11 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore


As we become more health conscious, many people are taking the decision to switch to a vegetarian diet. Consuming animal products is no longer necessary to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet, and many leading doctors and nutritionists agree that a plant-based diet provides everything the body needs to stay healthy. Whether you are vegetarian for health reasons, ethical reasons, or simply want to try something new, the following restaurants offer some of the finest cuisine in Singapore and all will ensure your hasty return.

1. Original Sin, Holland Village

Photo: originalsin.com.sg

This popular restaurant opened in 1997 and has enjoyed enduring success thanks to its mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine. Start with a meze platter that comes filled with enticing dishes such as tzatziki, hummus, falafel balls, and babaganoush all served alongside sundried tomato ciabatta bread.