10 Best Hostels in Berlin


Planning a visit to Berlin? While backpackers enjoy the cheap hospitality of hostels around the world, there really isn’t a lot going for most hostels apart from the price. When you are in Berlin, you can relax in one of these top ten hostels.

1. The Riverside Lodge

Located centrally, the Riverside Lodge is one of the cleanest, most spacious hostels you’ll ever see. The minimalistic design is offset by neutral toned murals on the wall and touches of bright color scattered around the rooms in the form of pillows or bedcovers. One of the best features, however, is the staff. The people working at a hostel can make or break your stay and at Riverside, they’re very helpful and friendly. You can also access free WiFi or rent a bike for a tour along the scenic canal.

2. EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Photo: eastseven.de

Not only has EastSeven been in the Top 10 Hostels Worldwide several years running, it has also been the Cleanest Hostel Worldwide. Anyone who has spent time in a youth hostel can understand why that is such a big deal. If you stay at EastSeven, you’ll have the opportunity to cook with the staff, take a walking tour or enjoy relaxing in the garden house. One of the benefits of this hostel is that there are no parties allowed. It’s laid back and mellow, just right for calmer travelers.

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3. The Circus Hostel

The Circus Hostel has earned a name for itself as being a fun place to stay. With whimsical wall art, trivia nights, a virtual beer tour and free tours around Berlin, the hostel certainly knows how to please its guests. The hostel is also known for its amazing all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet at the adjoining Katz & Maus café.

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4. Jetpak Alternative

If you are interested in meeting other travelers, this is the place to do it. JetPak only allows solo travelers and very small (no more than 4 people) groups to stay. The hostel also has an age limit. You must be between 21 and 40 years old in order to stay. The Jetpak Alternative certainly lives up to its name, as it is in a non-central, non-traditional section of town.

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5. The Cat’s Pajamas Hostel

Photo: thecatspajamashostel.com

Self defined as an alternative hostel, the Cat’s Pajamas is not central, but it offers a unique look at an area of the city you might not normally check out. There are galleries, shops and bars nearby. The distinctly modern looking hostel interior has rooms that are neat and clean and look somewhat like an Ikea ad.

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6. Inn-Berlin

When it comes to finding a quiet, peaceful hostel where you might actually enjoy spending the day, Inn-Berlin comes in high on the list. You’ll have free WiFi access in your room and access to a large kitchen designed for multiple users. The hostel is also eco-friendly and uses alternative energy, so it’s a good place to check out if you want to lower your carbon footprint while in Berlin.

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7. Sandino World Improvement Network

Another eco-friendly place to stay is the Sandino hostel. While it is not exactly central, it offers a range of spaces to enjoy. You can pitch a tent in the garden, take a bed in one of the shared rooms or get a private space. There is even a caravan to rent for the night. Sandino features nightly barbeques and table games. While you’re there, you might meet some of the resident chickens or help out in the vegetable garden.

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8. Aletto Kudamm Hotel & Hostel

Each room in the hotel side of this business has its own flat screen TV, air conditioning and heated floors. You can also get free Internet access in some areas. The hostel section offers dorm rooms with beds for up to ten guests, lockers and bathrooms. There is also a kitchen where you can cook your own food and a laundry area.

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9. PLUS Berlin

The ultimate in luxury hostels, PLUS Berlin offers private rooms as well as dorms. Both dorms and private rooms offer free WiFi. There is a pool, sauna, Laundromat and a built in bar and restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals. The area is ideal for exploring, as well.

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10. Vannis Haus

Vannis Haus is a great option for travelers avoiding the party lifestyle. The hostel is set up with apartments. Each apartment features two private rooms which share a bathroom. It is one of the more private hostels you’ll find in Berlin. The shared kitchen is available to all guests. The décor in Vannis Haus is stylish and subdued, making you feel more like you’re in a bed and breakfast than a hostel.

With hundreds of hostels to choose from in Berlin, it can be tough to choose the perfect place to stay. Each of these hostels has its own charm and fits a specific taste. There really is something for everyone.