10 Best Gay Bars in Berlin


Berlin has the most gay bars of any city in the entire world. Most of the bars are designed for men, but there are many for women as well. There is a specialty bar for pretty much anything a person could be looking for. The only problem is trying to pick which one you want to visit. Here are ten best gay bars in Berlin you may want to visit.

1. Mobel Olfe

Photo: www.moebel-olfe.de

Mobel Olfe is a gay bar, but it is so laid back and cool, you can’t really tell. Open to men and women, gay and straight, the bar is staffed with friendly folks who become friends over the course of the night. Mobel offers ladies nights on Wednesdays and Popular Music night on Thursdays. Mobel Olfe is a good place to go for a fun night out with friends for drinks and dancing.

2. Schwuz

You may have a hard time finding Schwuz, since it is tucked away behind a coffee shop and a straight bar called Melitta Sundstrom, but if you can find it, it is well worth it. The bar is like the hidden gem of Berlin, with a great dance floor, killer music and staff to keep the drinks coming all night long.

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3. Barbie Deinhoffs

Photo: www.barbiedeinhoff.de

Barbie Deinhoffs is quite small but never seems to be overcrowded. The décor is pleasant, the staff is friendly, and most importantly, the drinks are cheap. On Tuesday nights the bar has hip hop music, but most nights are a mix of house and techno.

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4. Zum Schmutzigen Hobby

Zum Schmutzigen Hobby has very long name, but the bar itself is laid back and non-pretentious. It is a very social bar and you are sure to make new friends every time you walk in. During the warmer months, the outdoor patio is opened so you can sit and chat. The music is never too loud for a conversation, so it is a great place to take a first date.

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5. Silver Future

The Silver Future is a great neighborhood bar. It is homey enough to feel like your living room and quirky enough to be much cooler than your living room. It has a very cozy feel to it. With friendly staff and pleasant surroundings, the Silver Future is definitely a hip spot to hang out in Berlin.

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6. Ken’s

It is rumored Ken’s was opened to spite the owners of Barbie Deinhoffs but no one will actually admit to it. Ken’s is only open on Friday and Saturday nights, but makes up for the absence the rest of the week by throwing an amazing party. With two dance floors playing different types of music and three different bars, as well as a smokers lounge, you never have to wait too long for a drink or a spot on the dance floor.

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7. Slum

The best thing about Slum is it really does have a little something for everyone. The downstairs is called the Darkroom Performance Lounge, where there are live performances mixed with unique video art. The upstairs to Slum is all dance floors and DJ’s. You can go back and forth depending on what you are in the mood for.

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8. Prenzlaverberg

Prenzlaverberg is another club that’s only open on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s also only open to men. Prenzlaverberg is known for almost always being crowded, though the bar recently moved to a bigger space to take care of the problem. The bigger space includes larger dance floors and a total of four bars to avoid long lines for drinks.

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9. Kit Kat

It is hard to find the entrance to Kit Kat, but once you do and get inside, you will be pleasantly surprised. The bar impresses with cheap drinks and friendly staff. The music they play is mostly techno with some funk and house mixed in. It always has a good beat you can dance to. It is a great place for a nice night out on a budget.

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10. Panorama Bar

Panorama is quite possibly one of the coolest gay bars in Berlin, if for no other fact than it having a full sized Ferris wheel inside. The bar was built in a former power station and is filled with caves, dens, dance floors, locker rooms and baths. It is quite easy to get lost in there, so you want to make sure you go with someone who knows their way around or with a group so you can find your way out together. Men tend frequent Panorama most often, but women are not turned away.

There are so many gay bars in Berlin, you are sure to find something which fits your mood and budget. Whether you want a quiet night with friends over a beer or a wild night with Ferris wheels, dark rooms full of strangers and naked baths, Berlin has you covered. What’s your favorite bar in Berlin?