10 Best Gay-Friendly Restaurants in the World


When you are a gay traveler, it can be tough to find restaurants that are accepting all types of people. Even in some of the most civilized countries in the world, you can be kicked out of a café just for holding hands. Avoid problems by doing a little research before you travel. Here are a few great gay-friendly restaurants in the world to consider.

1. Hamburger Mary’s, Vancouver, Canada

Hamburger Mary’s is a great little restaurant on Davie Street in the popular West End neighborhood of Vancouver. It comes complete with a jukebox and 50’s décor. The menu has all the diner basics, including milkshakes and hamburgers. The menu also contains some classier dishes like the West Coast Salmon Burger. The prices are very affordable and the place is open 23 hours a day so you can enjoy a good meal at any time of day or night.