9 Spectacular and Affordable Destinations for Student Holidays


Young passionate hearts of students always long for new impressions and experiences, they want to travel all around the world, learn different cultures and get acquainted with all the wonders of our world. But unfortunately young people have some financial pressures and the dreams remain only dreams. I am going to describe you some of the affordable destinations where you can have great time without spending a fortune. Of course, it won`t be fashionable hotels and restaurants, but you can see and do a lot of things.

1. Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a really great place to have a beach holiday and it is very popular among the tourists of all around the world. The best choice will be to go to Kuta. There also are various possibilities and facilities for people with different interests and hobbies. You can swim and dive, surf and rent the necessary equipment, taste fantastic seafood and sip cocktails on the beach luxuriating in the warm soft golden sand. Not much money, but how many impressions!