10 Reasons Slovenia Should Be Your Next Destination


When you plan a trip to Europe, you might be thinking of destinations such as Rome, Barcelona, and Paris. But there are many other wonderful places to explore. Why not visit Slovenia? Trust me, it will be your most memorable trip! There is something for everyone in Slovenia. This little country boasts unbelievably beautiful and mysterious places, as well as breathtaking landscapes that will make you fall in love with Slovenia once you visit it. Check out some of the best reasons why Slovenia should be your next vacation destination.

1. Ljubljana

Known as one of the most attractive cities in Europe, Ljubljana is the vibrant capital of Slovenia. It’s located along the Ljubljana River, and boasts plenty of restaurants, bars, and cultural events to keep its visitors busy as they enjoy this charming city. In 2015, Ljubljana celebrates 2,000 years since its foundation as a Roman city.

2. Castles

Slovenia is well known for its beautiful castles. Many of them have been renovated into museums and even hotels so you can sleep in a castle – staying in a castle hotel is a lifetime experience that we all can afford. Every castle is unique in some way. Bled Castle hosts a wonderful view of Lake Bled. Being smacked in the middle of a 400-foot cliff, Predjama Castle allows tourists to have access to nearby underground caverns.

3. Julian Alps

Want to enjoy the mot breathtaking landscape of Slovenia? Take a trip to the magnificent Triglav National Park and discover the Julian Alps. You can hit the slopes and enjoy some of the best skiing in Slovenia, or hike to see a 60-meter waterfall. Need more reasons to visit Slovenia? Keep reading to find out how spectacular Lake Bled is and what Maribor boasts…

4. Banovci Health Resort

Slovenia hosts a great variety of health centers and one of the most popular is the Banovci Health Resort. Situated near the Austrian boarder, the Banovci Health Resort is home to plenty of thermal pools and offers tons of fun activities including hiking and biking. It features about 150 campsites and an additional 50 sites at nudist campground, for those who want to be really adventurous.

5. Piran

I love the beauty of Piran. It offers something new and something old. The medieval town offers the small winding streets and elegant Venetian inspired architecture. While visiting Piran, be sure to stop by Tartini Square and enjoy nice restaurants and small shops. To get a breathtaking view of this coral-roofed city, go to the Church of St. George.

Located between Italy and Croatia, Piran is also known for its fusion cuisine. Italian and Croatian flavors come through in many Slovenian dishes. When visiting Piran, experience the wealth of diversity of its cuisine. Food lovers from around the world love this destination.

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6. Fairytale Lake Bled

One of the biggest tourist destinations in Slovenia, Lake Bled, offers the six-kilometer path around the lake. You can also enjoy the thermal springs in the northeast part. This small alpine lake offers a lot of activities during the day and boasts an active nightlife with plenty of restaurants and bars. The 17th-century Church of the Assumption of Mary is probably the most outstanding building that has its own romantic legends.

7. Maribor

Named as 2012 European Capital of Culture, Maribor boasts the Old Vine House, the main attraction of the city, where the oldest wine in the world is still growing. You can visit some of the squares and cathedrals in the city’s center, enjoy spectacular views from the town’s hills or go to the Lent International Summer Festival that celebrates dance, music, and food.

8. Tie the knot in a fairytale

If you are planning your destination wedding but don’t know where to go, Slovenia should be your choice. Bled Island is naturally-occurring island that is perfect for your dream wedding. Its Baroque church is a popular spot for many soon-to-wed couples.

9. Cycling through the vineyards

The endless impressive vineyards are crisscrossed with lots of low traffic roads that offer one of the most captivating cycling trips in Slovenia. Cycle through a vineyard in the Maribor region, where you can explore the oldest grapevine in the world, or pick another bike, wine and spa tour to have the most fantastic holiday ever!

10. Skofja Loka

With approximately 12,000 inhabitants, Skofja Loka is the medieval town that every history buff strives to visit at least once. It’s the birthplace of the oldest play in Slovene called Skofja Loka Passion Play, which was written in 1715 by the Capuchin Father Romuald. One of the most popular tourist attraction of the town is The Skofja Loka Capuchin monastery. It was built from 1707 until 1713, and boasts around 30,000 books – no wonder history junkies love Skofja Loka.

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Slovenia is the land of fascinating natural attractions. Explore the country’s capital, medieval towns and small villages set amidst a patchwork of perfectly terraced vineyards. These are the reasons I love Slovenia and what’s your reason? If you’ve already been to Slovenia, what are some of your favorite attractions? Share your experience with us, please.