I Am in Love with Perth, Australia


Though I had been eyeing Australia as a travel destination for some time, it never seemed doable. Western Australia was an unknown location. A true frontier. Then, I had the chance to head to Perth for a month, and despite some initial reservations about heading to Australia, I am honestly in love with this country.

1. Weather

Ever since I got off the plane at the end of April to now (the beginning of May), there has not been one bad day for weather. Though Perth has technically entered its “autumn,” the temperature is a steady 20-25 degrees Celsius (70-80 degrees Fahrenheit).

There is boundless sunshine, low to zero levels of humidity, green grass, clear water, and a gentle breeze – especially by Elizabeth Quay. Being someone who cannot tolerate a lot of humidity, waking up every day here is like paradise.

This is the kind of weather retirees seek out to spend the rest of their days basking in. This is the kind of weather that creates the illusion of endless spring and early summer.

2. Perth culture

Perth, especially the downtown area, is a melting pot of cultures that all emanate an overtone of Western Australia pride. You will find a large Asian community in Perth, mainly due to the gathering of youth that comes for college and working holidays.

However, the community is very international. No matter where you find yourself, you will hear a multitude of languages from around the world. Over that wave is the sound of someone strumming their guitar or a didgeridoo.

Also, there is the Perth Cultural Center, a collection of museums with free admission, a fabulous library, and some outdoor cafes that have free events. It is a hub of green space and laughter.

I spent a lot of time there, just enjoying this centralized hub and people-watching. Highly recommended, especially if you like perusing the free art galleries and need reliable, fast Wi-Fi.

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3. Fascinating beaches

Being that I am originally from South Jersey, America and spent many summers in Florida, I lived most of my young life on a beach. I thought I had seen the height of beaches. I was wrong.

The beaches around Perth are just… wow. Scarborough was my favorite out of all the ones I saw, and also one of the easiest to get to since there is a direct bus to the location. But there are way more.

4. Experience

Overall, Perth is not for partiers (which I am not), nor is it for those who get bored rapidly. Rather, Perth is for those who want to slow down and enjoy life on a day-to-day basis by laying in the green grass, feeding the pigeons, taking a walk along Swan River, or meeting up with friends for a drink in the evening. There is free Wi-Fi in the city center, too, which makes staying connection people easy, even when you do not have a phone.

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Though Perth does have some flaws, like being more expensive than some places, you will not mind spending a little extra money to see the sights and nearby adventures, like Rottnest or Penguin Island. But if you seek relaxation, endless blue skies, and friendly people, Perth is a destination you do not want to miss.