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20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

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Do you know which are the most peaceful countries in the world? Since 2007 each year, the Global Peace Index has been issued by the IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) and is a measurement of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness based on external and internal measures. Although it seems like the world is becoming more cruel, according to the Global Peace Index there are 20 most peaceful countries in the world.

1. Denmark


Denmark tops the list of the most peaceful countries on Earth since it’s really a safe place to live. Even while Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, was under occupation by the Nazis during the World War II, it still did not fight. The point is that people living in Denmark prefer to focus on economic matters, instead of involving themselves in various armed conflicts. Danish people are very friendly, open and helpful. Personally I have been to Copenhagen twice and I wish I lived in this country. I’m pretty sure that those who have been to Denmark at least once could say the same.

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953 responses to “20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World”

  1. norman says:

    why is UEA not on the list? do you mean to say that we do not have peaceful countries in south America. what criteria do you use to come up with this list.

  2. lee says:

    Think Philippines friendly people but poor country that’s why its not on this list
    Singapore very nice however very expensive…

  3. Myrz says:

    Belgium? Lol. First Brussels is one of the most dangerous European cities. There still is cultural war between Flanders and Wallonia. Belgium definitely don’t deserve to be in the top 20. Same for Australia ask to aboriginal people if they live in peace in their own land…

  4. Wang JX says:

    Japan is not a peaceful country at all and not deserve to be in the list.
    the right winged people always speaks loudly of wars and weapons in threatening neighboring countries.
    Japan goverment never apologize for the war crime in WWII, not like Germany.

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