5 Biggest Cities in the US in 2017


Curious to know which cities in the United States have the most people? There are certainly a great number of places teeming with people, but the top five have reached that point for a reason. Though the cities that appear may not come as a surprise, the sheer volume of people living there just might. Here are the five biggest cities in the US as of 2017.

1. New York City, NY

Population: Around 8,550,450 people (in 2016 it was only 8,174,959 people). It is believed NYC will reach a population of over 9 million by the year 2040. An eye-popping 20.2 million people live in the NY-NJ-PA metropolitan area.

Nicknames: The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Capital of the World, The Empire City.

The fact that NYC is number 1 is no surprise, right? New York City is actually so large in size that it is twice as large as Los Angeles, CA (and LA, as you will soon see, is ginormous). Millions, if not billions, of people live, work, and travel to NYC and its various boroughs throughout the year.

Not only is the city a global power in its own right, it holds several components of international historical benefit, finances, as well as educational fronts in media, fashion, and technology. Now, for the shocker. The median listing price for a home in NYC is US$849.000.

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