9 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Beaches in the World


Nowadays there are many great gay-friendly beaches in the world. The best thing is that they are in amazing gay-friendly destinations with lots of attractions and entertainments. Enjoy learning about world’s breathtaking gay-friendly beaches and start planning your next trip right now!

1. Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York, USA

With excellent vacation rentals, shopping, hotels, and a vibrant nightlife, Cherry Grove is the embodiment of absolutely everything that makes Fire Island most beloved with the LGBT communities. The beach is adjacent to the island’s gay enclave, and it’s one of the best gay-friendly places in the United States. Nudity is allowed on this beach.

2. Playa Delfines, Cancun, Mexico

Another fabulous gay-friendly beach is Playa Delfines, Cancun, Mexico. With its clear water and a glorious view, this white sand beach is absolutely stunning. At night time, Cancun becomes a spot of clubs, bars, discos and jazz clubs. The nearest gay clubs to Playa Delfines are Karamba and Picante.

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3. Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is the stunning Greek island that welcomes everybody to its breathtaking beaches, crystal clear waters, and brilliant sunshine. There are a few popular gay-friendly beaches on Mykonos. Super Paradise Beach is popular with lesbians while Elia Beach is more popular with gay men. This wonderful beach set in a deep bay is very sandy and with utterly clear turquoise water. There is a bar/restaurant on the beach with a great number of awesome parties.

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4. Little Beach, Maui, USA

The Hawaii’s islands have some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. There are many gay-friendly beaches on all the islands. Maui is world-renowned for its beaches that welcome LGBT. You might need to hike a little to reach one of the best gay-friendly Hawaii’s beaches in, but it’s really worth it. Situated in Makena State Park, Little Beach is the most famous nude beach in Maui. The access to Little Beach is only from Big Beach.

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5. Main Beach, Brighton, England

All major cities of the United Kingdom have beautiful gay villages. However, Brighton has long been considered the Gay Capital of the UK. Located on the south coast of England Brighton is a great seaside town and is home to the Lanes shopping area, the kooky Royal Pavilion and a vibrant nightlife – enjoyed by both visitors and a large LBGT community. It’s a main destination for stag and hen parties. Main Beach isn’t the most beautiful beach, but there’s a nudist area. Some of the other gay-friendly beaches of Brighton are West Beach, Duke’s Mound and Telscombe Cliffs.

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6. Clifton 3rd Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Clifton 3rd Beach isn’t the most romantically named, but it is awesome. While many beaches of Cape Town suffer from the notorious south-easterly wind, Clifton 3rd Beach well protected from it. That’s means that this beach has breathtaking sunsets. Clifton 3rd Beach is perfect for many water activities.

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7. North Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

One of the greatest gay-friendly destinations in the world, Sydney is well-known for the Pride festival – one of the most spectacular events in the city. Bondi symbolizes the Australian lifestyle so it’s no wonder that one of the best Sydney’s gay-friendly beaches is located at the north end of this amazing destination. LGBTs have traditionally hung out at the North Bondi Surf Club. There are many pubs along the beach, but keep in mind that alcohol drinks are not allowed on the beach itself.

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8. Playa des Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

As well as having some of the best resorts in Europe, the island is a gay welcoming destination. One of the top gay-friendly beaches in Ibiza is Playa des Cavallet. Perhaps, that’s because of its proximity to Ibiza Town, which has an international reputation for being strong on LGBT attractions. The coastline is peppered with gentle golden sandy beaches with a liberal attitude, and there are also many small secluded coves.

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9. Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Perhaps, you didn’t consider Israel to be one of the most gay-friendly destinations, but there’s a strong gay community in the country. In 2011, one famous gay website named Tel Aviv as the ‘Best Gay City 2011’. Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the Middle East. The beachfront is fabulous and there are some friendly beaches for gay, including Hilton Beach.

Which one of these gay-friendly beaches do you want to visit? Do you know any other gay-friendly beaches?