10 Great Vegetarian Restaurants in Las Vegas


Many people are working on improving their health and increasing their vegetable consumption and decreasing their intake of meat. In Las Vegas, especially, residents are pushing for the lifestyle change by encouraging each other to eliminate meat in their diets at least one day a week. Meatless Monday came about with a slogan, “One day a week cut out the meat!” As a result, many restaurants in the Las Vegas area are mindfully offering more vegetarian cuisine in their establishments. Here is the list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Las Vegas.

1. Origin India

4480 Paradise Rd #1200

Off the main strip, Origin India celebrates Vegetarian Awareness month every October. Customers are able to enjoy vegetarian dishes ranging from samosas, as appetizers, to chana masala, a dish with garbanzo beans and tomatoes. Mixed vegetable curry is also a favorite among vegetarians who frequent Origin India.