7 Most Popular Christmas Markets in Germany


As the time of winter holidays is coming near, Christmas markets become more and more popular in European countries. But it is necessary to mention that German Christmas markets are in the spotlight. Festive and cheerful atmosphere of these places impresses all the visitors. Though, the landscape and locations are also magnificent here. If you made up your mind to visit Germany this Christmas, you can consider this list of the best Christmas markets in Germany.

1. Nuremberg Christkindlesmarket

Nuremberg enjoys a great popularity among tourists. And certainly it is one of the best cities in Germany. If you come to this marvelous place, you will be enabled to visit numerous picturesque sights of the city such as churches, museums and Nuremburg Castle. But the most important place which you should obviously visit here is Nuremburg Christkindlesmarket. You can find it in the main square of the city. This Christmas market is very old and represents the main idea of the great holiday. It is the picture of a real festive market. Here you will see a great variety of traditional crafts and delicious national foods. There is also a market for kids where you can entertain them.

2. Cologne

This German town is famous for its majestic cathedral, which is situated just near one of the Christmas markets. So when you come here during winter holiday, you’ll do two things at one time: enjoy the beauty of the cathedral and wander around the numerous markets. In Cologne you will have an opportunity to admire a large Christmas tree and charming atmosphere of the holiday. Besides, the market is located in a beautiful place and so many vendors will offer their festive goods to you.

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3. Schlachte Magic Christmas Market, Bremen

You can’t find more fabulous city in Northern Germany than Bremen. Its main attraction is a bronze statue which represents the characters of the well-known fairy-tale “die Bremer stadtmusikanten”. There is also another gorgeous place in Bremen, which you are supposed to visit. That is the Schlachte Magic Christmas Market which is available for visitors during November and December. This Christmas market is really an exciting entertainment. It is held on the beautiful banks of the Weser River. You will be greatly amazed with small wooden stalls made in the medieval traditions. At this market you will have an enormous choice of handicraft. And even you’ll be able to treat yourself to pork hocks and hot glühwein.

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4. Hamburg

If you come to Germany at Christmas season make sure to visit the Hamburg Christmas Market, which is one of the most attractive places in this country. Walking around it you will watch a gorgeous view of Alster River. This great market provides you with an impressive variety of entertaining activities. For example, you can attend different parades and even amuse your children with visit to Santa. Why this market is so much appreciated by tourists? The answer is very simple. Incredible Christmas delight and happiness are the main thing. Moreover, Hamburg is a harbor city. So you can please yourself with two interesting activities: a visit to the festive markets and a boat trip around the well-known harbor.

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5. Stuttgart

This city is a nice place to visit for those people who are fond of cars, especially German brands. Various automobile manufacturer museums are opened for tourists throughout the day. But there is one thing in Stuttgart that will really take your breath away. It is Christmas market which is held every year. Certainly, you will be fascinated with the brilliant surroundings of this market. The terrific Old Castle of the city stands next to it. Hundreds of tiny sparkling lights make this place a real miracle. In numerous small shops you will find all kinds of traditional German glühwein, handicrafts and other things. I don’t have to tell you much about the Stuttgart Christmas Market. You simply need to come here and see everything in your own eyes. After, you’ll understand why this market surpasses all the others around Germany.

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6. Munich

I’m sure that Munich is one of the most often visited cities in Germany. At Christmas time it becomes extremely popular. Such city sights as the Residence Palace of Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle are admired by lots of tourists. If you are lucky enough to spend Christmas in Munich, don’t forget to stop at one of the Christmas markets and purchase some of Bavarian specialties. No doubt, you’ll be astonished greatly and festive merriment will not leave you for a long time.

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7. Berlin

If you are eager to have an unforgettable holiday this year but still can’t decide which city is the most appealing for you then think about Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburg Gate are the places which will definitely strike you with their splendor. But the must-see event of the holiday time is the Christmas market, held not far from a beautiful memorial church. This fantastic market includes small stands made from wood. Their owners will offer you hot drinks like glühwein and chocolate and incredibly tasty German foods. Don’t miss the opportunity to try Bratwurst and Schmalzkuchen. Perhaps you prefer some smaller places for Christmas shopping. In this case you can drop into other wonderful holiday markets scattered all over the city.

Are you interested in any of these Christmas markets in Germany? You can share your ideas and plans for this holiday.