Top 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Manhattan


Eating out in one of Manhattan’s most popular vegetarian restaurants is a treat. If you plan to be in town, be sure to take time to eat at one or more these extraordinary eateries and be sure to try their specialties. Without further ado, here is the list of 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan.

1. Blossom

A standout vegetarian in Manhattan, Blossom delivers unstinting portions that will delight your taste buds. Their seaweed-filled crab cakes and rigatoni in porcini cream are popular choices. However, the menu is filled with savory selections – so many that is will be touch to choose what to order!

2. V Note

This brand new eatery is a wine bar and vegan bistro that will enchant your taste buds. Be sure to visit Wednesday and Friday evenings to enjoy live Spanish guitar music. From drunken fruit parfait to mushroom ravioli, this restaurant will certainly strike a note with you if you prefer upscale dining with a relaxed atmosphere.

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3. Dirt Candy

This delicious restaurant is a must-visit. Start your culinary tour with Portobello mousse or the jalapeno hush puppies with delectable maple butter. Follow your appetizer up with chard gnocchi and you will have found your new favorite vegetarian eatery. Don’t forget to order dessert and try the popcorn pudding or rosemary eggplant tiramisu.

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4. Table Verte

Popular with its fans, this is an all-around great choice that features a delicious selection of vegetarian delights. It`s seemingly simply combinations like roasted Brussels sprouts with glazed strawberries and shallots are remarkable. Regulars keep returning for the eggplant lasagna and olive polenta.

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5. Loving Hut

Vegetarians can’t get enough of this Manhattan gem. Their mixed vegetable Happy Dumplings couldn’t be a happier choice! They have an excellent selection of delicious vegetarian delights. Other favorites include the veggie burrito, crispy vegan burger, and the primavera mac and cheese. For affordable cuisine, the taste is truly outstanding.

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6. Kajitsu

For Japanese-style vegetarian cuisine, this is a top choice. Delicious and filling, the menu selections are creative and the atmosphere is sophisticated. A meal of sake and morel mushroom sukiyaki will have you planning your next visit. It’s the kind of restaurant you can’t wait to invite friends to.

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7. Candle 79

For a delicious night out on the town, this upscale eatery delivers on atmosphere and taste. From homemade ginger ale to wild mushroom-squash risotto, the quality is outstanding. Other must-try menu items include pomegranate-chipotle grilled tempeh, Moroccan spiced chickpea cake, and the delicious cornmeal poppers. You won’t be disappointed with this restaurant’s great tastes.

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8. Gobo

This restaurant has garnered excellent reviews which is no surprise. Loyal fans of the restaurant rave about favorites like hand-wrapped steamed vegetable dumplings, tempura shitake caps, and the organic king oyster mushrooms. Check out their amazing selection of vegetarian gourmet dishes.

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9. Souen Restaurant

For macrobiotic, this restaurant is a top choice in Manhattan. Fans flock in for the macro plate. Sure, they have a wide selection on their menu. Their bean soup of the day is always worth ducking in for and favorites like stir-fried noodles and, of course, the sushi keeps the lights on in this great haunt. Bring your friends, they’ll love it too.

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10. Nanoosh

This place, understandably, fills up on the weekend. A small venue, it’s big on authentic good tastes. Regulars are hooked on their signature whole wheat wraps that a loaded with a delicious helping of hummus. Other standouts are the tomato soup and quinoa salad with organic walnuts.

If you’re hungry in Manhattan, these vegetarian restaurants will provide you with the taste experience you’re looking for! Celebrated and regularly garnering excellent reviews, these venues will become your new favorites. Take your friends and family with you! You’re all in for a treat no matter which of these restaurants you choose!