9 Reasons Why It’s Better to Stay in a Hostel


There are many good reasons to choose a hostel. Most people think that hostels are only for backpackers and gap year travelers, but it’s actually untrue. Hostels offer some great benefits over other types of holiday accommodation. If you are a budget-wise traveler, here are a few reasons why it’s better to stay in a hostel.

1. It’s cheaper

Paying for a hostel is much cheaper than paying for a hotel. Depending on whether you’re sharing a bedroom or bathroom facilities, you can end up paying less than $20-$30 for a night’s stay in the center of the most expensive cities in the world. Sounds great, isn’t it?

2. Wi-Fi and TV

Gone are the days of hostels being dirty without any technology. Today most hostels have televisions and Wi-Fi in the rooms. And some of the newly-built hostels have facilities that rival those of expensive hotels. So don’t base your opinion of a hostel on traditional views; just give it a try and you will see how wonderful hostels are.

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3. Relaxed

Another great reason to stay in a hostel is that you will have a more welcoming and relaxed experience than you will get in a hotel. The thing is that most expensive hotels require a dress code and issue a guideline on how guests must behave. Hostels are more relaxed. You can do what you want and dress how you like.

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4. Good locations

Although you will not have as much choice as with hotels, but hostels may open your eyes to completely new and amazing places to stay. Sometimes hostels are located in the depths of cities, so you can learn what it’s like to live in London or New York, rather than getting a usual tourist experience.

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5. Helpful and friendly locals

When you stay in a hostel, the staff and local people that you meet are very friendly and helpful. You can ask them for directions, better place to eat, and they might even offer a guided tour for a really small fee.

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6. Unusual building

Do you want to get experience of staying somewhere that is not a regular building? Hostels are right for you! There are hostels that have been made out of disused warehouses and converted caves. Just do a little research!

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7. Guest kitchen

If you choose a hostel, you will have access to a guest kitchen to make simple meals. If you are on a budget, it’s an excellent way to save even more cash, as most local bars and restaurants can be very expensive. A hot home-cooked meal prepared in a guest kitchen is a great way to meet other travelers while not spending a lot of money.

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8. Meeting other travelers

In hotels, we usually don’t meet other people. However, in hostels we’re almost obliged to speak to other travelers. You might share knowledge and tips and spend some good time with other travelers that you met. Whether you prefer to stick to yourself or you’re a sociable person, you will meet a lot of interesting people that make you want to forge new friendships.

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9. Discount coupons

Most hostels offer discount coupons for local restaurants and major attractions. This means that you can get some amazing experiences on a small budget. That’s one of the major reasons why I prefer to stay in hostels!

Sure, hostels do not suit everybody, but why not try and see for yourself the benefits? Have you ever stayed in a hostel? Did you like it? Feel free to share your experiences!