16 Best Exotic Destinations to Visit in 2023


Sometimes you want to break away from reality, and change the environment, so much that you feel like a completely different person. Exotic trips are the best way to do it.

The main advantage of exotic travel is that you can explore the unknown at any time of the year. Of course, there is always a place where a tourist has hardly set foot, but at the same time, climatic and other conditions are conducive to a pleasant and comfortable rest, an exciting pastime during exotic vacation.

I like to explore new places, find new wonderful coves and beaches, and discover new towns. If you are anything like me, then check out some of the best exotic vacation destinations to visit in 2023.

1. Niyama

Photo: niyama.peraquum.com

Niyama, Maldives, is a luxurious exotic paradise with a peaceful private beach. Spacious, modern villas are set on the beach or over a crystal-clear lagoon. It offers secluded 2-3 bedroom villas with large infinity pools.

The best exotic vacation destination offers many opportunities for your rest. Relaxing massages and other pampering treatments can be booked at Drift Spa. The butler organizes guided snorkeling tours, sunset cruises, manta ray snorkeling, and fishing trips. In addition, you can play the latest video games, take a dip in the main pool or work out in the gym.

Niyama, one of the greatest exotic places on Earth, boasts the world’s first underwater nightclub, Sub Six, located 6 meters under the water. Are you impressed? Keep reading… The glass walls allow you to view the marine life, and a wide range of drinks is on offer. It’s got everything you would expect, from international DJs to luxurious leather sofas.

At this one of the best places to visit, you are welcome to take pleasure in fantastic dishes, as this one of the most incredible exotic vacation spots features the only Afro-Latin restaurant in the Maldives. The innovative camping-style restaurant serves exotic African, South American, and Central American dishes. If you are a connoisseur of Asia cuisine, undoubtedly, you will appreciate The Nest restaurant, which serves Thai, Cantonese, Teppanyaki, Japanese, and Indonesian cuisines.

What is the best time to visit Niyama?

The most profitable time to fly to this tropical vacation destination, Niyama, is from late April to November.

2. Komodo National Park

Another best exotic destination to visit in 2023 is the Komodo National Park in Bali and Lombok. The national park was founded in 1980, and in 1986, UNESCO included it in the list of world-historical and biosphere heritage sites.

This exotic place on Earth is unique in that it is the only one along the entire equator where flora and fauna of the Indian and Pacific oceans mix. The pride of the national park is monitor lizards, the only surviving population. There are 6,000 of them in Komodo Park. Monitor lizards do not cause problems for the local people and tourists. In addition, dolphins, turtles, sharks, and other types of marine life are found here. There are more than a thousand species of fish in the coastal waters of Komodo alone.

There is not only amazing wildlife but many things to view. Many tour companies provide opportunities to explore Ubud, Nusa Dua Beach, and one of the most relaxed islands Lombok. The best time to travel to this exotic location is the dry season, from April to October, when the sea around is calm.

What is the best time to visit the Komodo National Park?

The park is open 130 days a year. The best time to visit it is June-September.

3. India

India is an exotic country of ancient civilization, the wealthiest natural conditions, a warm climate, and a treasury of amazing culture and art. Visiting India isn’t new, but today this exotic country has become much easier to explore.

There are some English-speaking group tours that make seeing popular destinations, including Delhi, Udaipur, and Jaipur, a lot easier. More relaxed places like the Kerala Blackwaters and Cochin are also on offer. You’ll go in a small group and have all transfers, services, and exotic meals included.

Due to its tropical and subtropical climate, this exotic country is included in the list of countries with the most incredible biodiversity. The extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna also arose due to the rich landscape of the country: after all, in India, you can see plains, mountains, and coniferous and tropical forests.

Indian cuisine is quite specific and is a real paradise for connoisseurs of exotic food. It was greatly influenced by the country’s two main religions – Hindu and Muslim. Local gastronomic masterpieces are curry stew, vegetable snacks “chutney” and “pakoras,” lentil soup “dal,” and chicken “tandoori.” The main visiting card of local chefs is spices, which are added to almost any dish.

What is the best month to visit India?

It is best to plan a trip to India, the most exotic country, from the second half of October to March. The high season in India lasts from December to February. The beaches are filled at this time, as many people come here to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

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4. Mozambique

Wonderful, exotic beaches, fantastic nature, and monuments designed by Gustave Eiffel – are just some of the attractions that await you in Mozambique. Tourists go to Mozambique for wildlife and first-class diving. Here, in the waters of the Indian Ocean, you can see amazingly beautiful coral reefs with beautiful fish and admire cheerful dolphins and whales.

There is a new luxury exotic resort in Mozambique that you’ll definitely want to visit! It’s Azura at Quilalea, a private island paradise in Quirimbas Archipelago. 9 villas are situated just minutes from wonderful beaches and pristine waters, and the African-chic style is perfect for relaxing.

These luxurious sea view villas are located on a secluded beach. The exotic villas are individually decorated using local materials. The private terrace offers beautiful views, and some villas also have a plunge pool. Having perfect temperatures and fantastic wildlife, it’s one of the most exotic places in the world. There are many package deals that include transfers and flights, meals, drinks, a butler, and trails for exploring.

When is the best time to visit Mozambique?

The best time to visit this exotic country is from June to August when the rainfall and air temperature are the most acceptable for travelers.

5. Puerto Rico

This year I’ll surely visit Puerto Rico because it’s one of my dream exotic destinations! Puerto Rico is a small but very picturesque country, a trip which will give a lot of impressions to all exotic vacationers. This incredibly exotic country is famous for its beaches for swimming and surfing, the colonial capital of San Juan, the famous Arecibo Observatory, and glowing plankton coves.

Puerto Rico combines that unique wildlife with an easy-going, relaxed vibe and the best nightlife. It’s natural, exotic, and urban, and there are a lot of opportunities to travel at your own pace with a self-drive tour. Whale watching in San Juan, El Yunque National Park, and Rincon are gripping, and there are also amazing dives and stunning caves on offer.

When is the best time to visit Puerto Rico?

The most favorable time to travel to this country is from December to April. During these months, the water and air temperatures are as comfortable as possible, and the amount of rain is minimal. However, at this time, the peak of the tourist season falls, leading to a sharp jump in prices for tours, hotels, and an abundance of vacationers.

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6. Ecuador

Ecuador is one of 2023’s best destinations, with a great variety of new tours and numerous activities on offer. This exotic country is packed with natural wonders, communities, and cultures, and you will definitely fall in love with it!

The main difference of this country is that the Spain culture is closely connected with the traditions and customs of the indigenous population. But the Indian culture had a strong influence on songs and melodies at one time. Among the popular musical instruments, one can note ancient flutes and pipes. All this makes Ecuador one of the best vacation destinations with its incredibly exotic atmosphere.

Ecuador is usually visited by lovers of exotic countries, divers, and tourists eager to combine a beach holiday on the Pacific Ocean with a tour of local national parks. Visit Quito, a bustling and vibrant capital city. You can also visit communities in the Amazon rainforest and the Andes, along with the breathtaking Avenue of Volcanoes.

When is the best time to go to Ecuador?

The most comfortable time to visit this perfect vacation destination, Ecuador, one of the most fascinating exotic places on Earth, is from April until the end of December.

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7. Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is the majestic center of the Maya-Toltec civilization, which absorbed these peoples’ knowledge, beliefs, and ideas about the universe and the world around them. Gory stories and numerous breathtaking, exotic sights make Chichen Itza a perfect place to visit in 2023.

The pyramid of Kukulkan is a real tourist trap in this exotic destination. Also on the territory of the complex are the Temple of Warriors with an altar, a group of thousands of columns, the Temple of the Jaguar, a sacred cenote where the Mayans worshiped the God of rain, and an observatory.

The unique exotic atmosphere of Chichen Itza, the concentration of ancient magic and power, is impressive and delights millions of tourists coming here from all over the world!

What is the perfect time to visit Chichen Itza?

November to March is the perfect time to visit this one of the most exotic destinations.

8. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an exotic country of eternal summer, one of the most rapidly developing resort areas in the Caribbean, and an exotic island of picturesque landscapes, unique national color, and excellent climate.

The Dominican Republic has chic beaches and perfect hotel infrastructure. It is an exotic island with millions of smiling inhabitants, a spectacular land, the cradle of incredible dance rhythms, and a true example of Latin American culture with its unique course of life and cultural and historical heritage of the colonial era.

This exotic country is invariably popular among tourists from all over the world thanks to a great variety of outdoor activities. The exotic vacation destination offers diving, traveling through the jungle, forests, and mountains, horseback riding, sailing, fishing, and whale watching.

What is the best time to visit the Dominican Republic?

The most comfortable time for a holiday in the Dominican Republic is from November to April. This is the high season; there are many tourists at this time, and the rest will not be spoiled by unpredictable weather.

9. Mauritius

Mauritius is deservedly considered one of the best luxury resorts in the world. Those who had to rest here claim that the peaceful atmosphere of the island makes it a real exotic paradise.

Exotic lovers visiting Mauritius are attracted by magnificent tropical landscapes, majestic mountain ranges, golden sandy beaches, picturesque waterfalls, extinct volcanoes, steep cliffs, thick coconut palms, and rich flora and fauna.

Most of the entertainment on the island is sporting. For example, golf, tennis, horseback riding, cycling, snorkeling, water skiing, surfing, kayaks and kayaks, and parachuting are popular at this exotic vacation destination. In addition, the Leisure Village water amusement park is open on the island, and casinos await the most gambling tourists at some hotels.

What is the best time to visit Mauritius?

The best time to visit this fantastic vacation destination is from March to June. The humidity is not too high, and the temperatures are suitable for any exotic vacation. In addition, prices for hotel accommodation are reduced from May to June.

10. Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar has only recently begun to gain popularity and become a public and attractive resort area. Now everyone can feel the warmth of the lovely turquoise water, lie on the white sand and enjoy the local exotic flavor.

Exotic views, beaches, and the ocean are why travelers from all over the world come here. There are deserted and crowded beaches, beaches with and without low tides, beaches for kitesurfing and fishing, and beaches for every taste.

Fans of outdoor activities are welcome to visit this one of the greatest exotic vacation destinations for diving or snorkeling. The underwater world of Zanzibar is famous for the Morongo and Boribo reefs and the Turtle Cave. There are almost ideal conditions for kitesurfing. In addition, September to March is an excellent time for deep sea fishing.

However, those who prefer a relaxing exotic vacation are the resort areas will undoubtedly appreciate the eastern and northern parts of the island. In the north of Zanzibar, it is worth visiting the beaches of Mkokotoni, Mangapwani, and Nungwi, and in the eastern – Jambiani, Kiwengwa, Pongwe, Uroa, and Chwaka.

What is the best time to visit Zanzibar island?

December, January, and February are considered the best for exotic vacations because it is warm and dry during these months. Moreover, favorable conditions for diving are observed.

11. Seychelles

Vacation in the Seychelles is one of the most luxurious, which you can only dream of. This is not surprising: exotic views, mild tropical climate, various sights of the Seychelles, original Creole culture, unique atmosphere of an eternal holiday, comfortable hotels with high-class service – all these attract travelers from all over the world!

Be sure that this one of the best exotic vacation destinations in 2023 provides various activities. Coral caves, large ocean fish, and clear water offer five-star diving. Underwater divers can see enough unique animals and fish that cannot be found anywhere else. This exotic place on Earth will appeal to surfers, windsurfers, and fishing enthusiasts. Casinos are waiting for gambling vacationers.

There is a huge abundance of beaches for lovers of calm and measured rest. They are chic. And there is an opportunity to retire, swimming in the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean without looking back at the crowds of tourists. In addition, you are welcome to rent a yacht, on which you can go to atolls.

What is the best time to visit Seychelles?

The best time for an exotic vacation in the Seychelles is from May to October. This is because the archipelago has ideal conditions for both swimming and surfing at this time.

12. Bahamas Islands

The Bahamas Islands are also a perfect exotic vacation destination. Palm trees leaning over the azure sea, snow-white sand, stunning exotic landscapes, rich underwater life, and no less intense nightlife are just what catches your eye immediately upon arrival. A huge abundance of nightlife restaurants, bars, and casinos are at your disposal in every Bahamian resort. In addition, this one of the best exotic vacation destinations has everything for outdoor activities and water sports.

For example, Andros, Berry, and Bimini Islands are excellent for fishing. Abacos and Eleuthera islands offer great facilities for diving in coral reefs. Exuma and Long Island – yacht trips. You can see pink flamingos, exotic iguanas, swimming with dolphins, and even the opportunity to feed the sharks on Inagua Island. Grand Bahama Island is for those who are fond of scuba diving and fishing.

In addition, you are welcome to enjoy tasting local exotic cuisine. The culinary traditions of the Bahamas are an unimaginable mix of gastronomic cultures. For example, the preferences of Americans, Indian peoples, Spaniards, Dutch, and Africans, can be traced here. The dominant role is occupied by seafood supplied by the ocean’s coastal waters. The cuisine of the Bahamas is primarily fresh fruits and dishes from local seafood and fish.

What is the best time to visit the Bahamas?

The comfortable period to visit this one of the most incredible exotic places on Earth is the cool season, from September to May.

13. The Azores

The Azores are a paradise for those who love nature and outdoor activities. They are known for their extraordinary exotic beauty – blue lakes and high mountains, which offer amazing views of land and sea, landscapes that have preserved their original purity. The Azores are made for holidays that leave sweet memories.

The Azores are a real Mecca for lovers of diving and exotic fishing. The water in the sea area of the islands is crystal clear, with a sky-blue tint. The underwater scenery is best enjoyed near Pico Island. This exotic vacation destination is where divers have the easiest time encountering graceful octopuses, electric rays, giant lobsters, and rare jellyfish.

You can get acquainted with the local culture and customs by visiting ancient temples, cathedrals, town halls, palaces, and forts built by the Portuguese on the Azores in the 15th-16th centuries.

What is the best time to visit the Azores?

The best period to visit the Azores is the months from June to September, when the average air temperature is about 23 degrees Celsius.

14. Madagascar

Madagascar is every exotic traveler’s dream. This best exotic vacation destination combines the culture of ancient peoples and modern cities that do not interfere with the enchanting beauty of nature. The island’s life will fill every visitor with its unique exotic atmosphere, and the sights will introduce you to its culture.

Everyone will fall in love with the nature of this island. The island will also be remembered by various inhabitants of the animal world, which can only be found here. And the outlines of sharks swimming along the coastal waters will add adrenaline.

Diving with whale sharks, visiting a crocodile farm, watching humpback whales, paragliding, and hiking in incredible game reserves are some of the most interesting and exciting exotic outdoor activities to do in Madagascar. Everyone will find something interesting here.

What is the best time to visit Madagascar?

The best time for an exotic vacation in Madagascar is the months from April to December.

15. The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is a picturesque archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, the land of eternal summer with an ideal climate, emerald valleys, bizarre cliffs, and sandy beaches. Although the Canary Islands formally belong to Spain, the atmosphere here is not European. Tourists come here to enjoy exotic vacations. Magnificent tropical landscapes, soft ocean waves, black volcanic beaches, and delicious ripe fruits make this destination one of the most exotic places on Earth.

This one of the greatest exotic vacation destinations offers a great variety of activities. Numerous sports centers, unique natural reserves, noisy resorts with colorful discos, hundreds of shopping centers, and restaurants will impress those who love a varied and active holiday.

The main exotic outdoor activity is diving. The local underwater world is dolphins and turtles, sharks and barracudas, rays and sperm whales, lobsters, and whales. At depth, you can also admire amazing grottoes, caves, sunken ships, and bizarre lava formations.

What is the best time to visit the Canary Islands?

You are welcome to visit and enjoy exotic relaxation in the Canary Islands at least all year round. Still, the period from mid-July to mid-October is considered the high season.

16. Thailand

The Land of a Thousand Smiles, Thailand, is a unique place with its ancient history and atmosphere, one of the most dynamically developing and exotic countries in Southeast Asia. Here the ancient exotic of the East peacefully coexists with the latest achievements of modern times.

Thailand is ready to offer you many places where you can get real pleasure from the exotic vacation. Your task is only to choose the most interesting. Maybe, you want to try kayaking in Phang Nga Bay, cycling, and hiking in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Horseback riding is possible in Sri Lanna National Park.

However, those who want something even more non-standard and exotic can order individual tours to the hill tribes of Northern Thailand, which still adhere to centuries-old traditions. For example, a trip to the village where the “lisu” live – the tribes of animists will be the best exotic experience there.

What is the most comfortable time to visit Thailand?

Travelers should choose a tour during the Thai winter. During this period, the weather in the country is dry and clear, and the temperature of the air and water in the sea is ideal for an exotic vacation.

I can’t wait to start my next adventure! There are so many places I’d like to visit! And where would you like to go this year? Do you know any other exotic destinations? Share your thoughts, please!

What are some exotic places to travel?

Thanks to visiting exotic places on Earth untouched by tourists, you can recharge with many new experiences, see exotic animals, and immerse yourself in a culture that is very different from the usual way of life. Maui, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Maui, Hawaii, and Fiji are the best exotic vacation destinations.

What countries are exotic?

Exotic countries are associated with palm trees, monkeys, camels, and elephants, a warm climate, a gentle blue sea, wonderful oriental bazaars, and an abundance of fruits and flowers. Turkey, Jordan, India, and Madagascar are the most exotic countries to visit.

What is the meaning of exotic travel?

Exotic tourism means a trip to unusual areas, new thrills, and sometimes even some extremes. Moreover, it is often called adventure tourism.