10 Greatest Gay Bars in the World


There are literally thousands of gay bars around the world. A large number of these bars are nearly identical to every other one on the planet. However, there are a few that stick out above the rest and offer something new and unusual.

1. Roscoe’s, Chicago, United States

Roscoe’s is a very popular place for gays to hang out thanks to the stylish décor. The bouncy music will keep you dancing all night long. The club is very low key and even though it is popular, it never gets overly crowded. It’s a nice place to bring a date or try and meet someone while you are out for the night. The cover is reasonable and the drinks are on par with other bars in the area.

2. Arco Iris, Quepos, Costa Rica

Arco Iris is a late night club that is open from midnight until 5 am. The club is very much a down home rustic dance club with music that will keep you moving all night long. Most of its patrons are coming from other clubs. Most places in the area close between midnight and 1 am and not everyone is ready to go to bed at that hour.

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3. Club Living, Mexico City, Mexico

Club Living is popular because of the craziness that goes on during every single night that it’s open. Laser light shows, go-go boys on stilts, and high energy music keep everybody pumping. The club also boasts an in-house bodega that serves hot tacos as well as a siesta room for those who can’t keep up with their friends.

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4. Stella Club, Prague, Czech Republic

The Stella Club is an intimate basement club that tends to have a fairly young crowd. The club can get quite crowded on weekend nights but the vibe is friendly. Every night at midnight they have glitter rain where glitter falls from the ceiling. It is a very popular bar because of the friendly crowd, as well as the good looking, helpful staff.

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5. Okawa, Paris, France

Okawa is a very charming and cozy club where the staff goes out of their way to make guests feel as comfortable as possible. It is located in the heart of gay Paris. Okawa not only serves up dancing beats and top notch alcohol, it also has incredible food. The club is popular with both locals and tourists alike.

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6. Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany

Panorama Bar is definitely set apart from all the other bars in Berlin, both straight and gay. What makes this amazing club so unique is the fact that it has a full sized Ferris wheel inside. The former power station turned night club is a maze of caves, dens, dance floors, baths and locker rooms. It’s so unique and different that it is in a league of its own.

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7. Bar Bah’e, Istanbul, Turkey

The quaint Bar Bah’e in Istanbul, Turkey seems like a quiet place to relax with friends over a drink. Each night, however, they turn up the heat by soaking the bar in whiskey and setting it on fire, much to the delight of the club goers. The music is a little old fashioned but the night always finishes up with a sing-a-long of old hits.

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8. The Polo Lounge, Glasgow, Scotland

The Polo Lounge in Glasgow, Scotland is a stylish club with a complicated maze of dance floors and seating areas. Each section of the club plays a different style of music. You can find the room that best suits your mood or roam from room to room enjoying it all. The seating areas are a comfy place to hang out and to get to know someone you just met on the dance floor.

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9. DJ Station, Bangkok, Thailand

At DJ Station in Bangkok, Thailand, the cover price gets you a drink ticket. Once inside, you will find three levels of dance floors with mostly industrial metallic music. The club is very high energy and the drinks are cheap, making it a great place to stay for the whole evening.

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10. Celebrities, Vancouver, Canada

Celebrities is one of the more popular gay bars in Vancouver. With two bars, gender neutral bathrooms, and huge dance floor it is the place to be on a Friday night. The DJ booth is surrounded with caged go-go dancers and many nights are hosted by drag queens. Wednesday nights are Bingo for Charity nights and the club brings in guest DJ’s at least once a week.

Some gay bars are simply above the rest in terms of style and all the little details. Instead of going to just another gay bar, try checking out one of the greatest gay bars in the world and see what makes them so special.