7 Best Museums You Should Visit in New York


Breathtaking sculptures, fantastic paintings, and plenty of other surprising things you can easily find in these 7 best museums in New York. Not only tourists, but even the locals enjoy exploring their sacred halls. No matter whether you are interested in modern art, old masters’ work, surrealism, Expressionism, or historical objects, I’m sure this list of 7 best museums you must visit in New York will help you find something you really love.

1. MoMA: Museum of Modern Art

Photo: moma.org

If you’re a great fan of modern art, this museum is ideal for you. With its inspiring pieces and abstract lines, the Museum of Modern Art has something to offer every visitor. Not only is the Museum of Modern Art one of the most popular museums in New York, but it’s also renowned in the whole world. MoMA is an amazing museum that specializes in spectacular exhibitions of modern art. It boasts a wonderful architectural construction, which is a great marvel. Moreover, there are many wonderful restaurants, cozy cafes and excellent shops.