was excellent, and the service was great. The staff is so lovely and accommodating too. Musashi offers tasty chicken ramen, vegetable tempura, and tuna sashimi. You can also be surprised with fantastic parfait here. Delicious plum wine and cordial, good coffee are among the most popular drinks in this restaurant.

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10. Shunka, Barcelona, Spain

Sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies are prepared fresh and delicious – unfailingly so. Loyal customers boast that the quality of the sushi is as good as one may find anywhere outside of Japan itself. Each created dish looks as beautiful as it tastes delicious. If you are celebrating an important day or just want to experience some Japanese food that won’t disappoint, this venue is a Barcelona mainstay when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

The impressive interior and refined cuisine create a relaxing atmosphere. And this restaurant’s top-level service and attentive staff will make your rest perfect.

When you want to enjoy Japanese cuisine in Europe, these venues should top your list of the best places to eat. You’ll not only enjoy the food but the delightful atmosphere too! What’s your favorite Japanese restaurant in Europe?