9 Best Tips You Need to Know for Booking Holiday Flights


Bitter experience shows that it is never too early to book holiday flights. As a rule these are the rush seasons for tourists and the closer time comes to the holidays the harder it is to get the tickets. So the reservations are to be made a few months in advance. Some companies offer lower prices for the tickets booked beforehand. If you don`t want to stay at home for holidays you`d better hurry up!

1. Decide the means of transportation

When you plan your holiday vacations you should think of the best and most suitable means of transportation. If you`re going to travel within the country than consider the variant of choosing to go by own car or by bus. Make necessary calculations so you can see which variant will be the best combination of economy and comfort. Consider the option of going by train. It may be a little cheaper than plane tickets. So take your time and make a wise and the most suitable choice for you.

2. Book early

If you made up your mind to spend your holiday in some fantastic place my advice to you is not to postpone booking the tickets till the last moment. When you make the reservations in advance you will have a possibility to choose the best seats for you to spend a comfortable journey. The season of holiday is always a tough period to buy tickets and to go from one place to another. Moreover, if something makes you change your mind you can cancel your reservation or change it to another destination place.

3. Search for winter sales

From time to time there are winter sales offered by the air companies. This variant will be more suitable for people who can travel at the end of the rush season. Period of time from the mid December to the first New Year week is considered to be off-peak period. You should search for such sales in advance. Such an option may suite not everybody, especially those who can`t be tied to a certain date.

4. Book direct flights

You must know that when choosing between the direct flight or a flight with transfers, take the first one. There are quite persuasive reasons for that. First of all, they take less time to get to the destination point. And secondly, a direct flight has fewer chances to be delayed for various reasons, starting from weather conditions and to mechanical problems.

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5. Take a morning flight

As a rule there are more flights in the morning schedule rather than in the evening one. I advise you to take an early flight because they are less likely to be delayed. In addition to that, you can enjoy the premises of the uncrowded airport and avoid huge lines to the check-in counter as it is it the afternoon.

6. Make the most of membership

Some air companies offer special loyalty programs for their regular customers. If you are one of them you should take the most of this privilege and check their fares first. The most common privileges are priority when boarding, shortened security lines, free baggage, lounge access and many others. Don`t forget to use this right when you book your tickets.

7. Be flexible

When you make a plan of your holidays, be sure to make plan B. I mean that you should mark some additional dates which also would go apart from the main one. The price for tickets goes up just a few days before the holiday, it gets more expensive than a week before. So you should also take this fact into consideration.

8. Sign up for fare alerts

You can also sign up on some travel websites. What do they offer? You enter the necessary dates and routes you need and they will send you an e-mail with the information you need – the best matches to your search. They will inform you about all the changes and also about drops in price so you`ll be ready to book your tickets for the necessary flight at a moderate price.

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9. Extra fees

When you plan a holiday you should also take into consideration that your suitcases will contain far more things than usually. Stylish and casual clothes, presents for your relatives, a cake, etc. will make your suitcase quiet a weighty one. Take into consideration the sum of the fees you`ll have to pay for the overweight. You`ll have to pay extra money for such things as food and beverages.

I hope these tips will be useful for you to plan and spend an unforgettable holiday vacation. Keep them in mind and your plans won`t get spoiled by some unexpected accident. How are you going to spend your holidays?