10 Most Exciting Adventure Trips of a Lifetime


If taking risks and adventures are your leading characteristics, perhaps the following list of trips can be a chance for you to experience unforgettable time. I usually prefer some quiet and comfortable places for my holidays. For example, a rest near the ocean, lying in the shadow of high palms could be a brilliant idea. But there are some moments in my life when I feel inspired for great adventures and challenges. Then I need to try something different. At first sight it can seem that adventure journeys are dangerous for your health and life. However when you make any adventure trip you will see that it can refresh your mind, soul and body. It’s worth trying. You will have enough time to think over your life and in addition you will have an opportunity to develop your confidence. There are some other advantages of such trips. For instance, you can meet a lot of new and interesting people, broaden your horizons and enjoy the most picturesque places of our planet.

1. Surfing in Costa Rica

Going to Costa Rica in search of adventures is an amazing idea! You can get a wonderful tan and learn to surf the waves at the same time. Certainly surfing is not an easy skill to acquire. It can be extremely exhausting and tiring for those who try it for the first time. If you suffer from lack of contact with nature this trip is a perfect solution. This magnificent country will open a range of exciting, pleasant and exotic views in front of you. You haven’t seen anything like this before! But if you enjoy diving, then you should certainly visit the awesome Great Barrier Reef…