7 Great Ways to Exercise on a Plane Journey


I enjoy flying and enjoy exercise as well, but sometimes the two are not compatible. However, I’ve found some great ways to do some exercises while on the plane. It’s very tempting to watch a movie or read a book, but sitting for long periods of time can have negative effects on your health. Exercise is important to prevent deep vein thrombosis and there are stretches and movements you can do to reduce health risks. Check out a few great ways to exercise on a plane journey.

1. Back stretches

When you sit down for long periods of time, it puts stress on your back. During the flight, your muscles become tense, which could result in back pain long after you have arrived at your place. To lessen the stiffness, lower your upper body down so your chest touches your thighs. To get a mini abs exercise and increase core strength at the same time, try to engage your abdominals.

2. Exercise for your feet

Raise both of your feet off the floor and start drawing circles with your toes while moving one foot clockwise and the other anticlockwise. Follow this with foot rocks. Then point your heels upwards and put both feet back flat on the floor. Now raise your heels, keeping the balls of both feet on the floor. Be sure to repeat for 30 seconds. This exercise will increase blood flow and lower the likelihood of swelling.

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3. Neck and shoulder exercises

These exercises are perfect for relieving tension and stress on flights as well as at work. Roll your neck from left to right and slightly stretch every side. Shoulder rolls increase blood circulation as well. Do this every 30 minutes to loosen muscles and relieve tension.

4. Add a few lunges

Stretching your legs is a must on any flight but why not add a little spice to it? Add several lunges on the way to the toilet and back. Sure, this will amuse your fellow passengers, but who cares if you look a little silly? You might never see any of them again!

5. Punches

This is one of my favorite exercises to do on a plane journey. Punch forward, but don’t hit the seat in front of you, and make sure you engage your abdominals at the same time. Then follow with upward punches. This will increase your heart rate slightly and it’s a wonderful stress-relieving exercise.

6. Do knee lifts

Sometimes flying can cause the veins in the legs to compress, which can make it more difficult for the blood to get back to the heart. While there are no stairs in a plane, you can do some knee lifts, which involves raising your knees up off the seat as if you are climbing the stairs. Do knee lifts 30 seconds and be sure to hold each knee while keeping your back straight.

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7. Stretches

Do some stretches while you are waiting for your turn to go to the toilet. It is much easier and better to do stretches when you are standing than sitting. Bend one arm over your shoulder and with the other reach for your elbow and then stretch. You can also do some twists to loosen those stiff muscles.

In fact, exercise is not the only important thing you should do on the plane. There are many other things to remember during flight. For instance, avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol. What exercises do you do on plane journeys? Share your thoughts, please.