9 Spectacular and Affordable Destinations for Student Holidays


Young passionate hearts of students always long for new impressions and experiences, they want to travel all around the world, learn different cultures and get acquainted with all the wonders of our world. But unfortunately young people have some financial pressures and the dreams remain only dreams. I am going to describe you some of the affordable destinations where you can have great time without spending a fortune. Of course, it won`t be fashionable hotels and restaurants, but you can see and do a lot of things.

1. Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a really great place to have a beach holiday and it is very popular among the tourists of all around the world. The best choice will be to go to Kuta. There also are various possibilities and facilities for people with different interests and hobbies. You can swim and dive, surf and rent the necessary equipment, taste fantastic seafood and sip cocktails on the beach luxuriating in the warm soft golden sand. Not much money, but how many impressions!

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia

In Cambodia you can easily find decent and cheap accommodation, food and drinks are also of moderate price. Siem Riep is a small town with its amusing history which attracts travelers from the corners of the world to open up its secrets. There is a historic area of Angkor Wat and you`ll never be disappointed to choose this place to go on a vacation.

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3. Wild Coast of South Africa

South Africa sounds really exotic, doesn`t it? It is a great destination for a low budget vacation. The Wild Coast was known as the Transkei and runs along the Eastern Cape. It is one of most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world. A very popular attraction there is a backpack trip heading from the small village Coffee Bay to the coastline. You can enjoy peaceful and untouched nature, astonishing views and also you can hike, dive and invent various activities for you and your friends.

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4. Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is considered to be an ideal place for backpackers and also is claimed to be the cheapest tourist attraction. This place will meet all your expectations and won`t leave you disappointed. You`ll love this paradise with breathtaking views, peaceful and picturesque nature, but the Annapurna Circuit is just mind-blowing! When you go hiking in Nepal you`ll see so many beautiful and just amazing scenes that you won`t want to go away.

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5. Quito, Ecuador

This place has much to offer even to the most exacting tourist, but as for students, they will be pleased with the atmosphere and prices. You can easily find restaurants, cafes, shelter, and various entertainments of a decent quality and with little harm to your pocket. If you know the Spanish it will only make your staying there easier and will give an opportunity to choose more suitable options for you.

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6. Bucharest, Romania

I don`t know the reason but Romania is not yet opened as a wide known tourist attraction, although there is much to look at. It is rather cheap to spend your holidays in Bucharest and you`ll get surprised how fantastic it is! The history of the country is very diverting and is full of stories and contradictions, and its being a part of a Soviet Union is also a kind of story you wouldn`t like to miss. People are friendly there, prices are not stiff to pay, so why not going there?

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7. Goa, India

This fantastic place is keeping gaining its popularity among the tourists, but if you are a student you can go there also. Having a low budget you can travel to Goa in a low season and spend an unforgettable holiday there because India is fantastic in any time of the year. Try soft cashmere sands washed by warm transparent waters, have fun on beach parties and eat national dishes. India will never leave you indifferent!

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8. Cusco, Peru

This place belongs to the number of destinations which are good for student-travelers. This city is wrapped in fascinating history and if you want it will open up some secrets of Machu Picchu to you. Though there may happen some tourist traps with heightened prices in the way, generally it is quite affordable to have your vacations there. Cusco has many facilities for backpackers, including pizzerias and hostels.

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9. Krakow, Poland

Polish cities are now receiving more and more foreign travelers and the country becomes one of the most interesting tourist attractions. What can I say? The charismatic polish capital is not that overcrowded like Prague for example and is more moderate. You can enjoy walking the streets and taking photos of great beautiful buildings but also you can see all of the sights and museums.

Have you already given up the idea of travelling because of money matters? No, don`t you dare to do so! The only thing you should have quite a sum of money for is the flight. All the other things are affordable and it is possible to have an unforgettable vacation with come money left in your pocket after it. So don`t get desperate and remember these destinations I`ve described to you and of course search for some other options. Have I persuaded you? Then start planning your holiday, the world is waiting for you!