10 Best Diet-Friendly Restaurants in London


If you are on a diet, you don’t have to stop going out and dining with family and friends. In fact, there are many diet-friendly restaurants to take advantage of with great food that won’t get you off track. Just 10 of the best diet-friendly restaurants in London include:

1. Amico Bio

Photo: amicobio.co.uk

Amico Bio is an Italian vegetarian restaurant where people can go to enjoy dishes with organic ingredients. You can enjoy meat-free pastas, well-dressed salads, pan-friend spelt cakes, and more. You can also enjoy a wine list that is completely vegetarian, vegan, and organic as well.

2. Bread Street Kitchen

Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen is popular for its well-priced menu that divides into “hot kitchen,” “raw bar,” and “wood stone” options. Its easy-going atmosphere and snappy service complete the dining experience.

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3. Cassis Bistro

If you are carefully counting every calorie, Cassis Bistro is the perfect restaurant for your next meal. The special menu consists of main courses that don’t exceed 400 calories. Additionally, combinations of any two courses never exceed 650 calories. The dishes make use of “good” fats and slow-release energy foods to help keep you feeling great.

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4. Nopi

Photo: nopi-restaurant.com

Nopi is a very popular restaurant with great ratings across a number of websites. The restaurant offers many vegetarian plates full of flavor with both Middle Eastern and Southern European influences. You can enjoy food items such as seared scallops with apple salsa and fennel purée or chargrilled broccolini with garlic and chili.

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5. The River Café

The River Café serves Italian cuisine and is perfect for entertaining clients, celebrating with friends and family, or enjoying a romantic evening out. With its view of the Thames and its delicious plates, The River Café is a fan favorite.

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6. Saf Kensington

Saf Kensington works with a 100% botanical vegan menu that is mostly raw or cooked below 48 degrees. Eating foods raw or cooked below 48 degrees helps to preserve nutrients to ensure that your food is healthier. With a decent selection of drinks to enjoy as well, you can easily enjoy a night out at Saf Kensington.

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7. Shayona

Shayona specializes in Sattvic vegetarian Indian cuisine, and doesn’t serve alcohol, meat, garlic, or onions. Instead, Shayona focuses on grains, vegetables, and pulses to create their dishes. The menu is designed to help balance the body and mind, and also includes all of the usual staples for an Indian feast.

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8. Wright Brothers

If you love seafood and eating healthy, the Wright Brothers is a great place to dine. Oysters in particular are good to eat over the winter season because of the minerals they pack. The Soho branch includes a raw bar with langoustines, sea urchins, and caviar.

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9. Yalla Yalla

Photo: yalla-yalla.co.uk

To stay healthy and enjoy great food, you can take advantage of the Lebanese dishes served at Yalla Yalla. The menu relies on pulses, herbs, nuts, and vegetables to bring your dishes to life. You can also enjoy dishes such as the halloumi salad and fatta khodra topped with yoghurt and tahini.

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10. Yashin Sushi

If you love sushi, Yashin Sushi is particularly popular because of how they try to avoid using soy sauce. Instead, the dishes are brought to life using other staples such as yuzu and truffle. With such elegant surroundings, you can easily dine at Yashin Sushi for any occasion.

With these 10 diet-friendly restaurants, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to enjoy a nice meal out with friends and family. By eating in moderation, you can enjoy the rich dishes that each restaurant has to offer. What is your favorite diet-friendly restaurant in London?