10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe


Europe boasts stunning national parks that make it some of the continent’s most revered tourist destinations. Filled with extraordinary stretches of terrain and singular scenes filled with flora and fauna, the national parks of Europe are exciting places to visit. The following are some of the most breathtaking parks in Europe.

1. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Scotland

This enchanting Scottish park is a stunning setting. With postcard views of Loch Lomond, the park is home to various lochs and mountains. Visitors come to sightsee and hike the marvelous terrain. Visitors enjoy exploring the waterways as well as the landscapes. Lovely villages and pristine forest stretches make this a celebrated European park.

2. Cinque Terre National Park, Italy

This most picturesque region of Italy is revered around the world for its great beauty. The nation’s smallest national park, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Named for the five cliff towns that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, the park is situated in the Liguria in northern Italy. Noted for its romantic views and charming culture, this park is often regarded as some of the most breathtaking land in Europe.

3. Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

The other-worldly landscapes of Iceland make it some of the most singular terrain in the world. This park is a spectacular setting that spans about 8,500 square miles. The terrific battle between fire and ice is visible here and attracts many scientists as researchers as well as tourists. A rare land filled with glaciers and volcanoes, this park is a must-see attraction of Europe.

4. Lake District National Park, England

The largest national park in England, this beautiful region has long been revered by the British as well as visitors from around the world. Encompassing 885 square miles, this picturesque landscape and its serenely beautiful lakes is the ideal place to sightsee and hike. One of the most beloved holiday destinations in the UK, this park is home to mountains as well as scenic lake country.

5. Bialowieza National Park, Poland

This pristine stretch of forest is regarded as magnificent and is often deemed as the continent’s last bit of pristine wilderness. The untouched air of the landscape make it revered around the world. Home to European bison as well as the European Bison Breeding Center, Bialowieza encompasses fifty-eight square miles. The park also features a museum and tour guides that convey the long history of the forest. As one of the most enchanting forests in Europe, it should not be missed on any visit to the region.

6. Lauterbrunnen Valley National Park, Switzerland

Photo: Noel Reynolds

Regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in the Alps, Lauterbrunnen has roughly seventy-two waterfalls beset against timeless cliffs. Aside from the glacial waterfalls, the mountains themselves are breathtaking to behold. One of the most revered spots in Europe, the region has been visited by everyone from famous poets to families on holiday.

7. Balaton Uplands National Park, Hungary

Located on the northern shores of enchanting Lake Balaton, this national park features rolling hills and scenic mountains. The beauty of this attractive landscape is best known for the lake itself which is regarded as the most beautiful area in Hungary. The region is visited by bird-watchers as well as vacationing families.

8. Saxon Switzerland National Park, Germany

Located near Dresden, this Saxon landscape is regarded as one of the most scenic regions in Germany. Situated on 274 square miles, this park features rocky canyons and mountain forests. The park borders the Bohemian Switzerland National Park of the Czech Republic. Noted for its great vistas that are visible from the network of hiking trails, this national park continues to be a revered setting for Germans and other Europeans on vacation.

9. Olympus National Park, Greece

This fabled locale enjoys an ancient past filled with the mythological tales of the Greek people. The highest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus is the star of the park and draws people from all over the world to explore his magnificent terrain. Hiking is the most popular pastime in this scenic terrain, but mountain climbing is also popular.

10. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this enchanting region is the oldest national park in Croatia and one of the oldest in southeastern Europe. Encompassing 73,350 acres, the park is most celebrated for its fairy-like lakes and cascades that make it quite singular on the continent. The paths between the lakes allow visitors to get up close to the most revered spots in the park. The enchantment of the park is world-famous and has been revered for its beauty for centuries.

These parks are the most celebrated landscapes in all of Europe. While the continent boasts many incredible national parks, these are among the best of the best and should not be missed if possible. Beautiful in the extreme, these parks are truly marvels that are must-see attractions. Have you ever visited any of these national parks?