10 Fantastic Reasons to Visit Thailand


Thailand is a popular holiday destination to Europeans. In North America, the idea of heading to Thailand for a vacation hasn’t caught on yet. It should, though. Thailand is one of the best ways that you could experience Asia.

If you’re curious, here are 10 reasons Thailand should be on your shortlist.

1. Thai beaches

Thailand gets millions of visitors each year. Yet, it has some of the most unspoiled beaches in the world. The sight of the powdery white sands of Thailand’s beaches running up to the emerald waters is likely to make up for you some of the most beautiful memories that you will ever have.

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These beaches don’t back out on thick, urban chaos, either. More often than not, you’re likely to see even more nature – dense, tropical forests abundant in wildlife. Much of your time in Thailand, though, will usually be taken up simply soaking in the beauty of the beaches.

2. The cultural attractions

From temples and palaces to museums and traditional shows, Thailand is a cultural paradise. One of their first places that you should head to is the King’s 150-year-old residence, the Grand Palace of 1782. With dazzling architecture and spectacularly landscaped grounds, it’s a must-see.

3. Everything’s affordable in Thailand

Taking a taxi in New York City costs approximately $3 a mile. In Thailand, it costs around 30 cents. A 3-course Thai meal at a midrange restaurant costs $10, and a bottle of imported beer costs $1.50. If you want to shop, the prices are usually a pleasant surprise to anyone coming in from the West. Thailand is nothing if not affordable.

4. Thailand has some of the best food you’re ever likely to taste

In Thailand, the spectacular flavors of the local cuisine are everywhere. The streets swirl with a fantastic bouquet of the country’s complex cuisine, day or night. By the time you’re ready to return home, you will likely be hooked to a half-dozen flavors that you never imagined possible.

5. The nightlife

In Thailand’s cities, the nightlife starts in the afternoon. Sunset cocktails at rooftop skyscraper restaurants are a popular way to get an evening going. Nightspots, streets full of clubs and beach parties are all part of Thailand’s vigorous night scene. For anyone who’s into the sleaze of Thailand’s red-light district, those are a big part of the city’s nightlife, too.

6. Thai massages

While the average cheap massage in North America can cost $25 and up, an hour-long session in most Thai parlors doesn’t exceed $6. From the traditional Thai massage technique to foot massages and reflexology sessions, Thailand is a massage heaven. You simply need to make sure that the place you choose is a legitimate massage parlor.

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7. Thai culture is pure

Most Asian countries have been colonized at some point, and their culture shows the effects. Thailand is the exception. Having never been colonized, its cultural practices have been allowed to remain intact. For backpackers, then, Thailand is an opportunity to truly experience far Eastern culture in a way that they can never do elsewhere.

8. The jungle treks

For nature lovers and enthusiasts of adventure sports, the jungles of Thailand are inviting places. Many of Thailand’s jungles are in its national parks. You get to visit them and camp overnight. The dense jungles outside the national parks offer a spectacular set of activities – zip lining, elephant safaris and river rafting.

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9. The people are friendly

While petty crime and corruption are certainly major problems in Thai society, the average Thai citizen in this tourist haven tends to be welcoming of guests. With a few Thai phrases handy, you should easily be able to communicate anything you may need.

10. The canal tours

Bangkok is often called the Venice of the East – its klongs (canals) make their way through the entire city. You can see most of Bangkok by canoe. The Bangkok that you get to see on a canal tour is nothing like the parts that tourists usually see. Rather, it’s quiet, old-world and traditional.

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Many people do consider Thailand as a possible holiday destination, but they give up, assuming that one needs weeks to experience the country properly. While Thailand certainly does offer plenty to justify extended stays, there’s a lot you can see in under a week. There’s something in Thailand for every kind of visitor. Do you have other reasons to visit amazing Thailand?