10 Exotic Destinations for Couples to Spend Time Together


Most couples dream of exotic destinations where they can spend some quality time together and simply enjoy each other. But, unfortunately, many couples can afford to go to some exotic destination only for their honeymoon. If you dream of beautiful palm-fringed beaches, where the only footprints you see are your own, take a look at this list of exotic destinations for couples, where you can rediscover your love and spend some quality time together.

1. Montreal

Can’t go to the City of Lovers – Paris? No worries! Montreal is a great destination for couples! Perhaps, it won’t immediately strike you as a perfect exotic destination, but you can discover the historic Old Quarter surrounded by late 19th-century buildings and feel like you’re in Paris. Plus, French is the official language in Montreal. You and your significant other can browse antique shops, ride bikes along the canal, walk along the waterfront and enjoy your dinner in great bistros.