9 Most Awesome and Unusual Hotel Rooms and Suites in the World


Many hotels attract people by their luxury brands and modern design. But not so many people know what they can see there. There are a lot of luxury rooms, but only some of them can really amaze you by its design and unique details.

Enjoy learning about most awesome and unusual hotel rooms and suites around the world!

1. The Chocolate Room

Photo: lareserve-paris.com

Paris is really amazing place, but, OMG, what is it? This is the Chocolate Room! Karl Lagerfeld has designed this weird artwork for the La Reserve Hotel! You can’t even imagine how much chocolate creators needed for this! 10.5 tons!

Everything that you see in this room is made by chocolate! The walls, the furniture and Baptiste Giabiconi on the bed are sculpted from chocolate!

2.The James Bond Suite

Photo: sevenhotelparis.com

The Hotel Seven in Paris presents all of you the great James Bond Suite. This is the mix of futuristic chic and vintage design. This is only for the secret agents.

There are electronic safe, where you can hide some of your gold lamé. So, I think we should say thanks to Daniel Craig, who inhaled the new life of this spy character!

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3. The Heidi Room

Do you remember the story about the beautiful girl Heidi? So, the creator of room #409 in Hotel Fox, Copenhagen remembers it. He loves it so much, because he realized his own passion in a really weird but cute room in the hotel!

There are a split pine bed, Heidi, her goats and other alpine scenes on the walls of this room. You will really like it, if you love this story!

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4.Free Spirit Spheres


The Qualicum Beach is so happy to show you how you can relax with the only nature. There are some rooms, which are called Free Spirit Spheres, where you can feel absolute privacy with your own creative energy.

In the childhood we all dreamed about the home on the tree. You can book it now! Everything is made by wood. There are only you, your personal spirit and the nature.

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5. The Igloo

Photo: kakslauttanen.fi

I have never seen something like this! This is the best natural light show ever! The Igloo is made by thermal glass and you will not frost, but you will see amazing Northern Lights from all your “windows”.

Finnish Lapland will be glad to meet you from December till April in the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen!

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6. The 1950’s Suite

Photo: thevick.com

If you are affected by the vintage things and you love all about Cadillac, you will be really surprised by this amazing suit! There are Cadillac-bed, fireplace, hot tub and in the bathroom you can see the car hood with a sink. Big size movie screen and projector will help you have some pleasure with your lovely films.

Neon illumination will create unforgettable impressions. You can book this suite in the Victoria Mansion Hotel in Los Alamos, California. There are also 5 others: The French Suite, The Roman Suite, The Gypsy Suite and The Pirate Suite.

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7. The Venice Suite

Have you ever been to Venice? Do you want to visit, for example, Athens, Thailand or The Congo? Don’t be sad, if you can’t afford it! There is one amazing place in Idiho Falls, and it’s called The Destination Inn.

You can choose one of the 14 places around the world that you want to live in. If you want to be in Venice, choose the Venice Suite. In this suit you can feel all the Venetian elegance: a balutsraded bridge, gondola, murals with the city images, columns and etc. You will really love it!

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8. The Nautilus Suite

Have you ever dreamed about living under the water? The Poseidon Undersea Resort can realize all that you want! Sure, the suite will cost a lot of money ($30,000 per night), but you will live in the huge suite with a really great big windows. This luxury undersea living will let you feel something indescribable!

The first you will see when you wake up will be the beautiful coral garden and different colorful fishes, you can even feed them. Also there is one very special vehicle – Triton submarine.

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9. The Caveman Room

Photo: madonnainn.com

Do you like The Flintstones? If the answer is “Yes, I do”, you should look at the one of the awesome rooms in The Madonna Inn, which is called “Caveman”. This amazing place locates in San Luis Obispo, California. There are a lot of rooms with their own particular ideas.

There are a lot of animal prints and even a rock pond! You can take a shower in the cavern-style bathroom or have a sleep on a king bed. So this is the best place that is carved out of solid rock. Try it, if you really like this idea!

So, if you want to add something extraordinary to your trip I advise you to book one of these weird rooms! You will never forget these places! Well, what about you? Which room or suite do you like most? Please share your thoughts in comments!

Top Image Source: sevenhotelparis.com