9 Tips for Preparing for Your First Ski Vacation


You are waiting for one of the most exciting and amazing events in your life. That is your first ski vacation. You’ve never tried this extreme sport before. It can seem to be even dangerous to some extent. But everything is not so difficult. If you try this sport you will have a temptation to do it more and more. You will enjoy picturesque views of mountains covered with snow. When you plan your first ski holidays be careful, think about all the details and try to avoid mistakes. Here I have some recommendations which will help you to organize your first ski vacation easily. If you follow them your first experience will be memorable and your expectations will be confirmed.

1. Get training before your vacation

Certainly you should be fit and well-trained before your first ski vacation. You can make your muscles stronger while walking for long distances. In such way you will prepare your legs for skiing. Better if you start training a few months before your vacation. There is one exercise which you can try at home. You should bend your knees and stay such position as long as possible. You can be sure it will help you much during your first experience.

2. Practice at an indoor ski slope

When you need training and practice for your first ski experience the best decision will be an indoor ski center. Nowadays you can find them easily. Such center is an ideal model of a real slope for skiing. If you join it you will be ready to the real situation and place which is waiting for you. After visiting such training lessons you are sure to impress all your friends who didn’t see you skiing before.

3. Hire the equipment

When you plan your first experience in skiing the best choice can be to hire the equipment. If you buy equipment for your first ski vacation it can be a mistake. You are not sure if really you will like this sport and continue it in future. In such case you will just spend much money. The feeling of regret will not leave you. So, try to avoid this. Buy your own equipment only when you manage to succeed in your first skiing experience.

4. Look at others and learn

The experience of other people can be extremely helpful for you. That’s why take any opportunity to watch what others do. The best advice for a beginner is to find videos on the Internet, which will show you how other people are gliding the slopes and how exciting it can be. You can even watch videos about the resort you are going to visit. Don’t be afraid if you see somebody’s crashes and avoid thinking about them.

5. Avoid self-catering

Some people can make a mistake when going to a ski vacation they decide to self-cater. At first it can seem to be cheaper. But if you are not an experienced skier the best solution for you will be to stay in a hotel or cottage near the slopes you will glide. You will be offered all the convenience there. The staff can help you any moment you need.

6. Take the rucksack

When going to a ski vacation you must think carefully about your clothes and things you are going to take. The weather can be changeable in the mountainous regions. It won’t be a very pleasant feeling when you suddenly meet a blizzard without proper clothes. If it happens your impressions from skiing will be spoiled greatly. That’s why get ready in advance. Take your rucksack and put some extra clothes into it. You will be able to change them when the weather becomes warmer or colder. Make sure that your rucksack is not heavy, and control what you put into it. Try to avoid things which will make your rucksack bulky. It will prevent you when you are skiing. It will be great if you take some drink and snack with you.

7. Professional instruction is necessary

The most important thing about your ski vacation is training and learning. During first days of your holiday you can rely on your friends or family who may be more experienced. Surely they will help you. But they can’t spend all their free time teaching you. They also want to enjoy and have fun. Consequently you have a risk to stay alone and be neglected. That’s why I recommend you to pay for a private tutor who will accompany you all the time and help you. You can be offered different kinds of tuition. For example, there can be a school with the whole class of learners. It will be useful for you.

8. Study the lingo

Every country has a special own language for skiers. The words can significantly vary in different countries and locations. You should be attentive and careful to understand and remember them correctly. But still there are some common words for every country. You can hear the word “freshies”, meaning the slopes which nobody skied before. Another word is “powder-pig” – a person who is addicted to snow. In order to feel self-confident with other skiers you should obviously learn some phrases and words.

9. Keep to your own kind

During your ski vacation you should make it clear for yourself if this sport is for you. That’s why the company of other skiers is necessary for you. But follow skiers, not snowboarders. Communication with people who didn’t try skiing and don’t have such plans for future is not desirable for you. They will simply spoil your positive feelings and emotions. If they bother you with their dull complaints, smile and leave them. Get ready to surmount all the barriers which will appear on your way, try hard and you will succeed. Your first skiing experience will become a great fun and entertainment.

To summarize everything that was mentioned above I want to say that you should be relaxed when going to the first ski vacation. Get ready for a great excitement and new experience. Try to decide if really you like skiing and want to do it again. Do you plan any vacation this year? Did you try skiing before? Feel free to share your experience and impressions.