7 Things Thrill Seekers Should Try in Australia


Some people are keen to live a simple, quiet life. Chilling on the porch swing, participating once in a while in a car sweepstakes, and basically going through life without even tapping into their adrenaline reserves.

Then you have those who are the exact opposite – the risk takers who hunger for a bigger and bolder rush. If you consider yourself the latter, you have to check out Australia. More than just the Land Down Under, Oz is for those who seek thrill after thrill.

1. Skydiving

Throughout Australia, there are skydiving experiences that are known as some of the world’s best. If you never did skydiving, the tandem experiences are wicked fun. 14,000 feet from a plane, over a vast land and ocean.

It is the ultimate thrill, and for those who love looking out airplane windows, the panorama is so much more intense. Opt to have pictures taken or video shot so you can look back fondly on the day you screamed for as long as you plummeted. Kidding.

2. Bungee jumping

There are some unfathomably frightening bungee jumping locations in Australia. One of them is in the Cairns of Queensland. It was the first bungee jumping site in Australia and come with a 50-meter platform overlooking breathtaking scenery. You can choose from 16 different jumping styles, meaning your descent will vary. There are also sites in Brisbane.

Of course, I recommend the one in Cairn for the full-service bar. Getting a shot of courage or two might make the leap of faith a bit more exhilarating!

3. White water rafting

Rather than a leap of faith, how about a plunge? There are rivers and gorges in Australia that have some rather intense rapids to tackle. One of the most remarkable is the Franklin River’s 8-10 day voyage through Tasmania. During this time, you see undisturbed wildlife, camp by the river, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

It may seem more relaxed than a one day, hair-raising romp down a raging river, but for first-timers to the adventurous types, there are sections of the Franklin River that offer a challenge.

Some sections are classified as Grade 4, meaning you need expert maneuvering and command of the raft if you want to make it out without capsizing. Do not forget the life jacket!

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4. Top gun pilot experience

Australia might just be the highway to the danger zone. While the price tag on some of the missions may give you a heart attack before you ever strap into the bird, if you have the money, then there is no reason not to give this experience a try.

Imagine high-speed flight around the stunning Port Macquarie coastline, whizzing through flips and other tricks. Jet Fighter is fully licensed and is operated by actual jet pilots. So, while you may be scared out of your mind, you are completely safe.

5. Flyboarding

So, if you are like me and have watched a danged hoverboard ever since watching Back to the Future II, then you need to try flyboarding. While it is still nowhere near the awesomeness of McFly’s borrowed hoverboard, flyboarding is catching air as one of the newest extreme sports.

Water is sucked up into a pressure system then ejected out of a pair of boots strapped to your feet, rocketing you up to nearly 15-meters into the air. Check out flyboarding if you are near St. Kilda in Melbourne, where it is very popular.

6. Diving with sharks and crocodiles

How does cage diving with sharks or getting cozy with crocs sound? You may be no Crocodile Hunter, but these two experiences in Australia are a thing of beauty. At Port Lincoln in South Australia, off the coast of Neptune Island, the waters are highly populated with great white sharks and other species.

You can strap out an air tank and descend into the ocean waters to face the fears you have carried ever since watching Jaws. If sharks are too terrifying, consider heading to Crocosaurus Cove, where you can get within inches of a 5.5-meter long crocodile (from behind the safety of acrylic glass) or spend 15 minutes in a cage during feeding time.

7. Ziplining

If the Great Ocean Road is on your itinerary, then add ziplining as a pitstop. The Otway Fly, located in Otway Ranges, sends you flying through some of the tallest trees in the Victoria region.

These prehistoric trees and ferns shoot up to around 30-meters in height. This eco-tour is completely safe but by no means boring. You move throughout “cloud stations,” tackle suspension bridges, then strap on your harness to rocket through the greenery. But yes, it is a long, long way down to the forest floor.

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If you need a vacation stocked with thrills and chills, Australia is going to satisfy your need for adrenaline thoroughly. There are way more experiences out there than just what is on this list.

But for those needing a reason to go, these ideas will definitely put a fire in your belly. Just remember to budget well so you can hit all of these experiences without stressing over something far more perilous – finances!