27 Most Beautiful Beaches Worth Visiting


Are you looking for a list of the most beautiful beaches in the world to visit this year? You’ve come to the right place! I’m a huge fan of plages and I’m going to visit as many of the world’s playas as I can afford. If you are anything like me, check out my list of the most beautiful beaches worth visiting.

1. Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo del Sur, Cuba

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Playa Paraiso is truly a paradise with palm trees, catamarans on the pier, cozy bungalows, and coral reefs. Playa Paraiso, despite its unsurpassed beauty, is rarely crowded. Therefore, one of the best coasts with breathtakingly beautiful ocean views is perfect for secluded relaxation, especially for those who do not like crowded but prefer the most beautiful beaches.

The area of this breathtaking place is not very developed due to its remote location. However, there are some services and entertainment that attract many tourists from all over the planet. The diving center, museum, restaurant, bowling club, souvenir shops, marina, and fishing club greatly interest tourists.

Here is entertainment, where you can get many positive and joyful emotions. Diving and snorkeling are perhaps the most popular activities on Paraiso Beach. The breathtakingly beautiful underwater world, an incredible coral reef with steep walls, arches, and tunnels, arouses the most genuine interest among divers.

Those who prefer a quiet holiday can experience yachting, during which you can admire the rocky headlands and the beautiful views of this island. Boating will allow tourists to relax as much as possible and, at the same time, see the nearby surroundings.

When is the best time to visit Playa Paraiso?

For most of the year, the weather in this area is warm and sunny. However, the best time for a beautiful beach vacation is in August, as the warmest month is August.

2. Cala en Porter, Menorca Island, Spain

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Cala en Porter is one of the most beautiful beaches on Menorca Island in Spain. Despite its small size, it is very lively and popular: in the town you can find hotels, private apartments, and villas for every taste.

The plage is located in a small bay. Therefore, both the water and the sand in this place are very clean. The descent into the sea is gentle, with a gradually increasing depth, but be careful, as, in bad weather, strong waves are possible here, and the bay becomes dangerous for swimming. However, lifeguards are on duty on the beach; in case of adverse weather changes, they hang out red flags.

You are welcome to visit Cova D’En Xoroi – ancient caves that enterprising Spaniards turned into a restaurant on the slope of a cliff. Come here to get one of the most breathtaking unforgettable moments, seeing off the sun to the music. In addition, there are also several bars on the Cala en Porter beach, a playground for children, and a volleyball net.

When is the best time to visit Cala en Porter?

The best time for an unforgettable holiday in Cala en Porter is the warm season from July to September.

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3. Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay is a charming bay on the uninhabited island of Phi Phi Le located in the Andaman Sea in the Krabi province of the Kingdom of Thailand. Maya Bay became famous all over the world in 2000 since it was here that the movie “The Beach” was filmed with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role.

Visitors from other islands come here to feel the unique atmosphere of this one of the best beaches in the world. Azure water and silky white sand, surrounded on three sides by high cliffs and tropical plants, bright fish, and underwater boulders covered with corals, justify the best coast title.

Daily, dozens of boats, boats, and ferries bring about five thousand tourists here for snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming. The infrastructure is poorly developed, but enough for a day trip. In rare periods of calm, you can see the beauty of this paradise, hear the rustle of the waves, admire the sunset, and watch tropical fish frolicking in shallow water from the coastal cape.

When is the best period to visit Maya Bay?

The high season in Maya Bay lasts from November to April.

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4. Anse Lazio, Seychelles

According to versions of various authoritative publications, Anse Lazio gets into the list of ten of the top beaches in the world! Turquoise water, in which every fish is visible, palm trees casting a striped shadow on golden sand, and giant polished boulders – this is how the perfect place looks on Praslin Island.

The best beach in the world is located in a closed bay, thanks to which the water is almost always calm. Therefore, Anse Lazio is the best vacation destination for families with children who plan to travel to Seychelles. The waters here are great for kids of all ages to swim in.

This fascinating place, worth a visit, offers great opportunities for outdoor activities. Snorkeling on Anse Lazio is perhaps the best in the Seychelles thanks to beautifully framed granite rocks, and this dream paradise has soft white sand gently lapped with calm, crystal clear waters and a soft sea shelf that is perfect for casual swimming as well.

There are also several restaurants and shops, and sometimes a lifeguard is on duty. Overlooking the picturesque and pretty ocean, Anse Lazio has some spectacular sunsets that only help to call it the most beautiful beach.

When is the best time to visit Anse Lazio, Seychelles?

It is best to go to Seychelles in April-May or September-October since at this time there is no rain, it is calm and not so hot. Therefore, it is ideal weather for a fascinating vacation.

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5. Ka’anapali Beach, Hawaii

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Hawaii has plenty of long sandy beaches, but Ka’anapali Beach is one of the most beautiful ones in the world! It’s a three-mile-long coast on the western shore of Maui and is home to world-class hotels, resorts, and luxury condos. Fringed by the sparkling blue ocean and backed by lush gardens, this is a true Hawaiian playground!

Too large and powerful waves rarely form on the Kaanapali coast due to the proximity to Maui of other Hawaiian islands, which serve as a kind of barrier shield for it. Therefore, here you can safely relax even with small children. Considerable shallow water near the coast also contributes to this.

The prominent rocky peninsula Black Rock is an amazing snorkeling spot at the north end of the beach. The perfect combination of endless white sand and excellent ocean conditions make snorkeling Black Rock at Kaanapali the absolute beach experience. I’m sure Ka’anapali Beach will become one of your favorite places in all of Hawaii.

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6. Tuerredda, Italy

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Tuerredda is one of the most beautiful beaches in southwestern Sardinia. From its natural charm – crystal clear water, fine golden sand, Mediterranean aromas – it simply takes your breath away. In addition, the Blue Flag, a quality mark, confirmed the purity of the sea.

The seashore is well protected from the winds. The sea here is almost always calm and clean. It is ideal for extended snorkeling or swimming. Tuerredda is considered one of the best dive sites in Sardinia. Moreover, kayaking and yachting are no less popular at this perfect vacation destination.

The rich emerald color of the sea and the lush vegetation surrounding the thin golden strip of soft sand will make you fall in love with this beautiful place at first sight! Furthermore, the main decoration of the seascape is a small island located a few hundred meters from the coast. All this justifies the title of the most beautiful beaches not only in Italy but in the whole world as well.

When is the best time to visit Tuerredda, Sardinia?

The period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting one of the greatest places in Italy in terms of climate.

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7. Boulders Beach, South Africa

In fact, penguins can be found not only somewhere in Antarctica. A huge population of these funny birds settled on Boulders Beach near Cape Town. Moreover, white sand, the radiance of the water under the African sun, and huge rocks make incredibly picturesque beach views.

There are special wooden decks in one of the most beautiful beaches to watch penguins, but getting close to the birds is forbidden. Birds will perch on boulders, build nests, shed feathers, eat, and dive into the calm waters just meters away. However, if you go a little further, making your way through the stones, you will find yourself on Foxy Beach, where it is even possible to swim with the penguins.

In these parts, penguins appeared relatively recently – in 1982, when only one pair of birds swam to the shore. However, in a matter of years, the penguin population has increased almost a thousand times and today exceeds 3,000 individuals, thanks to favorable living conditions.

When is the best time to visit Boulders Beach?

The most comfortable time to visit Boulders Beach is during the period when it is winter in South Africa – from the middle of our spring to the beginning of autumn.

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8. Cayo Coco, Cuba

Here, nature is rich and almost untouched by man because Cayo Coco is a carefully protected nature reserve. The island has more than 26 km of coast. This island’s beautiful beaches are very popular among diving fans: the largest coral reef in the region is located very close. The plages of Cayo Coco are situated in the northern part of the island, so picturesque sunrise views are always open from here.

Playa Los Flamencos is one of the best beaches on the island. Here you can always see pink flamingos at any time of the year. If you plan to experience snorkeling or diving, go to Playa Las Coloradas, where the sand resembles powdered sugar, and the bottom under the blue water is strewn with starfish.

Playa Prohibida is another beautiful place, worth visiting, and is one of the best destinations for a secluded and relaxing holiday with beloved people. Any construction and any disturbance of the ecosystem is prohibited in this place. Nature has been preserved in the form it has existed here for thousands of years. All this saves spectacular beach views.

When is the best time to visit Cayo Coco?

April and November are the most comfortable months for an unforgettable vacation when there are not too many tourists and the heat can be endured.

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9. El Nido, Philippines

El Nido is rightfully considered the real pearl of Palawan. El Nido is a nature reserve consisting of an island with lovely bays, majestic cliffs, white paradise, beautiful beaches, secret lagoons, clear turquoise waters, and a beautiful underwater world.

The main attractions of El Nido are magnificent beautiful beaches with white sand and azure water, colorful houses surrounded by cliffs, an art cafe, which always lines up, and a marine reserve. It should be noted that the plages of El Nido are especially famous for the richness of flora and fauna. Large coral aggregations, unique tropical fish, and exotic birds are a real pleasure for guests of its breathtaking coasts. The most famous are Marimegmeg Beach, Yoga Beach, Corong Beach, and Lapus Beach.

Moreover, this region is an excellent place for practicing various water sports. Forty-five islands surrounded by the sea are the best choice for an active and exciting holiday.

You should definitely go on a boat tour to explore the surroundings of Palawan Island, admire the unique, absolutely alien rocks, waterfalls, and caves and observe the life of marine life. In addition, El Nido is a paradise for snorkelers and divers. For an additional fee, tourists and guests of the Philippines in El Nido can get acquainted with various types of amazing sea turtles, 3 of which are listed in the Red Book.

When is the best time to visit El Nido?

The Winter months are the most comfortable for visiting this beautiful tourist destination of El Nido.

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10. Kaputas, Turkey

Kaputas is a small, narrow and incredibly beautiful beach in Turkey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea sandwiched between rocks. Kaputas is not at all like the other beaches of Turkey.

Few people want to get that far, so on Kaputas beach, no one will stop you from enjoying the fantastic color of the water and pleasant small pebbles that look just like golden sand but keep the water clear.

People come here for a relaxing holiday. Therefore, it is best to sunbathe, swim in the amazingly clear sea, and admire picturesque landscapes. Some people even say it is possible to see the neighboring Greek island from the shore.

When is the best time to go to Kaputas, Turkey?

The water in the Turkish Riviera is comfortable for swimming from about mid-May to the end of September. Velvet season lasts from October to mid-November.

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11. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Here on Harbor Island is perhaps one of the most romantic places in the world is Pink Sands Beach. A fabulously beautiful place, worth visiting, with a pink coastline and rich azure water looks fantastic.

The pink sand beach in the Bahamas is considered one of the cleanest in the world. Numerous palm trees framing the coast keep this tourist destination excellent. This creates comfortable conditions for relaxing and walking even on the hottest days. Elastic sand is ideal for sunbathing, running, and a pleasant, relaxed holiday. Coral reefs protect coastal waters from the surf of ocean waves, thanks to which the conditions for swimming are excellent, and the water is always warm.

One of the most beautiful tourist traps is suitable not only for a relaxing holiday but also for sports entertainment. Fans of scuba diving and deep-sea fishing have long chosen it. A gorgeous coral reef runs next to the beach.

When is the best time to visit Pink Sands Beach?

The ocean is warm and calm all year round, but the best time to visit this fascinating place is from December to May.

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12. Navagio Bay, Greece

The most famous place on Zakynthos is the picturesque Navagio Bay. It is located northwest of the island, on the side of rocky steps and cliffs. Undoubtedly, the bay and beach of Navajo are the most amazing and beautiful corners of the world.

From the land, this magical place is surrounded by a semicircular sheer wall of rocks, so you can only get there by boat. The white sand of the beach blinds the eyes. The water, saturated with limestone deposits, is crystal clear and turquoise-beautiful.

But the main “jewel” of this lost place is a real ship’s dilapidated, rusty skeleton. Many years ago, carrying smuggled goods evaded the persecution of the Greek police and ran aground. At first, the authorities intended to “deport” the ship and restore the natural harmony of the bay, but over time, it was she who began to attract tourists and photographers from all over the world.

The stunning beauty of the landscape, the seashore unattainable from the shore, and the wrecked pirate ship attracts the special attention of tourists to this one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

When is the best time to visit Navagio Bay, Zakynthos?

The most suitable time for visiting Navagio Bay is from late May to early October.

13. Hidden Beach, Marietas Islands, Mexico 

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Hidden Beach is the most beautiful one, hidden right inside the rocks on a desert island. This amazing lost plage seems to be an ideal place for the solitude of lovers, and it was not for nothing that it was originally called the Playa de Amor.

The Hidden beach of Marietas Island in Mexico can genuinely be considered one of the man-made wonders of the world and a place for all lovers. In a perfect beam of light falling through a round hole in the rock, the water off the coast of Mexico’s Love Beach shimmers with all shades of turquoise. Stone walls protect the secluded corner from the wind, so the waves here are quiet, and the water is always transparent.

As a rule, such breathtakingly beautiful tourist traps are perfect for calm relaxation and being in harmony with nature. Therefore, fishing, hunting, and any other human activity are strictly prohibited on the island, except for contemplating the beauty of the fantastic surroundings. Moreover, many interesting species of fauna are here, such as humpback whales, graceful dolphins, giant turtles, octopuses, and large manta rays.

When is the best time to visit Hidden Beach, Marietas Islands, Mexico?

The weather on the island is equally hot all year round, but winter is considered the best time to visit it due to the purest water, and whales come here in winter, which is an incomparable pleasure to watch.

14. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

This magical tourist destination is world famous for its crystal clear white sand. You can fully appreciate the beauty of the long snow-white seashore only from a bird’s eye view; a view from a height allows you to notice another exciting feature. Whitehaven Beach is shallow and is a unique combination of white dunes and azure backwaters.

The best plage, Whitehaven Beach, provides tourists from all over the world with great opportunities to diversify their vacation with a lot of exciting entertainment. There, you can order a yacht trip, swim in a kayak, or wander along the most beautiful beach in the world, relaxing and enjoying the indescribable beauty. You can also fly on a hydroplane on the island. The contrasts of water and sand drawn by nature are especially visible from the air.

On the flagship island of Whitsunday, like most others, there are national parks, so there are no hotels here, and tourists come on an excursion. By evening, this breathtaking area is empty, but if you don’t want to part with it, you can spend the night in a tent under the stars.

When is the best time to visit Whitehaven Beach?

May and September are the best beach months with cloudless skies and not too active sun.

15. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands

Grace Bay Beach is also considered one of the best beaches in the world. Eternal summer, a quiet and calm atmosphere, and an ideal climate reign here. The incredibly beautiful beach is famous for its natural beauty, upscale establishments, colossal size, and impeccable cleanliness.

Here is everything for comfortable beach rest. At any time, vacationers can go to one of the nearby restaurants, where they can taste the Caribbean and continental cuisine. In addition, bars, private clubs, and food stalls work here. The choice of pleasant places to relax is extensive.

Excellent opportunities for outdoor activities will make your tropical vacation exciting and give you unforgettable memories. Grace Bay is a perfect place for diving, as coastal waters hide miles of vibrant coral reefs where divers encounter lobsters and turtles. Right from the kayak, you can watch shy fish and stingrays through the calm, clear waters. Another way to have fun on the island is to learn to surf.

However, if you prefer a quiet vacation, this beautiful place has plenty of nooks and crannies for sunbathing on comfortable sunbeds or relaxing with friends. In addition, its forests and park areas are ideal for picnics and to save from the summer heat. Sea and land excursions are also available. The beach is loved by travelers with children, as the coast is very calm.

When is the best time to visit Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands?

The archipelago enjoys a tropical climate with minimal weather changes throughout the year. So you can relax in this one of the most beautiful beaches all year round!

16. Anse Intendance, Seychelles

Anse Intendance is one of Seychelles’ most famous and incredible beaches, wild and impressive in the far southwest of Mahe and yet stunningly beautiful, with white powdery sand.

There are no reefs here, so the waves are much bigger than most other breathtakingly beautiful beaches around the island. As a result, it makes swimming dangerous for most visitors. Therefore, it is better for families with children to choose another one. However, Anse Intendance is the perfect place to surf. The necessary equipment should be taken with you, as there are no rental shops nearby. In addition, diving and snorkeling are also available, but still, be careful.

A beautiful white sandy beach combined with dense mountain vegetation, turquoise waters, and imposing granite formations create the backdrop for relaxing with a book. In addition, this perfect vacation destination is always great for sunbathing, and the numerous palm trees protect you from the sun. While it’s not always possible to swim here, this beautiful beach offers everything you’d expect from a beach vacation. During the months when you can’t swim, the bay is the perfect place for a romantic picnic on the incredible sand and a great place to enjoy picturesque beach views and the sunset over the ocean.

When is the best time to visit Anse Intendance?

The best time for a beach vacation in Anse Intendance is October and November, as well as the period from February to May.

17. South Beach, Miami, USA

Located on the southeast coast of the United States in the state of Florida and is considered the main party area of Miami and the most beautiful beach. So if you want to spend your vacation noisily, enjoying the sand and the sea and participating in the city’s nightlife, then you should spend your best vacation in South Beach.

This one of the best beaches is known not only for its magnificent beauty but also for the amazing atmosphere that is unique to this American resort. Glitter of glamor, live music of world celebrities. Many clubs have guest lists and velvet ropes. South Beach is replete with clubs to suit all tastes and budgets, with clubs for the rich, the famous, those seeking popularity, and those who don’t like prying eyes.

You will never feel bored there, as this is the most incredible beach in the world and offers visitors all kinds of water activities. You can rent a boat, jet ski or pleasure yacht, surf, parachute, play volleyball, frisbee, and other active games. In addition, there are special children’s towns with rope rides, inflatable slides, and trampolines.

When is the best time to visit South Beach?

South Beach is well for visiting all year round, but the ideal periods are October-December and March.

18. Zambujeira Beach, Portugal

The western coast of Portugal has some charming seashores, which are not so frequented by tourists. Zambujeira Beach deserves to be one of the most beautiful beaches worth visiting. With golden sand and craggy rocks, Zambujeira offers the tourist an opportunity to explore authentic Portugal.

In August, when a series of festivals and fairs begin, this area comes to life. On the first Thursday of the month, the international festival Festa do Sudoeste opens. During the four-day musical marathon, rock bands from all over the world perform non-stop with the support of famous DJs. However, lovers of an active holiday are also attracted here by the rugged nature of the crystal clear waters of the beautiful coast.

If you crave pretty tourist destinations, Zambujeira Beach is right for you! It is a place where you can relax, unwind, see the breathtaking views, eat fantastic food, and have a great time with your partner, family, or friends.

When is the best time to visit Zambujeira Beach?

The beach season there lasts from early June to September.

19. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

Known in the Maori language as Te Whanganui-A-Hei, Cathedral Cove is among the most beautiful spots in the Coromandel Peninsula. The sparkling blue ocean, soft sand, and Te Hono Rock make this place one of the most beautiful places worth visiting. Being very popular with tourists, it receives more than 150,000 visitors annually.

The cove is unique, and the best beaches, cliffs, and rocks surrounding it are picturesque. The hiking is exciting and a great combination of uphill and down, making it a great exercise without being too stressful!

It’s the perfect spot for picnics, sunbathing, and kayaking, with excursions that take you along the spectacular coastline. There are also boat trips to join, and you can see wildlife such as fur seals, killer whales, dolphins, blue penguins, boobies, and more. You can opt for a picnic in the Golden Sands of this bay while enjoying the sea breeze and watching the waves.

When is the best time for visiting Cathedral Cove?

The most comfortable period for vacation is from December till March.

20. Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Being renowned for its 4 kilometers long stretch of white sandy beach, Copacabana Beach is one of the most popular and incredibly beautiful beaches in the world. At both ends of the coast are majestically located two historical forts. Although it’s incredibly built up and extremely busy on sunny days, it’s a great vacation destination to enjoy the infinite views of the ocean!

A short walk will take you and your family or friends to one of the best shopping centers in Rio de Janeiro, many fashion and jewelry shops, movie and play theaters, great restaurants, and fabulous nightclubs. Enjoy watching a performance at the fantastic Municipal Theater, which features impressive architecture and a great classical program.

This one of the best vacation destinations in the world is the center of parties, a reflection of the spirit of Brazilian culture – bright, positive, and incendiary. Thousands of sunbathers gather here every day. Life in the coast area is in full swing throughout the year. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy surfing. Volleyball and football matches are regularly held on the beach. In addition, you can always go on a boat trip. Moreover, all carnival processions, masquerades, concerts, and fireworks in Rio take place in Copacabana.

When is the best time to visit Copacabana Beach?

The best time to visit this tourist trap is spring and autumn. During this period, mild and dry weather prevails here.

21. Pasikuda Beach, Sri Lanka

Having one of the most extended stretches of shallow coastline in the globe, Pasikuda Beach is situated on the central-eastern coast of Sri Lanka. However, the number of tourists has declined due to the Sri Lankan Civil War and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. But today, tourists are returning to this area to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fun activities.

Pasikuda is ideal for lovers of a relaxing holiday, including a romantic or family holiday with children. There is no noisy nightlife here but beautiful beach views and comfortable conditions for swimming in the pretty ocean.

Among the most popular activities are surfing and scuba diving. Pasikuda beach is especially great for beginners in water surfing. Pulling off excellent techniques, surfing the waves, jumping high off the wave, and spinning in the air are amazing. The most beautiful beach in the world is simply an awesome place to spend your vacation!

When is the best time to visit Pasikuda?

The high and most favorable season for relaxing on Pasikuda Beach is from May to September.

22. San Sebastian, Spain

When it comes to the beautiful beaches of Spain, the pueblos Blancos of the Costas perhaps come to mind. But there are some breathtaking coasts in Northern Spain, including San Sebastian in the Basque Country. Situated on the Bay of Biscay, San Sebastian has a mild climate all year round and boasts some of the nicest beaches in the world and a great city backdrop of historic buildings.

La Concha Beach is the largest and most central of San Sebastian’s beaches. It has a few modern facilities like underground parking and is a perfect destination for swimming or jogging. Right on the shore is the spa la Perla, which offers health and beauty treatments. This is a popular place for a measured family vacation, as there are often waves here, and then surfers come to this vacation destination.

Although Ondarreta Beach is smaller than La Concha Beach, it offers the same facilities, including canoe rentals and underground parking. This is a popular place for a measured family vacation, as there are often waves here, and then surfers come to this coast. San Sebastian is an amazing place to enjoy the fascinating holiday you have always dreamed of!

When is the best time for a vacation in San Sebastian?

It is best to spend unforgettable days of your vacation from May to October.

23. Eagle Beach, Aruba

With its unique and beautiful fofoti trees growing out of the soft sand, Eagle Beach is one of the best ones in the world worth visiting. Located in the capital city of Aruba, Oranjestad, Eagle Beach offers clear and sparkling turquoise water, shaded picnic areas, ample parking, some huts, and a great variety of motorized water sports.

All beach tennis fanatics play games on the white sands of one of the gorgeous beaches during the weekends. It’s fun to watch or participate in this famous local sport. In addition, exotic underwater excursions, windsurfing, diving, and cool sand are available all year round on this one of the best beaches.

You are welcome to visit this one of the most beautiful tourist traps in the world and see with your own eyes high waves, clean beaches, and turtles that come here to leave their offspring. Also, Eagle Beach is one of the two Aruba beaches that allow nudity. Would you like nude bathing? Book a ticket!

When is the best time to visit Eagle Beach?

You can visit this beautiful place at almost any time of the year. But there is little rainfall on the island, mostly falling in October and November.

24. Kata Beach, Thailand

Photo credit: pinterest.com

A sweeping stretch of pearl white sand backed by avenues of towering lush palms, Kata Beach is located on the southwestern side of the great Thai resort of Phuket. This is one of the best family-friendly areas of Phuket, with shops and restaurants and a less vibrant nightlife than some other areas.

Kata is split into two focal areas. Kata South is home to several good resorts and is more suitable for a relaxing romantic getaway and families with children.

Kata Centre is located at the northern end, closer to Karon. The area is lively and noisy. Young people and surfers of all ages come here.

When is the best time to visit Kata Beach?

Throughout the year, Kata Beach is equally hot. From October to May there is dry, hot weather, this is the best period for relaxing in this seashore. The rainy season is from May until the end of October, and the winds rise, creating excellent waves. Therefore, the coast becomes one of the best beaches for surfers from all over the world.

25. Matira Beach, Tahiti

Tahiti boasts miles and miles of coasts, which are equally gorgeous, but many are privately owned – either by individuals, hotels, or resorts. Matira Beach is one of the best public seashores worth visiting. With super soft sands and swaying palm trees, Matira Beach is a small piece of heaven right here on earth. Warm and clear water, azure coast, and soft sand attract tourists from all over the world.

Matira Beach offers safe swimming and easy snorkeling in sheltered waters, all within a short walking distance of some 4 and 5-star hotels. This seashore also offers excellent facilities for kayaking, waterskiing, and diving. The nearby roadside amenities include great snack bars, excellent restaurants, and wonderful boutique shops. All this makes this beautiful beach a perfect place to relax.

Dangerous at first glance, shark feeding is also very popular here. Sharks approach the boat, but some of them stay away. It is recommended for those who want to get a thrill. Moreover, anglers from all over the world come to this one of the best beaches, as ocean fishing is not comparable to conventional fishing. Everything is different here: the rough sea, the freshness of the salty sea wind, and magnificent landscapes.

When is the best time to visit Matira Beach?

Any time of the year except local summer (from December to February) is comfortable to visit this most spectacular place. June to October is a season with high temperatures and no heavy rains.

26. Trunk Bay, Saint John

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Being named by the National Geographic Society as the world’s best beach in the world, Trunk Bay is a stunning beach worth visiting. Situated in the Virgin Islands National Park on the island of Saint John, Trunk Bay’s silky coral sands and clear, warm waters attract tourists from all over the world.

Trunk Bay has the most convenient and modern facilities and receives many visitors annually. It’s a gorgeous coast, with fabulous soft white sand extending into the sea and crystal clear turquoise blue water. Plus, the panoramic beach views are so picture-perfect!

Moreover, it is one of the greatest destinations for snorkeling. Almost two hundred meters of underwater routes attract many tourists. The trail consists of a series of underwater attractions with signs giving information on underwater features and identifying some flora and fauna typical to this coral reef. According to experienced divers, here you can see about 30 varieties of fish in just half an hour of being underwater.

When is the best time to visit Trunk Bay?

You are welcome to visit Trunk Bay in any season. But take into consideration that it rains a little more often in autumn.

27. Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Zlatni Rat is one of the most famous ones in Europe and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia. Surrounded by pine trees, Zlatni Rat is considered one of the best beaches in Europe. Located on the southern coast of the island of Brac, near the city of Bol, Zlatni Rat is a narrow white pebble seashore. The fantastic shape of this beautiful beach shifts with the changes in wind, tide, and currents.

Zlatni Rat is bordered by a pine tree grove where you will find some remnants of Roman villa rustica. There are several luxurious restaurants along the coast. The resort itself houses the island’s largest discotheque.

For lovers of active leisure, there are many offers and services. Near the coast, several centers provide you with equipment for kitesurfing and windsurfing, as well as the services of professional instructors for teaching these sports. Tennis and volleyball are popular activities on the beach. You can also find a dive center that offers training services and diving excursions. In addition, parasailing is also possible.

Undoubtedly, Zlatni Rat beach is one of the most beautiful beaches with entertainment for all tastes. Therefore, everyone should visit this best destination in the world at least once!

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about the most beautiful beaches worth visiting:

When is the best time to visit Zlatni Rat?

The best time for a holiday there is in summer. However, if you want to see the sights of this country rich in historical events, it is better to choose tours in spring or autumn because of comfortable weather conditions and not a huge amount of tourists.

What is the most beautiful beach to visit?

The purest turquoise water and vanilla sand, which acquires a pink tint under certain conditions, are the key to a romantic and beautiful holiday. The beach has such an unusual color due to small particles of pink corals and shells.

What is the #1 beach in the USA?

Kaunaoa is considered one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the United States thanks to its snow-white sand, which covers the entire long coast, calm turquoise waters of the ocean, and emerald palm trees.

Which beach has the clearest water?

Bora Bora Island’s coasts in French Polynesia have the clearest water. The water off the coast of the island is so transparent that you can watch the stingrays and, if you’re lucky, see the sea devil himself.

Which island has the best beaches?

Providenciales Island in the Atlantic Ocean has the best beaches, where all conditions for a comfortable stay are created. This is also the best place for fans of water sports, diving, and snorkeling.

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