10 Best Sushi Restaurants in the World


People all over the world enjoy sushi in a wide variety of ways. However, finding great sushi restaurants can be a difficult task depending on where you live or travel.

Fortunately, here are some of the best sushi restaurants in the world worth visiting.

1. Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo, Japan

Photo: sushi-jiro.jp

Sukiyabashi Jiro is the world’s most celebrated sushi restaurant, with three Michelin stars from the Michelin Guide. The owner of the restaurant, Jiro Ono, is considered one of the best masters of sushi.

In fact, the restaurant is so popular that there is a full-length documentary following chef Sukiyabashi Jiro called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” With its mouthwatering food and efficient staff, Sukiyabashi Jiro is a must for any sushi fan.

Sukiyabashi Jiro currently only offers an omakase menu. It means that the chef himself chooses the menu for the guests. This menu is set every day and consists of about 20 types of sushi, where every bite will leave you wanting more.

2. Komuro, Tokyo, Japan

Mitsuhiro Komuro specializes in kaiseki cuisine and serves his customers from a kitchen the size of a walk-in closet.

Thanks to the chef’s boundless curiosity to find new ingredients and create new recipes, his cuisine is constantly evolving. The ingredients used in Komuro’s dishes come from local growers and fishermen with whom Mitsuhiro Komuro maintains a personal relationship. The dishes offered at this restaurant change according to the season to ensure that everything is of the highest quality and freshest. This restaurant serves sushi in a traditional tea ceremony style.

The restaurant is so tiny that it only seats eight, although the meals are so great that it has earned a star from the Michelin Guide. For between $150 to $200, diners can enjoy Komuro’s 10-course meals. So, this sushi restaurant is truly considered one of the best in the whole world.

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3. Kiku, London, England

Kiku is a particular favorite with staff from the nearby Japanese embassy. Because of the restaurant’s authentic dishes and atmosphere, many critics agree that Kiku is close to a true Tokyo experience.

The Japanese restaurant is located on two building floors, overlooking the city. The interior harmoniously combines modern design and strict Japanese minimalism – the best place for business meetings and a cozy family dinner.

The fact that the dishes are prepared by the master chef in front of diners is also a fan favorite. The menu offers hot fish and meat dishes, several soups and salads, as well as a good selection of rolls, sashimi, and sushi.

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4. Isami, Paris, France

Isami is commonly known as being the best sushi restaurant in Paris, although it also often holds the title as one of the best in the world.

The design of the restaurant is quite simple, which is typical for most Japanese cuisine establishments. But luckily for lovers of sushi and other Japanese culinary delights, Isami’s menu hasn’t been touched by minimalism.

While the establishment is known for its delicious dishes, it also serves as a tourist attraction because of Keiko Kishi. Kishi is a renowned actress that once lived in Paris, and it is believed that Isami was a favorite of hers.

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5. Aida, Paris, France

Photo: aida-paris.com

Aida is known for its teppanyaki speciality (fresh meat, seafood, and vegetables grilled on a stainless-steel grill).

With seats along the counter, diners can watch chef Koji Aida prepare their meals right in front of them.

Guests say that the chef in this establishment is wonderful. Professional service is a big plus of this restaurant.

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6. Kinugawa, Paris, France

Kinugawa is known for its delicious kaiseki cuisine that it has been offering for more than two decades.

The waiters will delight you with attention and goodwill, and the chefs will offer you skillfully decorated delicious dishes. In addition to a wide range of maki, te-maki, and nigiri, as well as other types of sushi, noodles, seaweed dishes, salads, and juicy grilled shrimp with crispy green asparagus in a spicy lemon-garlic sauce are often ordered here.

The establishment is particularly popular with French celebrities and is known for fine dining. Given its status, expect to pay more to experience the exquisite dishes and atmosphere. Pleasant lighting, calm music, and exceptionally delicious Japanese cuisine – everything here allows you to have a great time.

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7. Matsuhisa, Los Angeles, USA

Matsuhisa is often considered to be the most famous Japanese restaurant chain in the world. In fact, with Robert De Niro as Nobu Matsuhisa’s business partner, the chain includes 19 worldwide restaurants.

Matsuhisa is known for its traditional dishes that combine Japanese spices and sauces with locally grown food. People are encouraged to try the specialties of the day, this one of the best sushi restaurants services. In addition, Chef Matsuhisa offers a Japanese-Peruvian tincture in the restaurant as he brings influences from his stay in South America. Of course, dining at this one of the best sushi restaurants is expensive, but it is worth the money you pay for that incredible enjoyment of tasting one of the most delicious sushi.

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8. Yashin Sushi, London, Great Britain

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Every detail of this restaurant is perfect. Outwardly, the sushi bar looks more like an old French restaurant forgotten in the middle of London, but this feeling ends as soon as you get inside.

A particular highlight of the local chefs is the absence of seasoning for sushi, so they don’t have our favorite soy sauce but only real and delicious Japanese food.

The helpful staff, amazing service, and calm music create a very cozy and trendy atmosphere for patrons to enjoy.

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9. Asanebo, New York, USA

Photo: asanebo-restaurant.com

Asanebo is known for its innovative dishes designed to satisfy even the most picky eaters. In fact, one of the most popular dishes include sautéed baby abalone with garlic and shiitake mushrooms.

Guests claim that the staff at this establishment knows their stuff. Customers love luxury service. In addition, the fascinating interior and unique atmosphere can successfully complement your dining at this one of the best sushi restaurants.

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10. Sushi Ran, San Francisco, USA

Sushi Ran is known for its Pacific and traditional Japanese fusion dishes and 300-bottle wine list. This one of the best sushi restaurants is considered perfect in all respects.

It has also earned a Michelin star and is considered to be one of the top 5 restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Seafood of excellent quality, as a result, you will be offered delicious sushi, sashimi, and rolls.

What is the best sushi restaurant in the world?

Sushi Mizutani is the best sushi restaurant in the whole world. There are no complaints about the style of Mizutani, the quality of the product, or the execution. Everything here is brought to a state of absolute impeccability.

What is the most famous sushi in the world?

One of the most popular sushi rolls is the Philadelphia roll. The incredible taste of the rolls, combined with their beneficial properties, deserves the highest ratings from lovers of Japanese cuisine.

Which country has the best sushi?

In addition to Japan, excellent sushi is also prepared in the Philippines. This is due to the fact that there are significant ethnic Japanese populations in the Philippines. Many Filipinos all over the country love sushi, and the quality of this dish is not inferior to Japanese.

Who is the greatest sushi chef?

Jiro Ono is considered the greatest sushi chef. This is because the head chef has devoted over fifty years to mastering the art of making sushi. As Jiro says, in addition to honing the technique, attention should be paid to other aspects of cooking. So on his menu, there are only twenty types of sushi. But each species is unique and unrepeatable in its own way. Therefore, his restaurant has three Michelin stars, which indicates that the restaurant’s sushi is one of the best in the world.

With these 10 world’s sushi restaurants, finding great sushi and more to enjoy for your next dining experience is easy.