8 Awesome Destinations for Food Lovers


Since cuisine is a main feature of many cultures, it’s no wonder that tours for food lovers are quickly gaining popularity. Sometimes food can be the reason for selecting a destination in the first place. Tours for food lovers are a perfect way of getting to know a city.

You will discover fabulous restaurants, little cafes, and markets and will see many interesting things. Take a look at a list of some awesome destinations for food lovers.

1. Osaka, Japan

Japan has always been a constant source of public fascination and a great destination for foodies. With the latest trend in healthy eating and the rising popularity of sushi, it’s no wonder that visiting the markets and restaurants of Osaka is one of the best food tours to remember.

Osaka boasts some of the best restaurants in Japan. Be sure to try Takoyaki (round octopus fritters) and kushikatsu (deep fried kebabs).

2. Barcelona, Spain

Since El Bulli hit the headlines as world’s best restaurant, Barcelona has been very high on a list for tours for food lovers. Most tours include a visit to the popular Boqueria market which is found about 2/3 of the way up the Ramblas.

Also tours for food lovers in Barcelona offer a tour of the best tapas bars or places to eat off the beaten track, and visits to haute cuisine establishments.

3. Singapore

All those hawker centers are an exciting experience and they must be on each list of tours for food lovers. The hawker centers are filled with independent food stalls selling delicious and cheap dishes. Everywhere the air is thick with the aromas of exotic spices and specialty foods from all over India and South East Asia.

Make sure to try laksha, a coconut based curry soup with thick rice noodles. The delightful Makansutra Food Safari is one food tour on offer, which will take you on a trail around the best food stalls of Singapore.

4. Cape Town, South Africa

A main street located in the City Bowl section of Cape Town, Long Street is lined with various ethnic restaurants and some great bars. Restaurants include Indian restaurants like Masala Dosa, and African restaurants like Zula.

Take the Food of the Cape Tour and explore the history of the Cape Malay, go for a walk around the Bo Kaap district and enjoy a traditional Cape Malay meal in the local home. Another hot tourist destination for food lovers is the picturesque coastal town of Camps Bay. With some luxurious restaurants and hotels, this is definitely one food tour not to be missed.

5. Brussels, Belgium

There’s much more to Belgian food than just beer, moules et frites, and chocolate, and Brussels is a great place to explore it, with less reliance on haute cuisine restaurants. Most of the cuisine in Brussels has a strong touch of French influence, so be sure to try as many dishes as you can!

If you are a beer lover there are some excellent tours you. It’s one of the best ways to learn beer and food matching.

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is well known for its beef, and for people who enjoy a tasty steak there’s definitely nowhere better than Buenos Aires. The Argentinian capital should certainly rate its barbecued beef as its national dish.

While there are a few tours for food lovers, the Parrilla Tour is surely for real steak lovers. But if you are looking for a more varied tour, the Buenos Aires First Culinary Walking Tour will undoubtedly be for you.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

When mentioning Scotland for food, haggis and oat porridge are what usually come to mind. But over the past years this wonderful, historic country has changed its culinary thinking and is now fast becoming a mecca for visitors both for its culinary and history delights.

Edinburgh is certainly one of those awesome destinations for food lovers! Different companies of Edinburgh offer foodie tours, so you can enjoy the city’s sights and some of the best restaurants in the United Kingdom.

8. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is one of the best cities for eating in the United States, especially when it comes to seafood that comes directly from Fisherman’s Wharf, its number one tourist destination. Besides seafood, there’s a wide range of culinary specialties.

From Chinatown eateries to Italian restaurants, there are many great places to try something new and delicious. Various companies offer themed foodie tours where visits to Chinatown, for instance, will provide you with the best Chinatown’s culinary delights.

Are you a food lover? What are your favorite foodie tours? Please comment below and thanks for reading!