10 Best Casino Hotels in Las Vegas


Few places on earth have achieved the same level of fame and notoriety as the glorious city of Las Vegas, and more than 30 million tourists flock there every year in search of fun and fortune. Star of countless Hollywood movies, Sin City has played host to some of the greatest entertainers in the world and can make or break a career in a single night. However, the real stars of Las Vegas are without a doubt the magnificent casino hotels that line the famous strip, and the 10 hotels on the following list guarantee a truly spectacular experience.

1. Wynn Las Vegas and Encore

Wynn resort and its newly-built sister resort Encore offer just about everything you could ever want from Las Vegas hotels. Shops, salons, spas, nightclubs, award-winning restaurants, a casino and Garth Brooks can all be found under two roofs, and the Encore Beach Club is widely regarded as one of the best pool clubs in town.