10 Best Gay Bars in Berlin


Berlin has the most gay bars of any city in the entire world. Most of the bars are designed for men, but there are many for women as well. There is a specialty bar for pretty much anything a person could be looking for. The only problem is trying to pick which one you want to visit. Here are ten best gay bars in Berlin you may want to visit.

1. Mobel Olfe

Photo: www.moebel-olfe.de

Mobel Olfe is a gay bar, but it is so laid back and cool, you can’t really tell. Open to men and women, gay and straight, the bar is staffed with friendly folks who become friends over the course of the night. Mobel offers ladies nights on Wednesdays and Popular Music night on Thursdays. Mobel Olfe is a good place to go for a fun night out with friends for drinks and dancing.