10 Unique Places to Discover This Summer


I remember someone telling me that she was bored with the idea of returning to Hawaii for a conference – been there, done that, she said. I couldn’t fathom her reaction – who could resist the scenery of those islands no matter how many times they visited them? What she meant, though, was that she wanted something new, something beyond her imagination that would stay in her mind forever.

Traveling is always a journey into the unknown, for even when we plan it out, there can be twists and turns along the way. Finding locations so unusual we feel breathless when we see them is just what some parts of the world have to offer.

These ten destinations can only be called unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that reveal the astonishing diversity and the incredible creativity of places we can find on this earth of ours.

1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

In Kleven in the Ukraine there was a tramway that followed the same route over and over for many years. The shape of the rail car “trained” the trees into an arbor that in summer flourishes as a marvelous, wide, and vivid green tunnel.

This is a stunning route to walk, and it is popular with families, but perhaps most of all when used as a romantic setting. People can make wishes and if their love is true, legend says the wishes will come true.