10 Gay-Friendly Countries in the World


Gay and lesbian travellers now have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. An increasing number of countries are relaxing their laws and general attitude towards the LGBT community. Even previously strict countries such as Israel have become far more tolerant and have their own flourishing gay scene.

However, countries that have only recently become accepting of same-sex couples usually consist of a small area or district that hosts the gay scene. If you wish to travel freely around the country you are visiting, then it is advisable to stick to destinations that are widely tolerant of gay and lesbian travellers. Gay-friendly countries offer a far wider choice when it comes to activities such as gay nightclubs, theaters, museums and cultural events. Here is the list of 10 gay-friendly countries in the world worth visiting.

1. USA

Although the US has only legalized gay marriage in a handful of its 50 states, it still remains the most gay-friendly country in the world.

San Francisco has long been regarded as the gay Mecca and offers gay-friendly bars, nightclubs, restaurants, saunas, and plenty of cruising spots within the Castro district. In addition, the LGBT History Museum is worth visiting to learn about the history of the struggle for equality for LGBT people in the city and the United States as a whole.

New York is another city where LGBT life is in full swing, and people of different sexual identities and orientations coexist happily. This is not surprising, recalling the dashing times of the 60s of the last century, the Stonewall uprising, which marked the beginning of the march for the rights and dignity of LGBT people.

Los Angeles and Miami are also huge gay attractions, offering plenty to those seeking a vibrant, lively holiday destination in this most gay-friendly country.

Gay events in the USA

The United States hosts some of the largest LGBT events in the world. New York Pride is the most famous one. In 2019 New York City hosted WorldPride, which drew an estimated 5 million people, which is the biggest gay pride event ever!

San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair in September, Capital Trans Pride in May in Washington DC, Mardi Gras in New Orleans in February, Aspen Gay Ski Week in January, and Miami Beach Pride in April are also popular gay events in the USA, most gay country and are held yearly.

2. Sweden

Sweden is immensely proud of its reputation as one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to protecting the rights of the LGBT community.

Registration of a civil partnership for same-sex couples in this most gay country was legalized in 1995. In 2003, same-sex couples were legally allowed to adopt children. And in 2009, marriages and church weddings were allowed. Excluding discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and giving equal rights to all members of society created a humane social climate.

Gay events in Sweden

Several gay pride festivals are held in the most gay-friendly country, Sweden every year, so make sure you check the exact dates before you travel if you wish to participate. The main annual LGBTQ events include Stockholm Rainbow Weekend, which coincides with City Pride, and West Pride in Gothenburg.

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3. Germany

Germany is also considered the most gay country in the world, especially because of Berlin’s wide and diverse gay scene.

Around the world, Germany is perhaps considered one of the most progressive and open European countries for the LGBT community. In this most gay country, the adoption of children by homosexual couples is allowed. In addition, same-sex marriages have been allowed since 2017.

The most gajest country offers plenty of entertainment for gay travelers in the form of bars, nightclubs, and a gay museum. The city even has a memorial that honors the victims of Germany’s tragic past by vowing to stand up for the human rights of gays and lesbians. Cologne also offers 75 different gay nightclubs, bars, and saunas.

Gay events in Germany

Berlin Pride is the largest gay event in Germany which attracts around 1 million people. Other gay events in Germany include the Cologne Carnival in February, the Munich Gay Oktoberfest in October, and the Heavenue Gay Christmas Market in December.

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4. England

England is also the most gay-friendly country in the whole world. Since 2014, same-sex marriage has been legal there. In addition, the results of the general survey showed that 76% of Britons are in favor of homosexuality.

London is home to one of the most thriving gay scenes in all of Europe. Soho is located in the West End of London and has many world famous nightclubs such as Heaven and GAY. Artists such as Lady Gaga and Madonna regularly appear on stage. The district is frequented by both straight and gay revelers. Other areas worth a visit are Liverpool and Manchester for lively bars and clubs, or head down to the gay capital of Brighton for a seaside getaway.

Gay events in England

The most gayest country has the largest number of pride events of any gay country in the world, and almost every city holds its own events, usually during the summer months. London Pride in early July is the largest, with 1.5 million people. Brighton Pride and Manchester Pride are often considered the best Pride in Europe.

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5. Spain

Another most gay country is Spain. They legalized same-sex marriage in 2005. And in 2013, social research shows that 88% of participants recognize such relationships between people.

The gay community is responsible for making Barcelona one of the trendiest cities in the world. As well as endless golden beaches, the most gay country offers hundreds of trendy bars and cafes. In addition, Spanish literature, music, and movies often explore LGBT+ themes. Don’t leave without paying a visit to Chueca in Madrid, the gayest neighborhood in the world.

Gay events in Spain

Spain hosts many gay events throughout the year that are worth visiting. Madrid Pride is considered one of the most significant gay pride events in the world, especially in 2017 when it hosted WorldPride. WE Party in Madrid, Circuit Barcelona, Bear Pride Barcelona, Snow Gay Weekend, Sitges Bear Week, and Delice Dream in Torremolinos are also worth visiting.

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6. Netherlands

Home to the world’s most liberal city, the Netherlands is the ideal destination for those seeking something a little different. This most gay country offers just about everything you could possibly desire and is the perfect destination for those who enjoy the hard-core party scene. However, the gay scene extends far beyond Amsterdam, with bars, saunas, and cinemas.

The Netherlands also offers breathtaking scenery and cultural attractions and was the first country to legalize gay marriage. In 2000, same-sex marriage was legalized for the first time in the world. The progressive and the most gay country continues to implement the principle of “be yourself” today.

Gay events in the Netherlands

Many cities also host their own pride events that feature local politicians. Amsterdam Pride is known as one of the most unique pride events in the world because instead of taking place on the streets, the city is paraded with boats on the famous canals. Other annual gay events in Amsterdam include Amsterdam Bear Weekend in March and Amsterdam Leather Pride.

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7. Canada

With its liberal policies and relatively welcoming attitude towards immigration, Canada has long attracted LGBT+ people from abroad. This most gay country has allowed same-sex marriage since 2005. Today, gays have almost the same rights as the heterosexual population. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre found that 80% of Canadians believe that society should accept homosexuality making it one of the safer countries to explore freely.

As in other countries, LGBT life tends to be centered around major cities, especially Toronto, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. Vancouver and Montreal are also wonderful destinations for gay couples looking for a mixture of sightseeing and nightlife.

Gay events in Canada

Toronto is the host of World Pride, making this the perfect time to pay a visit to the most gay country of Canada. In addition to World Pride, Canada also hosts many gay skiing events. Whistler Pride and Ski Festival, Tremblant Gay Ski Week, and Quebec Gay Ski Week are the most popular.

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8. Australia

Since 1970, recognition of the rights of the LGBT community has been growing among the various states and territories that make up the country. This most gay country legalized same-sex marriage in 2017. Australia is currently on the list of countries most tolerant of people belonging to this group.

Taylor Square is the beating heart of Sydney’s gay district and has plenty to offer couples and singles alike. Head down to one of the city’s many gay beaches for surfing and sunbathing. Nude beaches are also common in this one of the most gayest countries. Be wary when traveling across the country, as it can be dangerous for tourists in certain rural areas.

Gay events in Australia

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras held in February draws visitors from all over the world. Its duration is 3 weeks, and it includes various events, from film festivals to concerts. In addition, this most gay country offers such popular LGBT events as Pride in the Park Perth, Wagga Mardi Gras, Broome Pride, ChillOut Daylesford, Big Gay Day in Brisbane in March, and the stunning Broken Heels festival in September.

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9. France

The romantic city of Paris is extremely welcoming to the gay community. This gay country legalized same-sex marriage in 2013 and became the first country in the world to remove the status of disease from transgender people.

The ultra-trendy Marais district is the city’s gay hotspot and is becoming increasingly popular with both gay and straight visitors. Montpelier is considered to be France’s second most gay city. Nice is the perfect option for those seeking a romantic French Riviera getaway. Most other cities, such as Lyon, Marseille, Lille, and Nice, also offer excellent LGBT destinations.

Gay events in France

Paris Pride is the most popular gay event in France, the most gay-friendly country, as well as Magical Pride at Disneyland Paris. Most other cities have pride parades, including Biarritz, Arras, Lyon, and Toulouse. In addition, tourists are welcome to visit gay ski festivals in March. For example, European Gay Ski Week and European Snow Pride are the most famous.

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10. Malta

Malta is also one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. It is ahead of 48 other countries with a score of 90% when measured on LGBT-friendly policies and lifestyle adoption. Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2017, and there are no minimum residency requirements; as a result, Malta is ideal for a destination wedding.

Malta can provide tourists with a perfect vacation. Every corner is filled with history and culture. Other highlights include the Three Cities, Mdina, Dingli Rocks, Comino, Riviera Beach, and Gozo. Moreover, this most gay country offers some excellent gay scenes. There are several gay bars and clubs in Malta, such as the Michelangelo Gay Club. There are also several gay-friendly hangouts dotted around the capital Valletta.

Gay events in Malta

The most popular gay event there is Malta Pride, which is held in September. This is a week-long festival in which the entire island participates.

Whether you’re heading off for a romantic weekend break or the trip of a lifetime, choosing the most gay-friendly country will ensure a relaxed and carefree vacation. Those who will be traveling alone should always stick to more tolerant destinations to ensure you don’t run into difficulties. As long as you conduct a little research before departing, you are sure to enjoy a safe and pleasant trip.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most exciting questions about the gay-friendly countries in the world:

What is the best gay-friendly holiday destination?

Taiwan is the best gay-friendly holiday destination. This most gay country has one of the most dynamic LGBT+ scenes in Asia, with a wide range of opportunities and entertainment to all tastes. In addition to bars, clubs, and cafes, Taiwan has a gay beach, two famous gay hot springs, and even a cruise gay bookstore.

Where is the gay capital of the world?

San Francisco is the gay capital of the world. Many local attractions, such as clubs, bars, and hotels, are inextricably linked with the development of LGBT culture and the struggle for recognition and gaining equality in society by its representatives.

What is the safest country for LGBT?

Sweden is the safest country for LGBT. Competent legislative activity, which excludes discrimination based on sexual orientation and gives equal rights to all members of society, creates a humane social climate.

Where is the most LGBT-friendly place?

Canada is the most LGBT-friendly place. The country prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. In addition, Canada has an extensive and well-organized LBGT support network and is full of gay bars and other entertainment centers.