10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World


Are you planning an upcoming wedding? Have you decided on a destination to runaway to after you are officially hitched?

Check out the following ten best honeymoon destinations in the world to see if one matches your idea of the perfect romantic rendezvous.

1. Honeymoon in Maldive Islands

The Maldive Islands are a top honeymoon destination if you like sand in your toes and sun in your face.

Trendy yet tranquil, the ‘Maldives’ (as they are commonly known) offer the perfect getaway for couples on the hunt for a little alone time. If azure ocean water and purple-hued sunsets are to your liking, you might want to consider heading to the Indian Ocean for your post-wedding getaway.

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2. Honeymoon in Bali

Bali is popular with wedded couples looking for a combination of culture and quiet time. Destinations like Bukit, Ubud, and Nusa Dua are well-known options to consider.

Be sure to prepare your tummy ahead of time for the Asian cuisine you’ll experience in Bali. You don’t want to spend your honeymoon hunting for the closest washroom.

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3. Honeymoon in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is another trendy destination for honeymoon couples. Think lush vegetation, sky-blue seas, and tropical drinks under towering palm trees and you have a daydream worth turning into a reality.

Tour the countryside or lounge on the beach when you visit St. Lucia. Don’t be surprised if you don’t want to return to real life following your honeymoon.

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4. Honeymoon in Canada’s Lake Louise

Canada’s Lake Louise is a spectacular destination for couples. Perfect for a winter honeymoon, Lake Louise is even more stunning in the summer.

You won’t believe your eyes when you spot the iridescent green lake laid out before you. Nestled in amongst the towering Canadian Rocky Mountains, this is one destination that truly will etch its memory on your soul.

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5. Honeymoon in Tofino on Vancouver Island

While Canada isn’t the country that normally comes to mind when you think romantic destinations, Tofino on Vancouver Island just might change your mind.

Miles of sunset-kissed beaches await you at the end of the West Coast trail. If you have the courage to travel across rugged mountain terrain in winter, Tofino is an excellent honeymoon destination during storm season.

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6. Honeymoon in Greece

Greece can usually be found on most top ten honeymoon lists. When you have options like Santorini, Athens, and Delphi, it is no wonder couples in love have been trekking to Greece en masse. Can you say Opa?

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7. Honeymoon in Belize

No honeymoon hot-spot list is complete without Belize. Tropical, tantalizing, and tempestuous are just three descriptions that will spring to mind once you have visited Belize.

Scuba diving, rainforest romps, and jaguar-spotting are just some of the activities you can consider if you ever make it out of your romance-riddled room.

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8. Honeymoon inFlorence, Italian

If your preference is for ancient buildings and arresting architecture, Italy’s fabulous Florence might be worth considering for your honeymoon destination.

Red roofs as far as you can see, and blue/green mountains as a backdrop to your travels. Florence is perfect for couples who like to explore hidden treasures by foot and pop into cafes to discover tempting Italian cuisine.

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9. Honeymoon in Tahiti

Tahiti has been a popular honeymoon destination for decades. Thatched roofs, palm trees, and sweet-scented breezes are just some of the treats in store when you venture to French Polynesia for your post-nuptial getaway.

There’s a good reason locations like Bora Bora have been home to Hollywood movie productions. Mesmerizing is an excellent word to describe the time you’ll enjoy in Tahiti.

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10. Honeymoon in Kenya

While Kenya isn’t normally the first destination that springs to mind when you think of honeymoon hot-spots, locations like Loisaba will change your mind. Peacock patrols, zebra-spotting, and elephant gazing are just some of the safari options that await you in Kenya.

Think Robert Redford in Out of Africa, and you’ll understand just how romantic Kenya can be.

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Now that you’re completely confused when it comes to tempting travel destinations, where do you think you will decide to spend your honeymoon? Safaris, snorkeling, or surfing; what will you decide?