10 World’s Most Visited Countries


Have you ever wondered what the most visited countries are? Every year, the World Tourism Organization compiles the list of world’s most popular countries according to the number of international tourist arrivals for each country. Check out the list of 10 most visited countries in the world and choose which country you want to visit right now!

1. France (76.8 million visitors)

A country of historical diversity, elegance, and fine wines, France is one of the world’s most visited countries! Embrace a sunshine paradise on the French Riviera, enjoy high-brand Parisian fashion and try the highly delicious wines of the vineyards. Relax on Brittany’s beaches, wander lovely lavender fields in Provence, and enjoy a relaxing cruise through picturesque countryside. France has a lot of things to see and to do!

2. USA (59.7 million visitors)

Being the center of the Western world, the United States of America has something to offer for everyone. From the warm nights of Los Angeles to Broadway shows and the high-rise skyscrapers of New York City, crossing from West to East is like coming to another country. In fact, millions of people enjoy a road trip across the USA. Being among the world’s most popular countries for tourists, the USA has plenty of interesting things to see and to do – from a Florida theme park to a beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico, from the vast wonderment of the Grand Canyon to exploring the history of the nation in Boston.

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3. China (55.7 million visitors)

One of the top countries to visit, China leads the world in investment in tourism and it’s really paying off! Despite its authoritarian government, the country boasts a history dating back to the first century. There is really nothing like traversing the futuristic streets of Shanghai or walking along the Great Wall. And with its fascinating festivals and culture and awesome natural attractions, China is definitely worth a visit.

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4. Spain (52.7 million visitors)

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! The impressive Moorish architecture of Granada and Seville welcome thousands of tourists every year. Learn a rich sporting history in FC Barcelona and Real Madrid and explore the food culture of the country. Look to the Canary and Balearic Islands and you will experience some of the world’s wildest parties. Also make sure to visit unique Spanish cultural festivals such as the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.

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5. Italy (43.6 million visitors)

The center of the Roman Empire, Italy is amongst the most visited countries in the world. The rural south offers a quiet and privacy getaway with the wonderful Sicily and Neapolitan Riviera drawing the crowds. Head to north and you will have numerous artistic treasures in Rome and Florence, where Botticelli and Da Vinci plied their trades. From snow covered slopes for the winter sports to awesome beaches for the summer and numerous beautiful lakes, Italy has something to offer for everyone.

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6. Great Britain (28.1 million visitors)

Many tourists say that Great Britain is the beautiful country to visit. The center of this nation, London is a cultural place with large immigrant communities bringing an amazing twist to the traditional tourist attractions such as Big Ben and the Tower of London. Enjoy a holiday cottage in the Welsh Valleys, gaze at the picturesque landscape of the Scottish Highlands, visit stunning sandy beaches on the East Coast or chocolate box villages in the Cotswolds. There are plenty of amazing things to do!

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7. Turkey (27 million visitors)

Istanbul is the only city in the world which lies in two continents. Try some delicious Turkish coffee in the small and cozy cafes of Istanbul, or visit places like the Grotto of St. Peter in Antakya (Antioch), where Saint Peter the Apostle preached to a congregation. With gorgeous beaches, places of the ancient world and a great food culture, Turkey is well-known for its welcome to tourists.

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8. Germany (26.9 million visitors)

I think Germany has the most difficult history. Just think, after becoming a united country under Otto von Bismarck in the late nineteenth century, it has been devastated economically and physically by war. But now it’s one of the most beautiful and visited countries in the world! Visit such amazing places as the German Reichstag in Berlin with its modern glass dome and the stunning Rhineland castles. The mighty rivers and the breathtaking natural attractions of the Black Forest are a charm for outdoors lovers. The country has a great sporting heritage with such teams as Bayern Munich being known all around Europe.

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9. Malaysia (24.6 million visitors)

Now let’s talk about Malaysia. A lot of tourists worldwide come to Kuala Lumpur to experience how the locals live their lives. The beautiful resort city of Sarawak has everything you need with local operators providing luxurious holidays in the shadow of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gunung Mulu National Park. In short, Malaysia is awesome country! The tropical rainforests, idyllic islands and wonderful beaches are simply sublime!

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10. Mexico (22.4 million visitors)

Mexico is a true tropical paradise. With a completely developed tourism industry in such centers as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, you can wade through breathtaking jungles in search for colorful, exotic birds or scuba dive in warm waters. The history of the country is fascinating! With the Spanish and Mayan heritage, there is some secret beauty in its landscapes. Mexico is also become one of the most visited countries in the world due to its fledgling medical tourism industry in the cities such as Guadalajara.

Although the list is amazing, I’d like to see some other countries on it! What do you think of this list? Which countries would you like to see on the list? Let me know!