10 World’s Greenest Restaurants


Are you interested in discovering some of the greenest restaurants in the world? Though listed in order, these restaurants, which are all doing their part to contribute to a more sustainable future, should not be considered as being in competition with one another. Each has their own unique charm, and each should be commended for the environmental efforts it has made.

1. Ubuntu Restaurant & Yoga Studio in Napa Valley, California

Ubuntu Restaurant not only offers fresh, healthy, and sustainable vegetarian dishes, but with an attached Yoga studio, it contributes to the mindset necessary to keep such efforts going. Its wine comes from the sustainable vineyards of the Napa Valley, and the interior boasts a beautiful design, offering an environmentally friendly and highly enjoyable dining experience.

2. Bloodwood Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

Photo: bloodwoodnewtown.com

In constructing the Bloodwood Restaurant in Sydney, the owners focused on using recycled and reclaimed materials. Reclaimed lumber and salvaged doors were used to give this restaurant a warm and stylish interior proving that “new” does not always equal better. Bloodwood Restaurant’s menu reflects this commitment to sustainability offering fresh and seasonal choices.

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3. The Duke of Cambridge in London, England

The Duke of Cambridge is a certified organic, upscale pub found in London. This pub refuses to bring in any of their food by air, but rather gets all of their fruits and vegetables from local and mostly organic farms. Furthermore, their electricity comes from one of the UK’s renewable energy suppliers.

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4. Doe Bay Cafe in Olga, Washington

When you eat at the Doe Bay Cafe, you are eating ingredients sourced from the land and the water that is right around you. All of the seafood comes from the water right behind the restaurant, and the vegetables from local farms nearby. All waste gets recycled and composted making for minimal environmental impact.

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5. Plant Cafe Organic in San Francisco, California


Plant Cafe Organic’s two locations in San Francisco were both renovated from warehouses on the San Francisco Bay. They are consistently considered as the greenest and best vegetarian restaurants around, two titles that are rightfully earned through Plant Cafe Organic’s use of organic and local food.

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6. Saqra in Lima, Peru

Saqra (a name which means “little devil”) offers a delicious mix of traditional cuisine with spices and sauces from around the world. This restaurant focuses on serving foods that are in season, meaning that ingredients are always fresh, and makes everything from its wine glasses to its chairs from recycled material.

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7. Acorn House in London, England

Acorn House is another London’s restaurant that strives for sustainability in the way they do business. Acorn house uses seasonal, local foods, and only buys organic and fair trade. This restaurant recycles, composts, and uses a biodiesel car to pick up any supplies. Acorn House also provides a program which teaches such practices to local youths.

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8. Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood, Thailand

The interesting Soneva Kiri restaurant in Thailand is not only eco-friendly, but provides a very interesting dining experience as well. In this unique eatery you are hoisted up into the trees and served by waiters on ziplines. The restaurant is located on a sustainable island resort, and gets its food from organic gardens.

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9. The Grey Plume in Omaha, Nebraska

The Grey Plume is a delicious, four-star restaurant that also had the honors of becoming the first “Sustainabuild Certified Green Restaurant” in the United States. The restaurant focuses on sustainability in the food it offers by serving locally grown produce and meat from local farms. It also uses energy efficient and environmentally friendly appliances.

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10. Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan

When Restaurant Magazine gave its very first Sustainable Restaurant Award, the honors went to the Narisawa Restaurant in Tokyo. This restaurant strives to nurture a respectful attitude towards the planet and the environment and uses only ethically sourced or local ingredients. Narisawa also focuses on promoting healthy eating in the entire community.

Have you ever been to one of these restaurants? What’s your favorite green restaurant?