Top 10 Best Boutique Hotels in the World


Boutique hotels offer something special that can only be achieved in a small, intimate setting where painstaking attention to detail ensures every moment of your stay is a magical experience. Featuring stunning architecture and awe-inspiring locations, boutique hotels ensure an unforgettable stay, and the following 10 hotels are sure to become as much a part of your vacation as the destination itself.

1. Entre Cielos, Mendoza, Argentina

No list would be complete without a visit to Thailand, and the Layana Resort and Spa is a shining example of Thai hospitality. The hotel is available only to travellers aged 18 and over, and is situated on one of Koh Lantas many breath-taking golden beaches where guests can enjoy a variety of water sports.

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7. Sanctum Soho, London, UK

Right in the heart of London sits the achingly trendy Sanctum Soho, which features a small yet stunning private cinema, rooftop garden complete with hydro-hot tub, and 30 individually designed rooms including ‘Crash Pads which are tiny compact rooms that offer rest and recuperation to those seeking a short stopover.

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8. Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Those seeking a cultural getaway will not be disappointed by the Lydmar Hotel set in the heart of Stockholm. This simple yet elegant 48 room mansion is within walking distance of The Museum of Modern Art and The National Gallery, and features a classic contemporary design and knowledgeable staff that can inform you of what’s happening in town.

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9. Maison 140, Beverly Hills, USA


Deep in the heart of West Hollywood sits an intimate retreat that is reminiscent of a Parisian inn, and its 44 rooms are decorated in vintage French style. Guests can take advantage of gourmet meals prepared on site and delivered directly to the rooms, or head downstairs to the bar to sample one of the signature cocktails such as the Lady Godiva or the French Kiss.

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10. Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany, Italy


Last but by no means least, is the truly spectacular Borgo Santo Pietro, nestled in the heart of 13 acres of vineyards, orchards, secret gardens, and courtyards filled with antique roses. Guests can wander for hours around the exquisitely beautiful hotel grounds, before retiring to one of the sumptuously decorated suites that transport the visitor to Old-world Tuscany.

Boutique hotels offer much more than just a place to lay your head, their individuality and charm will add a new dimension to your holiday as well as leave you with fond memories of being completely pampered. Whether you are seeking five star service on a tropical island resort, or chic surroundings in the heart of a vibrant city, boutique hotels offer something for everyone in a relaxed and welcoming environment.