10 Cruise Lines for Gay and Lesbian Travelers


Cruises offer a luxurious vacation experience where your every need and desire is catered to on board a magnificent ocean liner. Everything you could possibly want is available to you including fine dining, live entertainment, spa treatments and exotic nightclubs. Gay cruises are particularly attractive to the LGBT community as they offer a safe, relaxed environment where couples do not have to worry about expressing their love for each other when out in public.

Different cruise lines offer a range of experiences from no-holds barred naked cruises to more sophisticated, elegant affairs. Many regular cruise lines also make gay and lesbian couples feel right at home, and the following list breaks down the 10 best gay cruise lines for an unforgettable ocean voyage.

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1. Aquafest Cruises

Aquafest offers small group cruises on board regular ocean liners. They host cocktail parties, social get-togethers, gay Olympics and live music events. The company offers far more destination choices as they collaborate with the big cruise ships to offer an exclusive experience on board ships that cater to a mixed clientele. Aquafest is also much cheaper than the full gay cruises.