10 Most Beautiful Beaches in India


India is full of amazing places. There are many unique places to explore, from tranquil temples to buzzing bazaars. Most people don’t think of beaches when they think of India, but the country has many of them. Indian beaches are tropical and attract thousands of visitors every year. So whether you are looking for action, solitude, or parties, here are ten fantastic beaches you can find in India.

1. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Take a ferry to Havelock Island, the largest island in the Andaman archipelago, and you will find a beautiful beach made of white sand. The tidal flats are very shallow, so there is plenty of space to roam when the tide is out. The beach is just 12 kilometers from the ferry dock.

The lush green trees that line the coastline offer tourists the opportunity to relax while enjoying the tranquility and charm of nature. A breathtaking sunset view will be the perfect end to a serene day spent on the beach. Here you can enjoy solitude and harmony with nature.

Radhanagar is known as the best water sports area in the Andamans. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts are drawn to the magical world of the underwater kingdom of Bengal. But tourists should remember about high waves during high tides, which can be dangerous. Therefore, diving and swimming are not allowed after 5 pm.

Best time to visit Radhanagar Beach: It is best to relax here from October to February.

2. Agonda Beach, Goa

Just a short distance from Colva, Agonda Beach offers palm trees and blue water. You can camp on the beach and tents are for rent nearby. The beach offers a quiet place to enjoy the sun and sea, but you should plan to take a scooter to get there, as it is a little remote.

This best beach in India is clean and not crowded, even at the height of the holiday season. A unique feature of Agonda is the calmness and peaceful atmosphere, unlike most other noisy beaches in Goa. This place is perfect for wild camping. Only here can you spend a wonderful evening on the shore under the starry sky and with the roaring waves.

This best beach in India offers a great variety of entertainment to all tastes. Tourists come here to sunbathe, splash in the ocean, and dive and surf. Relaxation lovers can take a course of relaxing massages. In addition, local fishermen often offer tourists a boat ride around the bay and watch dolphins.

Best time to visit Agonda Beach: The best time to visit is from October to the end of March. At this time, stable warm weather is maintained, and the sea is calm and calm.

3. Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

As the name indicates, Lighthouse Beach is found near a lighthouse. The rocky outcrops help keep this section of shore from being pummeled with waves, so it is safe for families. Moreover, local infrastructure can make you rest perfect. In addition, to small hotels, the beach features health resorts and convention centers.

This beach in India is perfect for a calm beach India vacation. However, here travelers can experience various outdoor activities. For example, high waves attract surfers. Also, popular entertainments are boat trips on catamarans, snorkeling, diving, and water skiing.

The beach landscape is adorned with a striped red and white lighthouse – the main attraction of Lighthouse Beach. Tourists can climb to the very top, having overcome a significant part of the way on the elevator and a short section along the steep stairs. The 30-meter lighthouse offers breathtaking views of the sea, the beach, and authentic fishing villages.

Best time to visit Lighthouse Beach: The most favorable weather is from November to April.

4. Cola Beach, Goa

For those who are looking for hidden places to enjoy the sea, Cola Beach is one of the best. Few tourists come here, and it is far from the busy cities. It is a beach where silence reigns. It can be difficult to find a place to stay, but the beach is definitely worth a visit.

This beach is always not crowded, and it is calm. Therefore, this beach in India is ideal for a classic relaxed holiday and solitude.

The main wealth of Cola is nature and a sense of solitude. This place is designed to stop and freeze while contemplating the surrounding seascapes and views of the tropical jungle.

Best time to visit Cola Beach: It is perfect to rest here from October to May.

5. Cavelossim Beach, Goa

Cavelossim is one of the cleanest beaches in India. It is also a tranquil place to visit and is ideal for those who want to avoid crowded seashore parks. A big attraction at Cavelossim is street food. Food shacks line the beach and offer a range of delicious food.

Windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, and cycling are popular entertainment here. The most exciting excursions offered by the Indians are fishing on the high seas and boat trips to the dolphins.

Additionally, in the high season, evening shows are organized on the shore: discos, fiery performances, fireworks, acrobatic numbers, and illusionist performances. The rest of the time, the beach remains relatively uncrowded and is suitable for a relaxing holiday, especially for families with children.

Best time to visit Cavelossim Beach: December, January, and February are the most popular months to visit Cavelossim Beach in Goa.

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6. Baga Beach, Goa

Baga Beach is just a tiny part of a 30-kilometer coastline full of sandy areas. You can enjoy a wide range of beaches by simply following the coastline. Baga Beach is a remote and quiet area devoid of tourist buses.

You will find exciting water activities here, such as bananas, parachutes, and scooters. The area is well known for great fishing and is also popular for boating and swimming. In addition, Baga Beach is characterized by bright sunsets, and romantic tourists prefer to linger on this coast until the evening.

Furthermore, the beach can boast its nightlife, as there is one of the most famous dance floors in Goa – club Tito’. Music constantly sounds, and parties are held here. You are welcome to enjoy delicious local food at gourmet restaurants. As a rule, meat, fish and tandoori vegetables, flatbreads, paneer, Kurd yogurt, seafood soup and noodles, traditional rice, and soups are served there. All this makes this one of the most famous beaches in India an ideal holiday for young people and active adult couples.

Best time to visit Baga Beach: The perfect period to visit Baga Beach is from October to January.

7. Mandrem Beach, Goa

Tourists often travel to Mandrem Beach to see the famed stone workers. The influx of foreigners makes the area more crowded, but it is still one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in India. The beach has pleasant waters, unique rock formations, and soft sand.

The most affordable entertainment here is meditation and enjoying the surrounding spaces. Therefore, Mandrem is often chosen by families with children. This former fishing village has retained the laid-back vibe that travelers come for.

Another great advantage of this Indian beach is that the beach has all the necessary infrastructure. On the shores of Mandrem Beach in Goa, there are many cafes with sunshades and sunbeds.

Best time to visit Mandrem Beach: It is best to visit Mandrem Beach from November to April.

8. Yarada Beach, Visakhapatnam

Set on the Bay of Bengal, Yarada Beach is a curved sandy beach with plenty of greenery surrounding it. Coconut trees and other plants abound in the area, giving the beach a pleasant feel.

This is a beautiful beach, far from the worldly bustle of the city, actually located in a large bay among the hills near Vizag. It is fairly quiet, and sunsets are nearly always perfect at the beach, so don’t forget your camera. Therefore, this breathtakingly beautiful beach in India offers an exceptionally romantic and soothing atmosphere for all the couples who come here to relax and enjoy picturesque landscapes.

However, aside from admiring the breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset, the tourists can have a family picnic, take a photo shoot in the stunning background, and go for a bike ride in the evening.

Best time to visit Yarada Beach: It is best to plan your trip from November to February.

9. Puri Beach, Puri

If you are looking to have some fun and learn about a new culture when visiting India, Puri Beach is a must-visit destination. This one of the best India beaches is perfect if you want to retire and feel the mood of the semi-wild nature of India.

Every year, the Puri Beach Festival is held at this beach. Sand art is created, and people gather to celebrate. Puri Beach is considered a sacred place for Hindus but a popular tourist destination.

There is all the necessary infrastructure for tourists. Small tea and cafes and souvenir shops are established there. Moreover, buses run to the beach, so it is easy to access.

Best time to visit Puri Beach: The best period for visiting Puri Beach is from November to February.

10. Varkala Beach, Kerala

Set at the foot of a cliff, Varkala Beach is a long, winding beach with pristine blue waters and white sand. Atop the cliff, you will find beach shacks, small cafes, and guest houses for those who want to spend the night near the ocean.

This one of the best beaches India is known for its natural source, which is believed to have medicinal properties. Locals say that bathing in the holy waters of this beach cleanses the body from impurities and the soul from all sins.

This place is perfect for a calm vacation, especially if you are tired of the hustle and want to spend time with your thoughts. Moreover, Varkala Beach is a great honeymoon destination as well.

Best time to visit Varkala Beach: You are welcome to visit Varkala Beach from November to March.

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India may not be the first choice for travelers with beaches in mind, but the country has plenty of gorgeous, sandy stretches. Whether you are looking for a quiet, remote area or something more celebrated, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for along India’s coastline. These ten beaches are perfect for yoga, rejuvenation, swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and many other fun activities. Have you ever had the chance to relax on one of these beautiful Indian beaches?

Below, we have compiled a list of the most exciting questions about the most beautiful beaches in India:

Which is the No 1 beach in India?

Radhanagar Beach is considered the No 1 beach in India thanks to its fabulous beauty, impeccable cleanliness, and pleasant tranquility. In addition, various outdoor activities to all tastes and excellent infrastructure can make your beach India vacation perfect.

Which is the cleanest beach in India?

Rushikonda Beach is the cleanest one in India. Surrounded by green plants, this Indian vacation destination looks perfect, attracting nature lovers in huge numbers.

Which place has the best beaches in India?

Maharashtra has the best beaches in India. Ganapatipule Beach, Juhu, Kihim Beach, and Shrivardhan Harihareshwar Beach are the most amazing ones that offer various entertainments, including surfing, snorkeling, and many others.

Which is the safest beach in India?

Ghoghla Beach is the safest one in India. It meets the highest environmental management standards, water quality, safety, and service.