10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in London


Finding great vegetarian restaurants in North America can be a difficult task. However, in the UK, there are plenty of vegetarian options available for people to enjoy.

When planning your next night out, here are ten examples of excellent vegetarian restaurants in London.

1. Food for Thought

If you enjoy a menu that hardly ever changes and a space with a 1970s feel, Food for Thought is a great option.

Patrons can enjoy soup and salads, quiches, vegetable curry, desserts, and more. While the meals are not as expensive as other joints, they are not especially cheap either.

2. The Gate

The Gate is known for its wide variety of vegetarian dishes and treats, including halloumi skewers, feta and mint, and lavender créme brûlée.

With so many delicious options to choose from, the establishment is very popular. Fortunately, booking is available if you want to guarantee a spot for a particular day and time.

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3. Manna

With nearly 50 years of service to Primrose Hill, Manna is a popular choice for anyone that is health-conscious.

You can choose from set dishes, “build your own” mixed meze, or have a five-course meal customized by the chef for your party of four or more. The custom five-course meal is particularly beneficial for people with certain dietary requirements.

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4. Rasa

If you love Indian food, Rasa has plenty to offer its patrons.

With its reasonable prices, you can enjoy great dishes such as a rasa kayi or moru kachiathu. You can also enjoy tamarind rice, paratha, dry black-eye beans, and more.

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5. Orchard

Orchard is known for its relaxed atmosphere, casual food at reasonable prices, and great coffee.

Whether you want to eat a meal or enjoy chatting with friends over a coffee, Orchard (a spinoff from Vanilla Black) is an excellent choice.

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6. Mildreds

Mildreds has been serving vegetarians for over 25 years. However, if you plan to dine at Mildreds, just be aware that there is a no-booking policy so you will have to wait in line to be served.

While you may be seated at the bar relatively quickly, you typically have to wait longer to be seated at a table. Fortunately, with its delicious Middle Eastern and Asian dishes and desserts, it is well worth the wait.

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7. Beatroot

Photo: beatroot.org.uk

If you want something quick and wholesome, Beatroot is an excellent choice. When ordering, you choose a carton (small, medium, or large) to fill with freshly-made food.

Each size allows for a number of food items to be crammed inside, and it’s truly amazing just how much can fit. The mini “sausage” rolls are especially tasty.

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8. Tibits

If you want to try a little something different for your next dining experience, Tibits is just the place. When eating at Tibits, you fill a plate or takeaway container with food that is charged by weight (excluding the free bread roll). However, following breakfast, the prices gradually rise throughout the day. With a wide selection of great vegetarian food, it can be easy to spend much more than originally intended.

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9. Sagar

Photo: sagarrestaurant.com

Sagar is known for its South Indian cuisine and reasonable prices. In fact, the restaurant is popular with students because of its affordable dishes. The menu list of South Indian food includes everything from dosas to bhel poori beach snacks. However, if you enjoy dishes with that extra kick, you may not quite experience it with Sagar dishes.

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10. Itadaki Zen

Itadaki Zen is a popular choice for health-conscious diners because it is Japanese, organic, and vegan. Despite its limited ingredients, the tofu, noodle, and seaweed dishes are still favorites because of the textures and tastes. The restaurant is also known for its lack of chatter and music that can be soothing for some and uncomfortable for others.

For your next dining experience, choosing any one of these 10 vegetarian restaurants is sure to please.