10 Most Popular Christmas Markets in Germany


5. Marktplatz, Stuttgart Christmas Market

Another one of the best places to visit on Christmas is Stuttgart. This city is an excellent choice for those who are fond of cars, mainly German brands. Various automobile manufacturer museums are open for tourists throughout the day.

But there is one thing in Stuttgart that will take your breath away. The market is over 300 years old and one of the largest in Europe. The Stuttgart Christmas market is one of the most charming in Germany, retaining its traditional feel with a less “touristy” vibe. Undoubtedly, you will be fascinated with the brilliant surroundings of this Christmas market in Germany. The terrific Old Castle of the city stands next to it. Hundreds of tiny sparkling lights make this place a real miracle. In numerous small shops, you will find all kinds of traditional German glühwein, handicrafts, and other things.

I can tell you a little about the Stuttgart Christmas market. You need to come here and see everything with your own eyes. Afterward, you’ll understand why this market surpasses all the others around Germany.

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