10 Most Exciting Adventure Trips of a Lifetime


If taking risks and adventures are your leading characteristics, perhaps the following list of trips can be a chance for you to experience unforgettable time. I usually prefer some quiet and comfortable places for my holidays. For example, a rest near the ocean, lying in the shadow of high palms could be a brilliant idea. But there are some moments in my life when I feel inspired for great adventures and challenges. Then I need to try something different. At first sight it can seem that adventure journeys are dangerous for your health and life. However when you make any adventure trip you will see that it can refresh your mind, soul and body. It’s worth trying. You will have enough time to think over your life and in addition you will have an opportunity to develop your confidence. There are some other advantages of such trips. For instance, you can meet a lot of new and interesting people, broaden your horizons and enjoy the most picturesque places of our planet.

1. Surfing in Costa Rica

Going to Costa Rica in search of adventures is an amazing idea! You can get a wonderful tan and learn to surf the waves at the same time. Certainly surfing is not an easy skill to acquire. It can be extremely exhausting and tiring for those who try it for the first time. If you suffer from lack of contact with nature this trip is a perfect solution. This magnificent country will open a range of exciting, pleasant and exotic views in front of you. You haven’t seen anything like this before! But if you enjoy diving, then you should certainly visit the awesome Great Barrier Reef…

2. Enjoy Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

You have all the possibilities to become a professional diver and get an incredible experience just in a few days. Even if you have never tried scuba diving before you can achieve fantastic results with the help of special 4 day course. It can provide you with all the skills and knowledge necessary for your adventurous trip in the Great Barrier Reef. After visiting the course you will know exactly what equipment you need and how to use it, the ways to differentiate fish species and what to do when air is not enough for you. Australia opens the beauty and wonders of underwater world for you. The Great Barrier Reef is a unique natural creation. It is full of corals and different fish species which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. You will be fascinated after seeing angelfish, damselfish, clownfish and triggerfish. Are you dreaming of discovering Cuba? Read on and find out the best way to do it!

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3. Cycle to Discover Cuba

Cycling is a great decision to discover Cuba. Perhaps it will provide you with the most adventurous journey in your life. This trip enables you to observe and feel the magic and delight of tropical nature. And all these impressions you can get during your cycling trip around Cuba. When you use a bike to travel the country it makes no problem for you to stop any moment and to get a glimpse of any place. In Cuba you can admire tobacco plantations or help yourself with their famous rum. A cup of local coffee will bring you a feeling of great pleasure.

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4. Visit Yosemite National Park

Gorgeous landscapes which represent a wildlife nature can attract your attention in Yosemite National Park. It is situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While walking around this park you will enjoy the view of huge sequoia trees, magic waterfalls and granite cliffs. If you want to experience great adventures you should certainly camp in the park. In such way you will feel the wildlife from inside. To avoid different problems, get some information before your trip and be aware of wild animals.

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5. Go Camping to Everest

It is my cherished dream to go on an adventure trip to Everest. There is a wonderful chance for those who want to add some risk, danger and adventure to their life. You will be offered a 15day trek to Everest Base Camp. But get ready for extreme hiking and great impressions. You will make a long trip through the Himalayas and observe picturesque places. And finally you will reach your destination. At the camp you will discover majestic mountains covered with snow, small tea houses and a Buddhist Monastery. You will definitely admire this beautiful country and hospitable people who live there. You must be well-prepared for this journey. That’s why take your best warm clothes. During the trip you can also get an altitude sickness, be ready for that. All in all these adventures are worth trying. Finally you will get to paradise.

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6. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Another fantastic journey is offered in Tanzania. Here you can experience a hike tour during 8 days and climb the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. It differs greatly from other mountains around the world. Mount Kilimanjaro stands aside and is surrounded by the vast and grassy savannah. Throughout your trip to Kilimanjaro you will find out different natural areas such as thick green jungles and cold snowy peak. Besides you can be accompanied by local guides who will entertain you with African songs and jokes.

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7. Rafting in Nepal

In Nepal you can find an ideal place for your great adventures. The Sun Kosi River will give you a chance to try the most extreme activity in your life. That is rafting. In spite of natural beauty and perfection of the river you can’t be completely relaxed and feel comfortable while rafting. One of the advantages of this adventure journey is that your rafting experience is not required. Just trust the guides who go with you and they will greatly improve your rafting skills. In the evening you can have a wonderful time in a quiet camp far from the busy city.

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8. Horseback Riding in Patagonia

Explora Patagonia Hotel Salto Chico is located at the very heart of Torres del Paine National Park, and it’s your base for 4 days and 5 nights of unforgettable exploration in this breathtaking UNESCO Biosphere Reserve park. No matter whether you are ascending the gentle slopes around beautiful Lake Toro, or fording the Chinas River on horseback, I just cannot think of anything that can get you right to the heart of this wonderful wilderness quite like the new guided horseback treks led by the native gauchos and explora guides.

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9. Mongolian Nomadic Local Living

If you are dreaming of living in a ger, learning archery and garment-making skills, and overall traveling by oxcart, then G Adventures’ Mongolian trip is simply an ideal vacation for you. You can spend 5 amazing days in Terelj National Park and live with nomadic host families and experience a way of life that’s absolutely different from your own. This is one of the most exciting adventure trips of a lifetime. Besides, have you ever thought about Myanmar hiking? No? Keep reading…

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10. Myanmar Walking and Hiking

Myanmar is the fantastic destination to experience the thrill of the undiscovered. Go there for amazingly beautiful and ancient pagodas and temples, about 2,000 of them are in Bagan. Marvel at the fabulous floating gardens and fishing villages built on stilts above Inle Lake, and experience a unique culture that is still unknown to the world.

No doubt that all people who are crazy about adventures and journeys will like and choose any of these trips. Perhaps they are quite expensive but the excitement and pleasure which you can get from them will last forever. I think these journeys are really efficient if you need great changes in your life. After such adventure trips you will be able to look at the world from different angle. In our everyday life we don’t notice the beauty and value of the nature. Such trips will help you to see the most important things in your life. I would like to recommend you to choose any of these journeys. Be sure you will be satisfied.