Top 10 Best Hostels around the World


Hostels don’t have the greatest reputation, as any budget traveler can tell you. However, there are a few hostels that go above and beyond and others that are simply so cool, no matter what they look like. Around the world, you will find amazing places to stay. You’ll definitely want to write home about some of the hostels on this list.

1. The Adventure Brew Hostel, La Paz, Bolivia

The first backpacker hostel in La Paz, the Adventure Brew is also quite unique. Not only is the hostel a place to sleep, it is also a functional brewery. They even provide beer baths on the roof. Free breakfast is provided each day and in the evening, you can head to the Venture Underground Bar, just off the courtyard. There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy around the city, as well. Try a bike tour or just take a hike around.

2. Radeka Down Under, Coober Pedy, Australia


Built underground, Radeka is anything but pretty. What it lacks in charm, however, it makes up for in sheer awesomeness. Since the area can be pretty hot throughout the year, sleeping under the ground is a solid way to stay cool. The area nearby offers hikes and exploration, as well as a range of activities for families and young people.

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3. The Overstay, Bangkok, Thailand


The Overstay is a rainbow colored hostel that offers six stories of fun. Each level has something different to offer, from the cheap second floor rooms with a fan, or the slightly more expensive dorm with air conditioning. There’s an art factory on the fourth floor and a long term fifth floor space. The chill out zone is on the green roof, complete with a hydroponics garden.

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4. Abraham Hostel, Jerusalem, Israel

If you’re traveling to the Holy Land, Abraham Hostel is a great place to spend the night. The hostel is ranked the top hostel in the city. There is a bar in the hostel, as well as a large lounge to hang out in. Every day sees fun tours around the city and there are a number of in-house events, as well. Families are welcome and even offered special rooms, but there are also dorms and private rooms available.

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5. Loki Hostel, Cusco, Peru

Backpackers with an interest in history will love the fact that this Loki Hostel is located in a 450 year old Peruvian national monument. Despite this, the rooms are comfortable and you won’t be spending much time near your bed anyway. There’s a lot to do in Cusco, including horseback riding, checking out Lake Titicaca and hiking through the rainforest.

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6. Chinese Box Courtyard, Beijing, China


The Chinese Box Courtyard is one of the best places to stay for budget travelers. Not only do you get low prices on rooms, there are free breakfasts every day, as well as free games. You can also eat dinner without paying three times a week. If you are still planning where to go, the hostel has guidebooks you can check out. Since the hostel is in the middle of Beijing, you will be close to the major sights, as well.

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7. Hotel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Located in an old military prison, Hotel Celica has turned the historical building into a work of art. Over 80 artists help turn the entire hostel into a living piece of art. You can step into the former cells to enjoy the new, colorful walls, or just head to the common area to look out over the city. Rooms feature 4-12 beds and each room features several mosaics at the entrance. The beds were handmade and are practically art all on their own.

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8. Anak Ranch of Mongolia, Orkhon Valley, Mongolia


Anak Ranch is more of an adventure than a hostel. Here, guests sleep in a ger, the same type of home that Mongolian nomads live in. The opportunities for once in a lifetime experiences here are amazing. You might make some Mongolian cheese, fish for your dinner, or learn to ride the steppe. There are multiple festivals throughout the year, as well, which are a lot of fun to attend.

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9. Kadir’s Treehouses, Olympos, Turkey

While Kadir’s Treehouses look rustic at first glance, the hostel offers everything you really need. There are two bars to serve up drinks, as well as a seafood restaurant. There is even a snack bar and a laundry room. You can find plenty to do both at the hostel and in the surrounding area. It is a very relaxing evening.

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10. The Loft Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

The Loft Hostel is considered to be more of a community instead of just another hostel. While it may not be a large space, it is one where you will feel right at home. There are plenty of museums, cafes and bars around the Loft and the staff is more than happy to help you find your way around.

No matter where you are in the world, you will find hostels. Some of them are more exciting than others, including the ones on this list. What do you think about this list? Do you have anything to add?