10 Best Hotel Pools in the World


For many people, the hotel and resort stay is all about the pool! There are certainly some amazing, even mind-blowing pools on the planet. If you can make it to these destinations, be sure to discover the inherent enchantment of these world-class pools!

1. Intercontinental Tahiti

Why a pool on a pristine Tahiti beach? Why not? In fact, there’s probably no where better to place an infinity pool than in this enchanting location that overlooks the endless sea. The view is breathtaking, but the aura of relaxation and virtual paradise is an incredible experience.

2. Ravello, Italy

The infinity pool at the Hotel Caruso overlooks the Amalfi Coast and is set on the highest point of Ravello. Stunning in the extreme, the area has been a vacation destination for centuries. The legendary azure pool is a grand feature in itself, but couple with the amazing view -it’s simply hard to imagine anything better!

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3. B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa

Photo: b2boutiquehotels.com

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, this lovely pool is even perfect for enjoying in winter. The majestic rooftop pool is heated to more than 100 degrees. Soothing and hypnotic, this pool is a feat and the perfect complement to the world-class spa treatments available at the hotel.

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4.Fasano Rio

Photo: fasano.com.br

The breathtaking view from this extraordinary rooftop pool is jaw-dropping. Not surprising Fasao Rio‘s hotel pool is frequently on “best of” lists. While swimming in the pristine blue waters overlooking the ocean, guests can also enjoy the all-day bar and its delectable treats.

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5. Oberoi Udaivilas, India

Photo: oberoihotels.com

This Indian marvel could be better enjoyed if one could just take one’s eyes off the dazzling architecture and the incredible design of the pool that flanks the period architecture as if in a dream. You’ll feel as if you’ve just stepped into India’s exotic and storied past. A must-experience pool, this enchanted locale is filled with old-world style and stately beauty.

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6. Grace Santorini, Greece

The breathtaking infinity pool offers a caldera view that is postcard beautiful. Swimmers are engulfed with shades of azure blue from the pool to the sea to the sky. The timeless beauty of Santorini reaches its zenith while floating in this marvelous pool on the sea. If you’ve been dreaming of visiting the Greek Islands, this pool will seem like a dream come true.

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7. Rocca delle Tre Contrade

With its view of the Ionian Sea, this enchanting infinity pool offers a spectacular experience filled with water and sun. This pool is located at a recently restored villa on the island of Sicily. Swimmers also enjoy timeless views of the vineyards, which grow on Mount Etna’s foothills.

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8. Sun Gardens Hotel, Croatia

This Dubrovnik hotel boasts its world-famous circular pool that curves into the sea, the timeless Adriatic Sea, which is a true-blue attraction of the Dalmatian Coast. Any pool connoisseur will find this pool dazzling experience. Views are magnificent and the clientele that visits this hotel seems to have one thing in mind – a seat by that grand pool!

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9. Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao, China

Photo: ihg.com

This stunning pool is an experience like none other. Its glass bottom provides a view 24 stories down to the street below. If you care to swim with the hustle and bustle of Shanghai going on beneath you, this pool is something to dive into!

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10. One&Only Reethi Rah, North Malé Atoll, Maldives

Few words can do justice to the beauty and engineering mastery of this pool within the sea. As the pool juts out into the sea, swimmers will revel in the sun and all-around perfect climate of the island. Many come here for the unparalleled spa treatments, but everyone raves about the pool which never disappoints.

These sumptuous pools were designed to impress as well as convey a spirit of opulence, grandeur, and unquestionable beauty. They must be seen to be truly believed!