10 Most Popular Christmas Markets in Germany


FAQs about Christmas markets in Germany

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Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about most popular Christmas markets in Germany:

Which Christmas market is best in Germany?

Dresden Christmas Market (Dresden Striezelmarkt) is considered one of the best Christmas markets in Germany. The Christmas market in Dresden was founded in 1434 and is one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. This is where you can buy handmade toys and historical items. The house of Santa Claus is also located here, so children and adults will find an authentic and inspiring holiday atmosphere here.

Where is the Christmas town in Germany

Hamburg is the Christmas town in Germany. During the Christmas period, the whole of Hamburg between the Elbe and the Alster lake is illuminated with colorful lights, the aroma of mulled wine and gingerbread wafts from everywhere, and the streets are filled with the sounds of Christmas music and high spirits. Here you will find Christmas markets and craft rows for every taste and mood.

Which European city has the best Christmas markets?

Prague has the best Christmas markets. The most splendid ones will be spread on the Old Town and Wenceslas Squares. Traditionally, guests are waiting for an entertainment program, a Christmas atmosphere, and a large selection of treats and souvenirs. More than a hundred stalls with Christmas cookies, hot pancakes, pork ham on a spit, local smoked sausage, fried cheese, and strong drinks.

Where is the biggest Christmas market in Europe

At the end of November, the biggest and most famous Christmas market, Weihnachtsmarkt am Gendarmenmarkt, opens in Berlin. In addition to trade tents, craftsmen’s tents will be set up on the square, where you can watch their work: woodcarving, making belts, and clothes. Also, graphic artists, sculptors, and photographers will put up their works for sale. In addition, the guests will be entertained by acrobats, angels on stilts, choirs, and music and dance groups.