10 Most Popular Coffee Shops in the World


If you are a coffee lover and you are planning to travel around the world, perhaps you’re wondering what the top coffee shops in the world are and why. In fact, there are plenty of amazing coffee shops, but these locations make a cup of java a truly dazzling experience. The following ten coffee shops are among the most popular in the world and it’s easy to understand why!

1. Café Central, Vienna, Austria

This stunning café, a tribute to the Viennese kaffeehaus tradition, is a glittering venue that opened in 1876. Its historic role as the meeting place for figures like Sigmund Freud and Leon Trotsky make it one of the most iconic places to enjoy an elegant cup of coffee. Moreover, the coffee is as illustrious as the décor.

2. Café Gerbeaud, Budapest, Hungary

Serving delicious European-style coffee since the mid-nineteenth century, this dazzling coffee house continues to be revered as one of the most popular on the continent. It has various coffee bars, though its main shop faces tourist-strewn Vörösmarty Square. Order a cup of coffee, by all means, but be sure to ask for a slice of Dobos torta to go with it and enjoy an outdoor seat in the square!

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3. Antigua Tazza D’Oro Coffee House, Rome, Italy

Founded in 1946, this world-famous coffee shop is situated near the Pantheon. A Roman landmark in its own right, this establishment is frequented by everyone, from ordinary tradesmen to politicians, to celebrities and tourists. It’s one of the most perfect places you will ever come across to enjoy an espresso or cappuccino.

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4. Cafes Verlet, Paris, France

Located near the Louvre on rue Saint-Honore, this celebrated coffee shop takes great pride in its delicious array of fresh coffee from American, Oceania, Asia, and Africa. Popular since the 1880s, this coffee shop’s coffee is so good that if there wasn’t an Eiffel Tower, this shop might get top billing as a major city attraction!

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5. Caffe Reggio, New York City

Photo: cafereggio.com

This New York City coffee haunt has been a Greenwich Village fixture since 1927. With its ornate espresso makers from a bygone era and old-world décor, this coffee house exudes so much charm that it may compete with the fragrant aroma of the coffee! In a city that boasts a myriad of coffee houses worth visiting, this one should certainly top your list!

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6. Balzac’s Coffee Roastery, Toronto, Canada

Photo: balzacs.com

Named after the fine writer, it’s little wonder that this artisan-style coffee house is regarded as the best in all of Canada. Though it’s certainly stylish, the shop exudes a warmth that the finest cafes seem to understand innately. Moreover, the coffee is spectacular just as the pleasant atmosphere is unrivaled.

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7. Çorlulu Alipasa Medresesi, Istanbul, Turkey

When you go searching for the Istanbul of the past, you’ll want to take a seat on a sumptuous low divan at this old-world establishment and enjoy Turkish coffee the way it used to taste, the way it is always meant to taste. The experience is enchanting, but the exotic décor will seem as nothing in comparison to the rich brew served to you.

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8. Caffè Vergnano 1882, London, UK

Photo: caffevergnano1882.co.uk

Serving delicious coffee for about 130 years, this stylish London’s café is a must-visit attraction when you’re in town to see the queen. Its atmosphere is cozy and even unpretentious for such a landmark venue. While they now boast a few shops in the city, the Charring Cross Road establishment is a must see and quite near Piccadilly Circus.

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9. Kayaba Coffee, Tokyo, Japan

Located in a hundred-year-old building, this marvelous shop has been in business since 1938. With nothing but elbow room on the weekends, this crowded shop serves deliciously hot coffee to a population that may not be as decidedly married to tea as you thought!

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10. Coava Brew Bar, Portland, Oregon

Located in a bamboo manufacturing warehouse, Coava embodies that Portland spirit of organic goodness and pays homage to the bean in its own stylishly industrial way. As glittering as the coffee houses of Vienna, this is the antithesis of Euro-style coffee shops; however, their coffee can hang with the best of them and is prepared by award-winning baristas who take pride in every cup.

If you can visit any of these coffee establishments, you will understand what is meant by coffee greatness. It is easy to see why these venues are so popular among coffee lovers around the world. What’s your favorite coffee shop?