9 Best Surfing Spots on Earth


Asking a surfer to name the perfect wave is akin to asking a California beach bunny to name their favorite Beach Boys song – impossible.

Whether you’re a novice, just bought a board, or are a world champion surfer, this list of the world’s best surfing location is sure to fill your heart with equal parts joy and envy. Grab a pen and paper; it’s time to add these nine best surfing spots to your bucket list.

1. Surfing in Bundoran Beach, Ireland

Ireland is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places in the world. Here, jewel-green waters meet the kind of headlands and rock reefs that create a one-of-a-kind location.

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With cold water temps and an average of ten foot waves, Bundoran (located a few hours’ drive from Dublin, in County Doneal) is not for beginners. But for surfing vets, it’s a majestic locale.

2. Surfing in Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

A chain of 70 gorgeous islands off the coast of Sumatra, the Mentawai Islands are one of the most consistent surf spots on the globe.

Plan your visit during the peak summer season (early June through mid September) for the kind of experience you can’t get anywhere in the world. Novices should check out the Gilligan’s area.

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3. Surfing in Superbank, Gold Coast, Australia

There’s a reason Gold Coast, Australia is known as a surfer’s heaven. Forty-three and a half miles of beaches make up this surfing paradise, and Superbank is easily one of the world’s best breaks.

The large community of surfers on the beach makes this a must-see destination for any dedicated surfer.

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4. Surfing in Lima, Peru

With its somewhat rocky beaches and dull gray waters, you may not immediately think of Peru as a surfing hotspot. But with regular breaks in all sizes, from small to huge, Lima offers some of the best waves in South America.

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5. Surfing in Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

The granddaddy of all surf spots, Pipeline is hands-down the best place to surf in the United States. There’s a reason it ranks as the most well-known and sought after surfing destination in the world. But while Pipeline may be every surfer’s dream, it’s not for every surfer. With waves rising up close to 20 feet and a shallow base of razor sharp reefs, don’t even think about getting into the water unless you’re a seasoned pro.

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6. Sultans, Maldives

Like the rest of the Maldives, North Male is almost shockingly beautiful. Here, among luxury hotel rooms and breathtaking vistas, you’ll find the Sultans. Stretches of pristine sand give way to consistent and thrilling waves.

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7. J-Bay, South Africa

The Supertubes of Jeffreys Bay in South Africa is one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world. Intense point breaks and blue-flag beaches make this a must-surf spot. And if the incredibly high walls of water of Supertubes is a little out of your comfort zone, don’t worry. There are plenty of choices for all skill levels. Check out Boneyards, Kitchen Windows, and Magna Tubes.

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8. Surfing in Black Beach, San Diego, California

The perfect spot for pros and veteran surfers, Black Beach is home to some of the strongest currents and powerful breaks you’re likely to encounter. This is the best surf spot on the US mainland, and there’s a reason it gets crowded come Saturday morning.

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9. Surfing in White Beach, Okinawa, Japan

Home to the only sandbars in the region, White Beach is a stunning location for beginners and those looking to gain some surf experience. Once you’ve got some time under your belt, you can move on to some of the nearby reefs, like the world-famous Suicide Cliffs.

There are many wonderful surfing spots in the world, but these nine are among the best ones. What’s your favorite surfing spot? Share your thoughts, please.