8 Great Japanese Restaurants in London


With nearly 450 Japanese restaurants in London, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose the perfect establishment to visit. Fortunately, to help make the selection process easier for your next meal, here are 8 great Japanese restaurants in London:

1. Bone Daddies

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Bone Daddies is a ramen joint known for its New York influence and bold flavor. In fact, the dishes are so rich that there are no low-fat options available.

It also has a long list of Japanese drinks to choose from. With its rock and roll atmosphere, Bones Daddies might not be for everyone, although it is certainly trendy.

2. Dinings

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If you don’t have a booking, it can be difficult getting a spot in the basement of the popular Dinings establishment. The food is excellent, although it can be costly. The seared wagyu beef nigiri is a particularly popular dish.

3. Flesh & Buns

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Flesh & Buns is known as a “rock and roll ramen joint” because of its North American influences. With loud music and New York-style noodles, the restaurant may not be for everyone. However, if you like to keep up with the latest dining trends, Flesh and & Buns should not be overlooked while in London.

4. Koya

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Koya is known for its snappy service and fresh, youthful appearance. The handmade udon noodles produced are considered to be among the best and the menu is well priced. One particularly popular dish is the vegetarian sweet miso, walnut, and mushroom atsu-atsu.

5. Okan

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If you are looking for cheaper dishes, Okan offers a well-priced menu that delivers plenty of taste. Although the menu is small, it is well-rounded with fried noodles, grilled aubergine, edamame, and Osaka-yaki.

6. Roka

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If you want to enjoy a fancy night out and have money to spend, dining at Roka is an excellent option. With a wide variety of foods to enjoy, the establishment is a popular choice for first-time diners. You can enjoy tebasaki (chicken wings), own-made kimichi, and delicious desserts.

7. Shoryu Ramen

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If you want great food in a hurry, Shoryu Ramen is an excellent choice. In fact, the original brand operates as a standing-in-line service while a Shoryu Express was opened as a “self-service-style prototype ramen bar for those in a rush.” With a varied selection of sweets, sak?, and sides, you can create a great meal.

8. Yashin

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If you love sushi, dining at Yashin is a must. By sitting at the centerpiece sushi counter, you can choose from a wide variety of delicious dishes for your meal. In fact, the food is so artfully prepared that the sushi chefs have a sign saying “without soy sauce” to ask patrons not to use soy sauce. Additionally, you can enjoy a drink from their extensive selection of wine and sake?.

Whether you want a traditional meal or something more trendy, these 10 great Japanese restaurants have just what you need.