7 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Christmas in London


London is deservedly one of the most wonderful and magnificent cities in the world. Thousands of travelers and visitors come to London each year to admire its greatness and glory. However, during the holiday season, London becomes an extremely popular destination since it can offer many amazing things to do during Christmas time. London is imbued with charm and festive spirits. Indeed, everyone will find something to their taste in London. I’ve come up with the list of most popular things people usually do in London during Christmas season.

1. Enjoy skating

Skating rinks are obviously one of the biggest tourist attractions in London that become even more popular during the holiday season. London can even compete with the worldwide Rockefeller Plaza ice rink that is in New York. Since the skating rinks are outdoors, you’ll have a great chance to admire the city while skating. London offers an impressive amount of skating rinks to choose from. Consider visiting one of the skating rinks at the Victorian Gothic National History Museum or choose the one at the Tower of London. However, if you’d like to experience something more modern, you shouldn’t overlook Canary Wharf and London Eye. The best skating rinks can be also found in the shopping malls.

2. Watch a pantomime

Traditionally, the Boxing Day denotes the beginning of the pantomime season. However, this unusual entertainment was extended due to its enormous popularity and now you can enjoy it long before the holidays. Britain is traditionally viewed as a homeland of pantomime. Pantomime comes in many genres including fairy tale, stage musicals, stand-up comedy and, of course, Vaudeville. If you plant to visit London with your kids, rejoice them with Peter Pan, Aladdin or Cinderella shows. Moreover, your children can even take part in the show. Pantomime is surely a great thing to do in London on Christmas.

3. Go to Winter Wonderland

If you visit London during the holiday season, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Hyde Park. It’s marvelous in summer, but during winter months it’s even more charming and fascinating. Winter is the time when Winter Wonderland is available at the Park, which allures the crowds of tourists and visitors. People are welcome every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Winter Wonderland has a lot to offer to visitors including observation wheel, rides, ice rink and fascinating shows. This is a great place to visit with your kids. While your little ones are occupied with numerous entertainments, you can walk around the market.

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4. Visit a Christmas Market

One of the indispensable things to do in London on Christmas is to visit its markets. During the holiday season markets become even more significant. You’ll be absolutely amazed at the variety of markets that can be found everywhere in London, and you’ll surely be surprised at their location. An undeniable benefit of visiting Christmas markets is that you’ll have a chance to admire various historical and cultural sites like the Southbank, Kew Gardens or The Barbican. Festive Christmas markets will infuse you with pure delight and Christmas cheer!

5. Admire Christmas music

Christmas carol is nearly the first thing that comes to mind when we think about the holiday season. I’m in love with Christmas songs and Christmas carols are sure an integral part of the festive celebration. Christmas is incomplete without carols so you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Spitalfields Winter Festival. I’ve been living in London for several years and I used to enjoy carols at St. Martin-in-the-Fields church, which is located in the downtown, near Trafalgar Square. If you come to this place you can enjoy breathtaking shows in the evening and during the lunchtime. However, you’ll have to pay for the show in the evening, while the show during the lunchtime is free.

6. Observe the festive lights

What says Christmas more than plenty of sparkling festive lights everywhere around? If you want to enjoy Festive Lights, head to Oxford Street and Regent Street, two most illuminated streets in the city. These streets are very popular with tourists and you’ll find it marvelous to admire the lights and cheerful people while walking along the streets. Don’t forget to enjoy the lightning of the Christmas tree, the most magnificent and majestic event of the holiday season. The Christmas tree is a present that Norway gives to the UK, which has become a lovely tradition.

7. Shopping

London is known as one of the major shopping centers in the world and Christmas shopping is exactly what most people love doing in London during the holidays. If you’re spending Christmas in London, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the most popular shopping malls, which are especially bright and cheerful at Christmas. The most significant shopping centers include Whiteleys, Surrey Quays, Brent Cross and Westfield, which are located on Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly. Once you come to these huge department stores, you’ll dive into the cheerful and festive atmosphere of the holiday. These places are open till late hours so you can visit them almost any time you wish. Bear in mind that these places are rather crowded, so if you don’t like hustle and bustle you’d better avoid huge shopping malls during Christmas time.

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London is definitely one of the best places in the world to celebrate Christmas. Be sure that with wealth of fascinating activities and attractions your Christmas vacation will be absolutely unforgettable and captivating! Start planning your holiday trip to London right now and you won’t regret it!