15 Low Standart Hotels Worldwide


There are many horrible hotels worldwide, but only a few of them can be described as the worst. Regarding travel and leisure, we are always looking for the best options that money can buy. However, a big price tag is not always synonymous with quality service. This is particularly true with the worst hotels.

These hotels don’t just have bad service, bad food, or cracked walls. They also expect you to give them a lot of money. In this sense, the worst hotels are those that make your vacation an overpriced, crappy, and uncomfortable mess.

Imagine for a moment visiting a hotel in the middle of nowhere, with bad food, poor service, and a ridiculously overpriced bill. That is what a bad hotel is really like.

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In addition to making your stay horrible, they expect you to pay a lot of money for it. These hotels exist all over the world, and to help you figure out which of them you should avoid, it helps to have a few examples to look at. So if you’re wondering what sort of hotels you should avoid, here are the fifteen worst hotels in the world.

1. Kings Hotel, London, England

Photo credit: booking.com

This 2-star hotel is located in the center of London. Nearby are Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. A convenient location is perhaps the only advantage of this hotel. Despite promises on the official website about “tastefully decorated rooms”, hotel guests claim the opposite: uncomfortable rooms with insufficient cleanliness.

The information about the availability of Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and other amenities in the rooms is not always true. In some rooms, you may be lucky enough to find a working TV, but this is not a guarantee that it will always work during your stay. Also, the hotel has no elevator, so be prepared to carry your suitcase up the stairs. Better yet, withdraw cash in advance, as there are often interruptions with the terminal in the Kings Hotel.

Considering everything said above, this hotel is one of the worst hotels in Europe and the whole world.

2. Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

When you visit the Plaza Hotel and Casino, you better be ready for the smell because many of its rooms stink.

If we talk about the hotel rooms, many of them require renovation. Or at least a good cleaning. Although relatively affordable, the room design is quite good, and excellent air conditioner. The walls seem so thin that you could hear someone arguing next door or a man snoring on the other side. Also, many photos of rooms do not correspond to what you see in reality.

The hotel parking lot is filthy and even scary because it’s located near the greyhound terminal. The service may not be top-notch either. Many guests complain about the rude staff. What makes this particular establishment a failure is the fact that it gives other Las Vegas hotels a bad name.

3. Americas Best Value Inn Smithtown Long Island

Photo credit: tripadvisor.com

Once included in TripAdvisor.com’s list of dirtiest hotels in America, Americas Best Value Inn Smithtown Long Island is the kind of place that isn’t just full of bad smells, and it also has a lot of problems with its plumbing and utilities.

The hotel staff is very rude and disrespectful, I’m speaking from my own experience. I stayed at this hotel, and it was terrible. The room was very dirty with trash, and the bathroom was even dirtier, with used shampoo and soap on the tub. So don’t be surprised if you see a cockroach in your room or on bed.

Moreover, if you want to leave early due to bad conditions, you may not get a refund. All these factors justify calling it one of the worst hotels in the world.

4. Sharm Inn Amarein, South Sinai, Egypt

Photo credit: tripadvisor.com

Sharm Inn Amarein is a four-star hotel, but its rating has declined rapidly. As a result, tourists began to write dissatisfied reviews about the Sharm Inn Amarein.

Among the significant disadvantages are poor service and old furniture in the rooms. In addition, the equipment is out of order, and the air conditioners do not work. The dirt spoils the beautiful interior of the hotel. Windows, chairs, and tables are not cleaned in a proper way by the cleaning lady.

Unfortunately, the hotel guests do not get what they expect when they pay large sums of money to stay here.

5. Whiteleaf Hotel, London, England

Photo: whiteleafhotel.net

This place is dirty. There’s just no other way to put it. So many people have complained that the Whiteleaf Hotel’s beds often caused itchiness and skin problems. Whiteleaf Hotel is one of the dirtiest hotels in the world!

Moreover, the hotel staff is incredibly unhelpful and often very rude. Whiteleaf Hotel claims to offer a continental breakfast, but, in fact, you have a choice of two portions of cereal, processed cheese, toast, mediocre lukewarm coffee, and dry, stale croissants.

The reputation of this hotel is saved only by a good location. However, since this place is crowded, it is always very noisy here, including at night. Therefore, Whiteleaf Hotel is considered one of the worst places to stay, especially if you want quiet.

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6. Hotel Y Cabanas Del Lago, Puerto Varas, Chile

Photo: hotelcabanadellago.cl

The problem with the Hotel Y Cabanas Del Lago is that it’s an old hotel, and like many old hotels, certain areas have yet to be renovated. So if you do want to visit this hotel, be sure to confine yourself to the modern area, as the older sections of the hotel have been reported to not only be lacking in service but also rather dangerous due to its age. Also, some hotel staff may need further customer service training.

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7. Grenville House Hotel, London, England

This bed & breakfast is located near Russell Square Underground Station. There are many sights of the capital within walking distance, which, of course, is a big plus.

But, there are also many considerable drawbacks. The hotel claims to be great for leisure and business travelers. However, once inside, this can be doubted. The hotel rooms are tiny and quite dirty. Be prepared to see trash on the nightstands and the floor. Shower cabins are also not impressive in size, and hot water will have to wait at all.

You can’t count on a delicious breakfast either at this one of the worst hotels in the world. The local maximum is instant coffee, milk, cereal, and toast. It’s not too wide a range for a two-star hotel.

8. Siva Sharm Resort & Spa, South Sinai, Egypt

Photo: booking.com

This hotel is also included in the list of the worst hotels in the world due to poor value for money.

Booking a room here, hotel guests expect to see clean and well-furnitured rooms. However, after checking in, it becomes clear that the cleanliness leaves much to be desired, and some rooms are in need of repair. Many also complain about the staff as some of them can be rude and unhelpful. The quality of food here is also another drawback. It is monotonous, and some guests even notice stale food.

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9. Polynesian Beach and Golf Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Polynesian Oceanfront Motel is another terrible hotel not worth staying at. This hotel’s rooms have mildew and plenty of bad smell.

The refurbishment of the rooms leaves a lot to be desired. With a putrid smell of stale smoke and non-working air conditioning, the rooms of this hotel will not be able to please you. In addition, the pool here, as well as the rooms, is dirty and full of sand, and there is not much mold around.

Although located in a resort town and conveniently near a beach, this resort also garners a lot of negative reviews from its clientele. So save yourself from grief by avoiding this place.

10. Days Inn, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Days Inn’s lobby has no air conditioning, and its exterior doors do not have any locks. There was also poor temperature control, and dirt covered most of the exterior edges of the floor. Not a good option if you’re planning to have a happy vacation. The walls and floors were very thin so that you could hear a lot of noise from adjacent rooms. Therefore, it is impossible to sleep well there. So it’s better to avoid Days Inn and choose another hotel.

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11. Raj Residency, Chennai, India

Photo: rajresidencyhotel.com

Guests at the Raj Residency in Chennai, India, complained about furniture that insects had eaten. Other guest complaints included rude management, bugs on the walls, and a lack of clean sheets on the beds. The hotel needs a complete refurbishment. So many factors such as dirty rooms, toilet not leaking, soap in the bathroom not flowing, TV not working, remote control not working, and noisy air conditioner have made Raj Residencyone of the worst in the world. And even a beautiful view from the window does not save the impression of this hotel.

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12. Club Aqua, Gumbet, Turkey

As in all the hotels listed above, the main disadvantage of living in Club Aqua is the poor cleaning of the rooms, since traces of previous guests are visible upon check-in. Many vacationers fancy a dip in the hotel pool, but not at Club Aqua in Gumbet, Turkey. Guests at this hotel complained that the pool was filled with sewage after every rainfall.

Unfortunately, this one of the worst hotels’ service is far from being of a high standard, as the staff is often unhelpful and unhelpful. And some hotel staff are completely rude to guests. Other reviews complained that even the hotel staff appeared to be filthy.

13. Apartamentos Catalonia Gardens, Salou, Spain

Photo: apartamentoscataloniagardens.com

Sunny Spain is a popular vacation destination because of its laid-back vibe – but you’ll feel anything but rested after a stay at the Apartamentos Catalonia Gardens in Salou, Spain.

The conditions in this hotel are far from those that you want to have for a wonderful holiday. There are good reasons for calling this hotel one of the worst. Firstly, the cleanliness is relatively poor, and the rooms are rarely cleaned. Secondly, many of the staff members are unhelpful. Thirdly, use some of the usual amenities, such as a hair dryer or something similar, for a fee.

Guests also complained of drunken guests, poor facilities, stairwells with windows open to the outside, and nonexistent service, albeit the website shows perfect pictures. But there is a low daily rate, so you get what you pay for.

14. Park Hotel, London, England

If you book a room at the Park Hotel in London, plan to sleep with at least one eye open. Guests complained of waking up in the morning to find insects crawling around their beds. Other complaints included no hot water, stray toenail clippings, and filthy carpets.

Moreover, many hotel guests complain about very poor soundproofing. This is a considerable drawback, especially considering the fact that the hotel is located in a fairly crowded place. Therefore you can’t rest easy here, even for the high price you pay in this hotel. Unfortunately, this Park Hotel in London is also considered one of the worst in the world due to its poor value for money.

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15. Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Amsterdam, Holland

Photo: hansbrinker.com

Even being the worst hotel in the world, it is possible to attract many guests. This is exactly what the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam proves with its existence. The phrase “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam. The hotel proudly boasts its dirt-cheap rates, along with elevators that frequently don’t work and a chronic lack of hot water for the showers.

The motto of the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam was launched by a clever advertising campaign back in the 1990s to show how bad they were with service, dirty walls, and broken beds. It billed itself as “The Worst Hotel in the World”, and this stuccoed city with ads shows how dirty, unfriendly and uncomfortable the hotel is to stay in. Now there is no end to those wishing to stay here for the night, an unexpected turn of the advertising company of this hotel.

What is the worst hotel in the world?

Undoubtedly, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam, Holland, is the worst in the world. Many factors impact the status of this hotel. Poor cleaning of the rooms, lack of many amenities, rude staff, and the presence of cockroaches and bedbugs confirm the status of the worst hotel in the world.

What is the worst-rated hotel in the world?

Whiteleaf Hotel in London is one of the worst-rated hotels in the world. When staying at this hotel, be prepared for a lack of water, dirty rooms, and unfriendly staff. Your requests to move you to another room are unlikely to be answered very rosy.

What is the worst hotel in the Disney world?

Walt Disney World Dolphin is the “worst” hotel in Disney World. The main complaints of the guests are regarding the service, as sometimes the workers don’t perform their duties properly. However, such cases are isolated. In general, almost all reviews of all Disney hotels are positive. This is because Disney has very high quality and customer service standards.

Have you ever stayed at one of these worst hotels in the world? Or, what’s the worst hotel you’ve ever stayed at? Feel free to share your experiences.