10 Best Gay-Friendly Restaurants in the World


When you are a gay traveler, it can be tough to find restaurants that are accepting all types of people. Even in some of the most civilized countries in the world, you can be kicked out of a café just for holding hands. Avoid problems by doing a little research before you travel. Here are a few great gay-friendly restaurants in the world to consider.

1. Hamburger Mary’s, Vancouver, Canada

Hamburger Mary’s is a great little restaurant on Davie Street in the popular West End neighborhood of Vancouver. It comes complete with a jukebox and 50’s décor. The menu has all the diner basics, including milkshakes and hamburgers. The menu also contains some classier dishes like the West Coast Salmon Burger. The prices are very affordable and the place is open 23 hours a day so you can enjoy a good meal at any time of day or night.

2. Honkey Tonk BBQ, Chicago, USA

Chicago is known for its numerous barbeque restaurants. The Honkey Tonk BBQ is definitely one of the best restaurants in the area. The venue is laid back and the staff is friendly. Throughout the week, local bands play. It’s a good opportunity to see some of the local talent. On top of the amazing atmosphere, the food is well worth raving about.

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3. Castro, Barcelona, Spain

Castro is an upscale restaurant which is owned and run by a gay couple in Barcelona, Spain. Although the dishes are pricy, you will find the service exceptional and the staff’s knowledge of both the menu and the wine quite good. Castro has a decent wine list and features items on the menu you won’t find elsewhere, such as Australian kangaroo.

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4. Les Flots, Paris, France

Photo: les-flots.com

Les Flots is a beautifully decorated restaurant right on the banks of the Seine River. It is built on a boat and the dining room is covered in stunning wood and classic décor. Not only does it have stunning views, the food is quite impressive. Les Flots serves up traditional French cuisine. During warmer weather, you can sit up on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.

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5. Cafe de Jaren, Amsterdam, Holland

In a city known for its many cafes, Cafe de Jaren has been the largest and best known cafe since 1990. It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and a terrace overlooking the canal. The ground floor is a spacious cafe which serves up beverages and light food fare while the second floor is a full restaurant.

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6. Garlic Queen, Amsterdam, Holland

The cozy restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam serves up delicious food which has all been cooked with garlic, and lots of it. They also have the city’s only garlic ice cream, as well as their own garlic beer. Sure to be a hit with all the garlic lovers out there, the Garlic Queen also has friendly staff. Just be sure to bring some breath mints to combat the garlic after your meal.

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7. Betty’s Soup Kitchen, Sydney, Australia

Betty’s Soup Kitchen in Sydney, Australia offers up amazing home cooked comfort food for everyone on a budget. The staff is known for being a bit cheeky, but it’s all in fun. The witty waiters always have the food on the table within a few minutes. The bread is made in house each morning and the soup is always amazing.

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8. Balans Restaurant, London, England

Balans Restaurant has several locations throughout London and is gay owned and run. It is open until 5am and is almost always crowded, so you know it is the best place to be. The service is fantastic and the menu is diverse and affordable. The restaurant offers everything from all day breakfasts to burgers to fish and chips.

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9. Sage Restaurant, Berlin, Germany

Sage restaurant in Berlin is a refurbished industrial brick building right on the banks of the Spree River and is quite a trendy place. The staff doesn’t mind if you bring in a large group and will quickly find a way to accommodate you. The food is excellent and made with all fresh and local ingredients, although a little high priced. The beer and wine list is quite extensive and has a lot to offer if you want to drink with your meal. Even the bathrooms are worth visiting just so you can see how they are decorated.

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10. La Mian, Shanghai, China

The tiny little hole in the wall type restaurant makes handmade long noodles right before your eyes which is quite an experience to watch. The dishes they make from the noodles after they make them are incredibly delicious and very cheap. Starting at just a dollar a bowl, they are one of the most affordable meals you can find in Shanghai. Anyone is welcome here.

There are many gay-friendly restaurants all around the world if you only know where to look. Once you find them, you will be able to enjoy a special meal with your partner without having to worry about sideways glances or poor service. Have you ever visited any of these restaurants?